William Beebe confesses to raping Liz Seccuro decades ago wanting to make amends according to the 9th step of Alcoholics Anonymous 12 steps.But when Liz Securo decided to press charges of rape against William Beebe,she recieved hate mail from AA members upset with her choice to seek justice.Here is a statement from Liz Seccuro.

” I have never ever faulted Alcoholics Anonymous for William Beebe’s transgressions and crimes. Having spoken with various members of AA, they all believe that Beebe did what he did out of an incredible sense of entitlement, stupidity and selfishness (both the rape and the 22 years later fake apology). We believe that when you confess to a crime in AA, you should know that you can be held accountable and those witnesses can be subpoaened. Sometimes, that is not the case, as AA members can sometimes be protected under law as a priest/confessor or doctor/patient would be. In addition, I do think it’s wrong for us as a society to applaud people when they turn their proverbial ship around and shower them with accolades just because they are making adult choices with good consequences. That’s why my family rails against the hate mail from those in AA. We never said a word against the organization, yet many of its members take the time to write hate-filled missives to me. William Beebe didn’t rape me because he’s an alcoholic. He did what he did because he’s a narcissistic rapist with no soul.

Case in point, the Paul Cox murder case. This case almost had a different outcome and believe me, I knew Paul Cox – pictured – growing up (marginally), so imagine our surprise. His original murder conviction was overturned because he made his confession to fellow AA members (a group protected under “religious” or “spiritual” rules).Read this transcript to see my friend Mickey defending the judge’s ruling and read here the final ruling and sentencing.

Today, comes a story of a New Year’s baby who died at the hands of his father of shaken baby syndrome. Of his parents, “Craig Wilson and Crystal Twiddy, both recovering alcoholics, met about four years ago in a softball league popular with Alcoholics Anonymous members. The couple beamed in engagement photos shot in a garden setting before they were married in September. It was the first marriage for both.”

Don’t tell me AA fixes all of the demons for everyone. This innocent baby is dead – perhaps his defense attorney will use the “thoughtless alcohol fueled relapse” defense. Who knows? All I know is that the AA angle does not matter one whit.”

Also when Beebe was out on bail he was mandated to continue AA meetings!

She has since written a book ‘Crash into me’-the link is below.  http://www.readthehook.com/65457/painful-memoir-12-step-rape-victims-book-hits-shelves