Troy Kegel 47, threatened to use a AK 47 to shoot up his NA Meeting and children in a playground. He threatened to kill his sponsor etc etc. What is that expression AA/NA love to use? Oh yea-keep coming back! Cant wait!                                                                                                              




Here is a day in the life of judges in Pittsburg PA ordering criminals to AA/NA left and right throughout the day.Where would AA/NA be without the free flowing unlimited amount of convicted criminals coming into their rooms? They would not have the financial support of our government by them mandating religious AA/NA meetings,and even going so far as to mandate that attendees get a sponsor!


William Beebe confesses to raping Liz Seccuro decades ago wanting to make amends according to the 9th step of Alcoholics Anonymous 12 steps.But when Liz Securo decided to press charges of rape against William Beebe,she recieved hate mail from AA members upset with her choice to seek justice.Here is a statement from Liz Seccuro.

” I have never ever faulted Alcoholics Anonymous for William Beebe’s transgressions and crimes. Having spoken with various members of AA, they all believe that Beebe did what he did out of an incredible sense of entitlement, stupidity and selfishness (both the rape and the 22 years later fake apology). We believe that when you confess to a crime in AA, you should know that you can be held accountable and those witnesses can be subpoaened. Sometimes, that is not the case, as AA members can sometimes be protected under law as a priest/confessor or doctor/patient would be. In addition, I do think it’s wrong for us as a society to applaud people when they turn their proverbial ship around and shower them with accolades just because they are making adult choices with good consequences. That’s why my family rails against the hate mail from those in AA. We never said a word against the organization, yet many of its members take the time to write hate-filled missives to me. William Beebe didn’t rape me because he’s an alcoholic. He did what he did because he’s a narcissistic rapist with no soul.

Case in point, the Paul Cox murder case. This case almost had a different outcome and believe me, I knew Paul Cox – pictured – growing up (marginally), so imagine our surprise. His original murder conviction was overturned because he made his confession to fellow AA members (a group protected under “religious” or “spiritual” rules).Read this transcript to see my friend Mickey defending the judge’s ruling and read here the final ruling and sentencing.

Today, comes a story of a New Year’s baby who died at the hands of his father of shaken baby syndrome. Of his parents, “Craig Wilson and Crystal Twiddy, both recovering alcoholics, met about four years ago in a softball league popular with Alcoholics Anonymous members. The couple beamed in engagement photos shot in a garden setting before they were married in September. It was the first marriage for both.”

Don’t tell me AA fixes all of the demons for everyone. This innocent baby is dead – perhaps his defense attorney will use the “thoughtless alcohol fueled relapse” defense. Who knows? All I know is that the AA angle does not matter one whit.”

Also when Beebe was out on bail he was mandated to continue AA meetings!

She has since written a book ‘Crash into me’-the link is below.


DAYTONA NA member Darshawn Anthony Broadwater 19, charged with felony murder and armed robbery in the shooting death of Donnell Ellis at the Holly Hill Fl Motel Pilot Lodge. At the time of the shooting Darshawn Broadwater was classified as a ‘VIOLENT FELONY OFFENDER OF SPECIAL CONCERN’ He was on on ‘DRUG FELONY PROBATION’.He had been charged with home invasion robbery as well. The City of Holly Hill invites these criminals to our parks and playgrounds without any warning to parents or others. This is a serious public safety crisis that the city chooses to ignore-as well as  Daytona AA And Daytona NA themselves. As long as they have free rent and run of the park they are just fine with this.



A Lewes man who was jailed Friday on burglary offenses and his 23-year-old accomplice have now been charged in at least 25 residential break-ins last month throughout Sussex County, police said.

David A. Honeycutt, 33, and Catherine N. Manning of Georgetown were charged Wednesday in connection with 19 burglaries in state police jurisdiction and six others in Rehoboth Beach and Georgetown, state police Cpl. Bruce Harris said.

The pair met two months ago at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting and were “working as a team” by breaking into houses and “targeting jewelry to support their drug habits, which included heroin and prescription drugs,” according to court records.

Honeycutt was arrested Friday after a Georgetown man spotted him in the vicinity of his neighbor’s Conaway Road home and flagged down troopers. He was charged then with attempted burglary and four other offenses. Manning was freed, but arrested Saturday on the same charges.

The break-ins linked to Honeycutt and Manning took place between May 6 and Friday and allegedly netted an estimated $70,000 in jewelry, along with coin collections, cash, prescription drugs and a gun. They usually got in by breaking a rear window.

The locations of the burglaries:

» Sussex Drive in Highland Acres, 19000 block of Plantation Road — where more than $20,000 in jewelry was stolen — the first block of Pine Tree Circle, 100 block of John J. Williams Highway, and the 33000 block of Wandering Lane — all in Lewes.

» First block of Ocean Breeze Drive in Rehoboth Shores Estates, where $7,000 worth of jewelry was reported stolen.

» The 16000 and 17000 blocks of Oak Road in Bridgeville.

»26000 block of Hollyville Road in Millsboro.

» The 22000 block of Park Avenue, 20000 block of Gravel Hill Road, 30000 block of Conaway Road and the 24000 block of Shortly Road — all in Georgetown.

Of those incidents, 23 victims reported burglaries, Harris said.

Investigators learned the pair pawned the stolen jewelry at a pawn shop on Lewes-Georgetown Highway in Georgetown, where the pawnbroker would “buy the gold without making any recording of the transaction,” police said in court records.

That has led to another investigation into the shop’s compliance with the state’s pawn-shop requirements, because the employees bought the stolen jewelry from the suspects and did not record pertinent information about the seller or merchandise, police said.

Detectives moved to have the pawn shop’s license suspended pending an administrative hearing, Harris said.

According to law, all pawnbrokers and secondhand dealers “shall create a record and provide information on a form (supplied by the state) recording the articles purchased.”

Honeycutt remains jailed on 55 burglary-related offenses at the Sussex Correctional Institution in lieu of $116,550 secured bail.

Manning is being held in the Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution on 53 burglary-related charges after failing to post $113,500 secured bail.

Sexual Offender Ordered to Mandated AA Meetings-Again and Again!

Pierce Hunter did a plea deal in a felony sexual assault case. He too will be sitting next to minors and others that will not know his crime-because he is anonymous in AA meetings. These sentencing mandates to AA and NA for sexual predators happen daily across our nation. AA/NA and Judges KNOW minors attend these meetings and encourage it. Also AA and NA encourage this practice by soliciting our teens, children and young adults to come to felon filled AA meetings.

: Tuesday, June 28, 2011, 7:15 AM

Swimmer charged in sexual assault gets probation in plea deal Deal keeps victim from having to testify

by Glenn Wohltmann Pleasanton Weekly Staff

A 21-year-old Pleasanton man and former swimmer at UC Davis has been convicted of a felony in connection with an attack on a young woman in her dorm room last year. Pierce Hunter accepted a plea deal that spared the victim from having to testify and avoided a jury trial. Hunter pleaded no contest – admitting that the prosecution had enough evidence to convict him but not admitting guilt – to a single felony count of dissuading a witness after threatening the victim following the attack.

As part of the plea deal, Hunter was ordered to serve 150 days in the county jail; a charge of sexual battery will remain on hold for the five years Hunter will be on probation following his stay in jail. During his probation, he will have to register as sex offender, receive sex offender counseling, and attend meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous. The sexual battery charge will be dismissed if Hunter successfully completes probation. Yolo County Deputy District Attorney Clint Parish told the court the attack took place in January 2010. “Hunter entered the dorm room of the victim. According to the victim, after a short discussion, Hunter took off most of his clothes and began to force himself on her,” Parish told the judge. “During the struggle, Hunter took the victim’s pants off of her as well as her underwear. Because of the vast difference in size between Hunter and the victim, he was able to keep her pinned down while he continued to assault her.”

Complete Story-

Colorado Woman Dismembered Boyfriend Set Free and Sent to AA Meetings By Judge

You really don’t know who you will be sitting next to in an AA or NA meeting. It could be a woman who dismembered her boyfriend and cut him up for stew! AA Daytona Meetings, NA Daytona Beach in Holly Hill Parks and AA Meetings in Port Orange and Deland, Orange City and Daytona Beach Shores to meet Court mandated Violent felons and sexual predators.

Jane Lynn Woodley pleaded insanity.The judge felt it is okay to send her to AA meetings where minors attend and other vulnerable members of society. I guess we are all vulnerable when it comes to sitting next to a murderer, right?

Woman Who Pleaded Insanity Set Free.
Saturday, 09-Apr-2005 10:50PM

ALAMOSA, Colo., April 9 (UPI) — A woman found not guilty by reason of insanity of killing her boyfriend and mutilating his body has been set free in Alamosa, Colo.

Jane Lynn Woodry was deemed ready for a supervised return to society by a judge after a two-hour hearing, the Rocky Mountain News reported Saturday.

Woodry was found not guilty by reason of insanity in the 1993 first-degree murder of Peter Michael Greene. She shot him four times with a .25-caliber revolver, dismembered his body, wrapped his torso in a blanket, and stored it in a closet in his home.

She took his legs back to her apartment, where she cut hunks of flesh from his legs. Investigators found bite-sized chunks of human flesh prepared in a stew on the stove at Woodry’s home.

Conditions for her release also include holding a job, attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, writing daily diary cards and a journal for review by a social worker, and meeting with her case manager three times a week.

“I want people to know that the community is safe”, Woodry said. “I am not a danger to the community.”

AA ‘Dealing with ‘Predators’ In Their Meetings

In 2001 Austrailia discussed the problems with Predators in AA.They start right off the bat stating it is not at all common.Not true-very common!

“Barring someone(predator)from a meeting is an extreme step’ REALLY?

They want to handle this on a group level only, as there is no discussion as to do anything other than to have alcoholics handle it locally who have no training in dealing with sexual predators,mental illness or pedophiles.

Daytona Beach Makes Massive Arrests in Major Drug Crackdown

February 23rd 2011 Daytona Beach Fl make 40 arrests on massive drug crackdown. Operation Trojan Horse made sweeping arrests of multiple repeat dangerous drug dealing felons. Because of the murder of St.Petersburg Fl Dave Crawford by a 16 year old ,officers are warned to be careful while arresting. There have been many police deaths in Florida and across the country in recent months. With this knowledge police have been warned to be very careful.What about the children who play in the playgrounds that Judge Will and many others will mandate these very people to attend Daytona AA/NA? Is anyone taking into consideration the children? NO! Why? That is what the community wants to know. The police officers and judges know how dangerous these criminals are.They are downright scared of them. Yet they allow meetings of convicted felons to meet in our parks and playgrounds in Holly Hill Fl.This article exposes the knowledge the police know-yet protect the felons instead of the children who play on the swings nearby.Don’t forget the children and teens who attend the actual meetings themselves with the parent charged or convicted of violent felony crimes.

Alcoholics Anonymous Men Raped 7 year Old Girl For Years !

A heart wrenching story of a little girl who was raped by different men that were AA members that her mother brought home.She kept a diary. AA would say this is an outside issue.They do not want bad press.Well because of the world wide web,stories like this are going global. These are criminal actions on behalf of the AA headquarters-by not taking responsibility. Hopefully this little girl will get justice and the therapy she will need to heal.

Her mother Stacey Parnitzke 40, and her boyfriend Shane Casey 38, were arrested in reference to the sexual abuse.

Why AA/NA Is Not Working and NA/AA Members are Dying

In NA/AA Daytona,AA/NA Ormond Beach Fl,AA/NA Holly Hill Fl,NA/AA Palm Coast Fl, NA/AA Deland,NA/AA Deltona have thousands of people who fail the mandated AA/NA sentencing. They fail mandated AA/NA that Drug Court dictates and are thrown back in jail.

They fail the terms of mandated AA/NA of probation and get fined and thrown back in jail. Because of the high failure rate of AA/NA in Volusia County,citizens are at risk because dangerous felons and sexual predators are not getting the professional help that they need.

People who are suicidal are not receiving the professional help they need. 12 step members are not trained in mental health problems or members who are suicidal.

Pittsfield Caregiver Admits To Stealing From 86 Year Old

Kim C.Merriam after having 20 charges brought against her in part from stealing from a 86 year old woman that she cared for has started both Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous while in jail. This newly minted AA/NA member will be told to go to a AA/NA meeting ASAP from leaving the jail when she get out. No one at the meeting will be warned of her crimes,it will be up to her to decide if she wants to share that she stole from an 86 year old woman and a host of other crimes at the meetings she attends. You really have no idea who you will be meeting at a meeting,but you should be aware that many are coming straight from jail for all levels of crime.



Struggles Within Alcoholics Anonymous

Sex abuse, financial abuse, and manipulation.It is all here where it is confirmed once again that AA headquarters exerts zero control over the criminal activity of its members.

Nutley NJ Neighbors Say Church AA/NA Group Out Of Control !

It looks like in Nutley NJ local citizens are protesting about AA/NA meetings at a local Holy Trinity Church. They are most likely violating zoning ordinances. The church is putting local citizens at risk by allowing court mandated felons-some with mental disorders to attend, and also running a business out of the church.

The commissioners need to listen to the citizens and enforce local ordinances.

Prescription Drug Related Deaths Increase 7.1% In Florida

In the pill mill state of Florida, Presciption Drug related deaths have increased. In this article you will find an anonymous quote from ‘D’ called ‘a counselor and addict’ of Suncoast Narcotics Anonymous of Florida. Maybe this is part of the problem. This NA addict is called a counselor in the article even though NA members are proudly unprofessional and untrained addicts. There failure rate has been stated as high as 95%. We need to treat addiction with professionally trained counselors,facilitators and formally trained therapists.

AA and NA members or sponsors are NOT counselors.But they like to play counselor without any background checks, no licensing by the state like other addiction treatment  modalities. There is no oversight of what these groups are saying or doing.Very dangerous practice indeed.

NA Member Murdered Mike Webb,They Met at NA/AA Meeting

Mike Webb’s life ended not too long after meeting up with a man he met at AA/NA meetings. The murderer was mentally ill as well. Remember AA/NA and the courts excludes nobody from their program.

Michelle Nicholson Murderer Going to NA in New Zealand


Convicted murderer Michelle Nicholson has been set free from prison for a second time.

Nicholson was given a life sentence for her part in the 1997 murder of retired Temuka businessman Dennis Hind.

She was first paroled in late 2007 but was ordered back to jail within months after forming a relationship with another convicted killer and falling out with her probation officer.

The Parole Board says Nicholson is now a minimum security inmate who poses a moderate risk of further violent reoffending.

Nicholson has been working as a cook, and helping with riding for the disabled.

The board says a good release proposal, based on family, was the catalyst for her prison release on 30th May.

Nicholson is subject to 12 special parole conditions, including an overnight curfew. She has also been warned she cannot afford to let the relationship with her probation officer turn toxic once again.

*Good advice, I guess as long as she trys to stay away from convicted killers and she doesnt give her probation officer a bunch of crap she can continue to to go to Narcotics Anonymous!


Hazelden Article About The ‘Stereotypes Linger For NA’

The brainwashing continues.Even though the article admits about NA’s generous open door policy where anyone can come to a meeting-they dont like what they call the stereotype of the “dope shooting criminals and burly tattooed bikers”attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Last I saw in the park meetings, their is still plenty of those that attend as well. NA wants it both ways dont they? Who do they think comprises of  NA ? At least over 40-50% of people in attendance are mandated from Drug Courts and Department of Corrections with felony crimes apart from the drug use like armed robbery, sex crimes,domestic violence and prostitution etc

Daytona NA Member Charged With First Degree Murder Of 14 year old

Ormond Beach police said Richard Newkirk, 32, is facing first-degree murder charges in connection with the death of Bryce Parson, 14. Investigators said Newkirk gave Bryce and another teen a mixture made with methadone hydrochloride.

Read more:

Nutley Neighbors Takes AA Meetings Concern To Board Of Education

Concerned citizens and parents have a meeting with the Nutley Board Of Education August 29th 2011 to discuss concerns about sexual predators and convicted felons attending Nutley AA and NA meetings at the Holy Trinity Church.

They are naturally concerned for the safety of the children and families.Holly Hill Florida is also having problems with Daytona NA and Daytona AA meetings in parks and playgrounds near children. It is not an appropriate place to have substance abuse rehab classes.

Neighbors take AA concerns to Nutley BOE

TUESDAY AUGUST 30, 2011, 10:25 AM

Some neighbors around Vreeland Avenue in the east part of town took their complaints against Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous meetings at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church to the Nutley Board of Education on Monday. They claimed the meetings attract dangerous people.

Following their plea to the Nutley Board of Commissioners, Holy Trinity neighbors took their complaints about Alcoholics Anonymous meetings to the Nutley Board of Education on Monday.

Following their plea to the Nutley Board of Commissioners, Holy Trinity neighbors took their complaints about Alcoholics Anonymous meetings to the Nutley Board of Education on Monday.

Resident Melanie Mitrano-Duffy said the meetings are too close to schools, especially when children are out to lunch.

AA meets in the evening, and NA meets midday.

Referring to the member anonymity, Mitrano-Duffy said parents can’t determine if the attendees are registered sex offenders, which should be public under Megan’s Law. She said the Walker Middle School and Yantacaw Elementary School principals share the concerns.

She said she spoke by phone with an Essex County senior parole officer, who stated there’s a percentage of sex offenders at AA and NA meetings in Essex County. He also said convicted criminals are mandated to attend to attend these meetings, she stated.

She wanted the district’s support to move these meetings somewhere else and wanted the public to be aware of them.

Another resident said parking problems could arise near the middle school when school is in session.

Neighbors addressed the Nutley Board of Commissioners two weeks ago, regarding the alleged bad behavior and illegal parking by attendees of AA and NA meetings at Holy Trinity. At a previous conference of church members, neighbors and police and neighbors, it was decided to move the NA meetings to two other locations, beginning in July.

The church and neighbors now disagree whether the AA meetings should continue there, Mitrano-Duffy told the Sun.

Board of Education Vice President Tom Sposato said, presiding over Monday’s meeting, the district would look into the matter before the board discusses it as a whole. The board needs to investigate whether or not law requires registered sex offenders to keep a certain distance from schools, member Charles Kucinski said

Franklin Reformed Church’s Rev. Jill Fenske told the board that churches open their doors to NA and AA out of hospitality, and there’s never been a problem before. Recent public opinion has “spun out of control,” she said. She voiced support for the peer-based groups, which are held all around town.

Florida AA Member Arrested For Attempted Child Kidnapping

Gainsville Florida-Aniball Baris arrested at Florida AA meeting for attempted child kidnapping of a 3 year old child ! Baris was located in a Florida Church attending an AA meeting when arrested.Churches need to consider the safety of their congregation when renting space to 12 step programs.

How can the judicial system continue to mandate sexual predators to AA when they know minors attend meetings and other vulnerable members of society.

Why does both NA Daytona, AA Daytona and their parent Organization think it is okay to encourage minors of any age to attend their meetings? It unethical and shows total disregard for the safety of their members.

Alcoholics Anonymous Could Bring Sexual Predators to Your Church

Is your church bringing sexual predators to your church?

Alcoholics Anonymous members would have you believe that these incidents are few and far between but this is not the case. Sexual abuse, rape, child molestations, physical, and mental abuse take place constantly within and around AA groups. I am astonished by the fact that Churches will allow AA to hold their meetings on their property. In fact the majority of AA meetings are held in churches all over the country.

This should show any reasonable person how little his or her church cares about the welfare of its members. Because AA is an anonymous organization there is no way to know whether the attendees are rapists, murderers, or child molesters. Twelve Steppers swear that meetings are safe places but the truth is that these bad things are happening in conjunction with AA and churches every day.

AA Daytona Member Missing After Meeting Man At Volusia County Intergroup Meeting

When are the local police in the City of Holly Hill Fl take action and stop this madness of ignoring the local citizens pleas for help and relief from the threatening behavior and harassment from local AA/NA Daytona Groups? Bruce and Ed the leaders of the Sunrise Group continue to allow their group to intimidate and harass local citizens in Sunrise Park by bullying them out of pavilions.

Now we have Karen Burger 57,missing since July 25th 2011 after attending a Daytona AA meeting and meeting an AA member.She has not been seen since telling her Dad she was going to go out with this man that evening she just met at Alcoholics Anonymous.

Karen Burger Missing

Police are trying to find a 57-year-old New Smyrna Beach woman who has not been seen or heard from since July 25.

Karen Lee Burger’s father told investigators his daughter has a drug abuse problem and he believes her disappearance is related to that, New Smyrna Beach police said Wednesday.

The incident is the second time in one month that a New Smyrna Beach woman with drug addiction issues has vanished.

On July 16, 41-year-old Jennifer Rado left her residence and went to a party in Edgewater, police said. That was the last time her family saw her.

Rado was then seen leaving a party on Needle Palm Drive early July 17, Edgewater police said. On Tuesday police arrested Frances Renee Gibson of Edgewater and charged her with Rado’s death. Detectives are searching for a second person who may have participated in the killing.

Burger went missing exactly one week after Rado; however, their cases are not related, police said Wednesday.
Burger’s father, Maxwell Lee, said Burger’s husband died three months ago of a drug overdose.
Lee said he waited until Tuesday to report his daughter’s disappearance because he thought she “was going to show up.”
“She’s been gone before, but never this long,” said Lee, who also lives in New Smyrna Beach.
The father said he spoke to his daughter on July 25 after she had attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.
“She told me she had met a man at the meeting and she was going out with him,” Lee said. “I haven’t heard from her since.”
Anyone with information concerning Burger is asked to call New Smyrna Beach police Investigator Mike Covey at 386-424-2223.

Washington D.C.AA Midtown Group Abuses Teens

Midtown Group In Washingtond D.C. is a classic example how AA has no accountability.Even though AA headquarters located in New York City was well aware of the financial and sexual abuses going on at the Midtown Group they continue to ignore and take no responsibility for the actions of it’s members that it takes money from to fatten it’s bank account to pay the executives in New York Big Bucks!

Veteran Texas NA Members Murdered at NA Meeting

The Narcotics Anonymous Killer left a meeting early and came back to the meeting with a gun to kill 2 fellow NA members.NA members and minors are not safe in meetings. Do not take kids to AA / NA meetings!

Man guilty in two deaths
Pleasant Grove: Fellow Narcotics Anonymous members testify
08:30 PM CDT on Tuesday, July 26, 2005
By ROBERT THARP / The Dallas Morning News
For longtime members of a Pleasant Grove Narcotics Anonymous group, a small storefront at a Bruton Road shopping center was like a second home, where the closest of friends leaned on one another to counter addiction’s pull. 
Years of soul-baring among members made it that much harder to cope after a meeting exploded last summer in the shooting deaths of two veteran members. At least a dozen people in the 12-step support group witnessed the shooting deaths of Lois Fields and Darryl Sneed.Several group members made the trip to court Tuesday to recount the terrifying moments leading up to the shootings and identify one of their own as the man responsible.The capital murder trial of 43-year-old Yolland Latimer took less than a full day to wrap up. Jurors deliberated less than 30 minutes before convicting the DeSoto school district teaching assistant and handing down an automatic life sentence.

Melonee Porter described how Ms. Fields – her best friend since the two met at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting about three years ago – cowered with her in a bathroom trying to hide, hoping that police would arrive before Mr. Latimer found her.

Mr. Latimer and Ms. Fields had also met through Narcotics Anonymous. They had dated at times and had a daughter together. More recently, Ms. Fields and Mr. Sneed had become romantically involved, although witnesses said Mr. Latimer remained hopeful that the two would reconcile.

Ms. Fields’ sisters, Lela Fields and Raynell Fields, said their sister had dismissed Mr. Latimer’s earlier jealousy-fueled threats.

“She’d say, ‘I’m his baby’s momma; he’s not going to do anything to me,’ ” Raynell Fields said. “I wish she would have taken it seriously, because I would have.”

Mr. Latimer’s attorney, Stephani Hudgins, told jurors in closing arguments that her client was responding to Ms. Fields’ emotional manipulation and the hollow promise of reconciliation.

“He realized again that she was playing with his heart, playing with his feelings, and he couldn’t take it anymore,” she said.

During the August 2004 meeting, Mr. Latimer apparently became upset and left early, returning with a gun. He first confronted Mr. Sneed as he was driving away from the meeting in his pickup. Group member Ozella Burnley said she thought the two men were just talking until Mr. Latimer pulled out a handgun and shot Mr. Sneed three times.

With Mr. Sneed mortally wounded, the truck accelerated through the parking lot and crossed Jim Miller Road before it crashed into a fence.

Mr. Latimer then went inside the building searching for Ms. Fields. Ms. Porter said she was in the restroom when her panicked friend found her.

“I heard a lot of commotion and Lois ran in,” Ms. Porter said. “She said, ‘Melonee, Melonee help me.’ Yolland came in the restroom behind her. … He said ‘[expletive], I done told you about playing with my feelings.’ ”

As Ms. Fields raised her hands in a futile attempt to defend herself from the gunshots, Mr. Latimer shot her three times. He then left the bathroom but returned when he heard Ms. Fields calling for help, witnesses said. He put the gun against the back of her head and fired again.

“He is a cold, hard executioner,” prosecutor Heath Hyde said in closing arguments. “He did exactly what he set out to do.”

In the year since the shooting, the Narcotics Anonymous group has not foundered. The chapter is still open for meetings throughout the week and has not lost any members, the sister of one active member said after the trial.

“That’s the kind of thing that might have caused my sister to relapse and go back on the streets, but this group has stayed together and may be stronger now,” she said.