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  1. This has probablly been posted somewhere along the way. It depicts the ambiguity about whether or not AA is religious or just spiritual. It seemed to work in this guys opinion and of course AAGSO had no opinion. Of course not, the orgranization is religious when it suits them and it’s not religious (it’s just spiritual) when it does not suit them. What a bunch of malarky. This guy killed two people and he should receive punishment for what he did.

  2. UPDATED: Police say botched burglary led to stabbing death

    ( AA Member)

    J.L. Sousa/Register
    MONDAY – JUNE 24, 2013 – NAPA, CA – Don Buffington, 62, was found dead inside this home at 1190 Hayes Street on Friday. Adrian Madrigal has been arrested in connection with the homicide, after he was found driving Buffington’s truck near Lake Berryessa J.L. Sousa/Register

    The homicide discovered in Napa on Friday evening was the result of a burglary gone wrong, the Napa Police Department said in a statement issued Monday morning.

    Sometime before 4 a.m. Friday, Adrian Madrigal, a 24-year-old transient, allegedly entered a home at 1190 Hayes St. through an unlocked window at the back of the home with the intent of burglarizing the residence, police said. Once inside, the suspect allegedly got into an altercation with the homeowner, Don Buffington, a 62-year-old retiree.

    Madrigal allegedly stabbed Buffington in the torso multiple times and the victim ultimately died from the wounds, though it is unclear when, Capt. Jeff Troendly said. As of Monday morning, the weapon had not been recovered.

    According to friends and neighbors, Buffington, a retired union worker and Vietnam veteran, lived alone in his Hayes Street home. He had two adult children and multiple grandchildren and another on the way, said Rich Armusewicz, who described Buffington as “a working man’s man.”

    “He became one of my best friends. He knew me better than anybody,” Armusewicz said of Buffington, whom he met 25 years ago at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in the San Rafael area. Buffington went on to become his sponsor and guide countless others fighting alcoholism.

    “There’s probably a couple hundred people saddened by this. He was a fixture in our community,” Armusewicz said.

    Armusewicz, who lives in Novato, said his friend was “vigorously honest” and committed to holding others accountable and keeping them sober.

    “He was the kind of man who intimidated you because he was so honest,” Armusewicz said of his early encounters with Buffington. Despite his to-the-point demeanor that sometimes rubbed people the wrong way, Armusewicz said, “It was hard not to love him.”

    “I never met a person who listened and retained everything you said like he did. He taught me how to listen,” Armusewicz said. “I probably learned what sincerity and compassion are from him. He was a very compassionate man who would listen.”

    Mia Robertson, a Petaluma resident who knew him for decades, said Buffington was one of a kind.

    “Don has been a family friend for about 35 years. There aren’t many like him,” she said. “A kind, honest and decent man who dearly loved his family,” she reflected in an email. “A man, who over the years, gave much of his time to help others, without any interest in taking credit. A man with a great sense of humor and a smile so warm. A fine example to all others. A man that will be missed. I feel fortunate to have known him.”

    Buffington spent his career as a union laborer in Marin County and ran a local labor hall, Armusewicz said. He retired three or four years ago.

    Logan Triglia, Buffington’s neighbor, said he was a quiet man who was home most days. Until recently, he had a dog whom he walked in the neighborhood.

    “I just feel horrible because he was a very nice guy,” Triglia said.

    Buffington reportedly loved dogs but his most recent companion died a few weeks ago, Armusewicz said. “None of this would have happened if his dog was still around.”

    On Monday, the exterior of the white stucco, bungalow-style home appeared in pristine condition and the neighborhood was quiet as most residents were seemingly at work. A local Jehovah’s Witness, Mike Olson, who recognized the home on a newscast, came by for more information.

    He and Buffington had become acquainted over the course of a few witnessing visits, he said.

    “It seemed like he kept to himself but I had nice visits with him,” Olson recalled. “He was a nice fellow.”

    Triglia and her fiancé moved to the home next door to Buffington from Vallejo one year ago.

    “We’re shooken up for ourselves but we feel horrible,” she said. “Should we have heard something?”

    When she came home from work around 5:30 p.m. Friday, a number of police officers were at the home. When she inquired about what was going on, an officer told her to go inside her house, leading her to believe her neighbor had been killed. A few hours later, authorities confirmed that hunch. Literature with tips on keeping safe was distributed to neighbors by police.

    “A crime scene cleanup van came by Sunday,” Triglia said. “It was upsetting.”

    Since learning of the news, Triglia said she and her fiancé, whose bedroom is on the same side of the home as Buffington’s house, have “wracked their brains” trying to recall on what day they were awoken to something unusual.

    “Every morning he warms his car up around 5 a.m. to go get coffee,” she said. “Either Thursday or Friday, we can’t remember, we heard soft country music coming from the area. It was odd enough that we both looked at each other.”

    The exact time of the homicide remains unclear, Troendly said. After allegedly killing Buffington, the suspect took jewelry from the home and fled in the victim’s vehicle, a black Chevrolet TrailBlazer, police allege.

    At 4 a.m. Friday, Madrigal was stopped in the parking lot of a hospital in Middletown by Lake County law enforcement after hospital security reported him as a suspicious person, police said. At the time he was stopped, the homicide in Napa was not known and Madrigal was let go, police said.

    Twelve hours later exactly, around 4 p.m., officers with the California Highway Patrol stopped Madrigal on Highway 128 near Lake Berryessa for an alleged vehicle code violation, police said. The vehicle had no license plates and the officer saw jewelry inside. It is presumed Madrigal removed the plates, Troendly said.

    The stop revealed the vehicle did not belong to Madrigal, so Napa officers were sent to contact the registered owner, Buffington, police said. When officers arrived at the home, they found blood on an exterior, rear door. When they entered the home, Buffington was found deceased, police said.

    As of Monday morning, police did not know why Madrigal drove to Lake County and then Berryessa, Troendly said. Authorities were trying to piece together a timeline from the time of the homicide to Madrigal’s arrest.

    Madrigal was booked into the Napa jail at 11:30 p.m. Friday on suspicion of murder, robbery, burglary, vehicle theft and violating probation.

    Madrigal was on probation for a November 2011 arrest that came after he climbed the water tower at the former Sawyer Tanning Mill on Coombs Street, stayed there for more than six hours and dropped items from the tower, according to police Capt. Jeff Troendly. He was convicted last year of assault with a deadly weapon in connection to the incident.

    On April 22, Madrigal was arrested again at the Kohl’s department store in downtown Napa on suspicion of shoplifting, according to Troendly. He was detained after removing price tags from $123 worth of clothing, then trying to leave the store, the Napa Valley Register reported at the time.

    Troendly said the Napa Police Department has had numerous encounters with Madrigal since 2009. Among the other crimes the murder suspect has been arrested for over the years are disorderly conduct, theft from a vehicle and resisting arrest, he said.

    Troendly said it is unclear whether Madrigal knew his alleged victim.

    “We’re still looking into any relationship they may or may not have had,” Troendly said. “We don’t know at this point.”

    Police believe Madrigal is the only suspect, though the investigation is still open and police will exhaust all tips before making that determination, he said.

    An autopsy on Buffington was conducted Monday though a cause of death was not released, according to Napa County Sheriff’s Capt. Tracey Stuart. Madrigal was to be arraigned Tuesday afternoon.

    The last homicide in Napa occurred in Napa in September. In that case, Francisco Deleon allegedly stabbed 51-year-old Robin Ward to death at the victim’s home on Almond Avenue during an alleged altercation over a personal matter.

    The Napa County Major Crimes Task Force, which is composed of the Napa Police, Sheriff’s Office, Napa County District Attorney’s Office and Calistoga Police, is investigating the incident. The state Department of Justice has sent detectives to assist Napa police at the crime scene, according to Troendly.

    Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Detective Andy Hess at 707-257-9507.

    • Did the victim meet his killer in Alcoholics Anonymous? Sounds like this guy knew the man lived alone and that his dog had recently died.
      It can be dangerous being a sponsor.

  3. Report: Ottawa Gunman Had Tried to Go to Jail for Addiction Treatment

    Three years ago, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau took extreme efforts to “clean up” from his crack addiction but was deemed mentally healthy and denied treatment.

    A stunning—and deeply poignant—revelation has emerged purportedly shedding light on the motives of Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, who killed a service member during an attack on Canada’s Parliament building in Ottawa this week before he was shot dead. Michael Zehaf-Bibeau was a self described “crack addict,” according to newly obtained court documents. Some three years ago, he tried to rob a McDonald’s in a desperate bid to be sentenced to prison in order to access treatment for his addiction.

    “My plan is…I’m a crack addict, and at the same time I’m a religious person,” he said in court in 2011. “I want to sacrifice freedom and good things, for a year maybe, so when I come out I’ll appreciate things of life more, and be clean, or maybe get a therapy like a detox, if you guys could send me to one.” Zehaf-Bibeau had been arrested for trying to hold up a the fast-food burger joint in Vancouver with a sharpened stick, before waiting “calmly” for police to come.

    This was not Zehaf-Bibeau;s only effort to get behind bars. After confessing multiple times to an armed robbery he claimed to have committed a decade earlier in Quebec, he was checked briefly into a psych ward and then released. A detox also refused him treatment since he wasn’t intoxicated at the time. “I wanted to come to jail so I could clean up and do my things,” he told the court. “I was living on the street.”

    According to a psychiatrist’s report, Zehaf-Bibeau’s behavior was “unusual” but he displayed “no features or signs of a mental illness.” The report said: “He wants to be in jail because he believes this is the only way he can overcome his addiction to crack cocaine.” In other words, he was making what the shrink suggested was a rational last-ditch effor to get treatment for addiction.

    Early on in the case, prosecutors tried to release him on bail, partially due to overcrowding in jail. But Zehaf-Bibeau begged the court to let him stay. ”If you guys release me what do you think’s going to happen, that same loop and I’ll be right back here again,” he said. He was eventually sentenced to 66 days and then released.

    Little is known about the motives behind Zehaf-Bibeau’s attacks on Parliament. He reportedly “embraced extremist ideas” and had planned to travel to Syria, but was not flagged as a threat.

    He was reportedly staying at an Ottawa shelter in the months leading up to the shooting, where one volunteer says he always carried a Koran and used prayer in an attempt to stay off drugs. “But then when he collapsed into drugs, he became isolated,” says the volunteer. “He was always sleeping. For three days he wasn’t talking. His intention was to get passport and get home. He had to stay away from

    • CBS reported Iran ,40,000 addicted on drugs. Another 400,00 homeless drugs, NA from the US is there, 12 step program. This scares the living hell out of me. How many suicide bombers there for info and the questions go on forever. They are not Christians so they admitted to Allah all their sins? If this goes unnoticed by our people that monitor born-to-kill-killers, then we have failed our own selves.

  4. Twelve Step method should be questioned

    Twelve Step movement has gained considerable influence in Sweden. Probation Service, social services, employers and others . send addicts to twelve step treatments on a conveyor belt. There are powerful options that are difficult to grow and become established, and it is largely due to the same “program” aggressively monopolize Swedish addiction treatment.

    According HVB registry , there are 319 different drug treatment in Sweden – 85% have an element of or is pure twelve step treatments. The remaining 15% are assisted living facilities and a small number of non-twelve step treatments.

    AA program was written 80 years ago and has not changed since then. AA movement is very strict in not making any changes , this also includes twelve step treatment when all principals and staff are twelve step members. It has made ​​the program so detached and sluggish that it can not be influenced by new findings or thoughts.

    The theological formulation and the moral and ethical rules copied the AA movement from the Oxford group movement . However, it has built up so that it outwards and initially downplaying the religious part as much as possible. It is only when a person has raised the basic message that it fades into the Oxford Group’s ideas . It also took over the Oxford Group Movement very aggressive wanting to spread any day of the extent of movement is a clear indication.

    Today, both research , alternative and a viable addiction treatment distressing neglected. Twelve Step method has been under 30 years dominated all abuse treatment in municipalities. Substance abuse treatment is in urgent need of development. Who would for example choose a dentist whose practice has not changed since the 30s? – Watch video 1 “Science and AA”

    AA’s own Triennial Membership Survey shows that half of those who come to AA movement for the first time are sober less than 3 months. 95% returns to the abuse within a year. 5% per year is exactly the same percentage of those who become sober without any intervention at all, in terms of abusing the population as a whole / spontaneous remission index. – See Video 2 – more research and statistics: Twelve Step method efficiency

    Treatment homes require patients to visit AA meetings regularly, you do not do this so the risk of being discharged. Without a twelve step treatments would AA movement eventually shrink and disappear, this is because the movement is highly dependent on the influx of new members.

    Sweden began Minnesota treatments grow up like mushrooms back in the 80’s. Treatment staff are themselves AA members and they convey the message of the Twelve Steps, just like in the AA movement.

    Twelve Step Treatments salary is good for AA members in the treatment industry, a twelve-step treatment is very expensive and there is plenty of money to be made. While leaning AA movement’s finances on marketing materials and literature to treatment centers.

    Alcoholics Anonymous should be regarded as a religious faiths, it has courts in the U.S. have decided since 1996.

    United States courts have ruled That inmates, parolees, and probationers can not be ordered to attend AA. It was ruled That AA contained enough religious components to make coerced attendance at AA meetings a violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment of the constitution.

    United States Court rulings

    In September 2007, United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit Stated That a parole office can be sued for ordering a parolee to attend AA.

    These court decisions’ are based on the finding That AA is religious enough That being required to attend it would be similar to Requiring someone to attend a specific church. Five U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeal (the 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 8th, and 9th) have made ​​similar rulings.

    Constitution Act (1974:152), 2 Ch. Fundamental rights and freedoms of 2 § Every citizen’s relation to the community protected against coercion to divulge his opinion on political, religious, cultural or other such terms. He is withal against the public protected from coercion to participate in a meeting for advocacy or protest or other opinions or to belong to a political association, religious communities or other association for the opinion referred to in the first sentence. Act (1976:871).

  5. Police investigate break-in at area Alcoholics Anonymous center
    Posted: Apr 11, 2014
    By: WECT Staff – email

    WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – Officers with the Wilmington Police Department are investigating a break-in at an Alcoholics Anonymous center located in the 5900 block of Wrightsville Avenue.

    Police and CSI officials were called to respond early Friday morning, officers say the crime happened sometime after 9:30 p.m. on Thursday night.

    Police say there is about $3,000 in damage. Two doors were broken, paintballs were fired at the walls, fire extinguishers were sprayed leaving a white residue on the floors, profanity and lewd images were spray-painted on the walls, and the words ‘beer rulz’ were painted on a counter.

    Officials say an undisclosed amount of cash was also taken.

    Volunteers spent Friday cleaning and say the center will be open for AA classes on Saturday.

  6. From

    Phillip Seymour Hoffman Dead at 46 …May he Rest … Alcoholics Anonymous Mentality kills another Talented Person with its 1935 Lies
    Posted on February 2, 2014

    Phillip Seymour Hoffman

    First off to Phillip…I am so sorry that you passed this way and that you believed what AA told you after many years of being clean …I’m sorry those steppers did what they did to you. (filming you in a meeting crying and putting it on youtube. That is unforgivable) Im sorry for your wife and children left behind. I loved your acting and your powerful spirit.

    AA is NOT the Last house on the block anymore. Smart Recovery, SOS, Moderation and The Sinclair method are viable options.

    AA is not the only game in town.

    AA is filled with lies aka…”if you fail you are doomed to jails , institution and death.” This is such bullshit.

    Read the full story here…

  7. Response to Jeff Johnson; Hi Jeff, This site is raising awareness TO INFORM people about the lack of safety guidelines and accountability within these 12 step organizations. This is not an uninformed community, this is a global community inspired because people who had been repeatedly threatened could get no help from AA/NA or the police! This global community is coming together to inform people about AA/NA’s refusal to adapt safety guidelines to protect the vulnerable members and others around AA/NA meetings. I suggest to anyone who is willing to HONESTLY LOOK at what’s been going on in regards to abuses and coverups in these organizations to look through the months of news articles on this website’s homepage, left-hand side above the comments under, MONTHLY ARCHIVES!

    I agree with what you said about the 10th tradition and it being wrong for that member to have walked in on a Thanksgiving cookout in a rented pavilion and threaten people as if AA and NA members are entitled to special rights and privileges. Unfortunately the truth is that this is not just isolated incident. AA and NA are aware of the risks and still they refuse to implement safety guidelines to protect their members and others. WHY? Read through the articles and become informed! The news article in the link below, with its related article links would be a good place to start becoming informed.

  8. Attention everyone! Below is a fresh, well-written, in-depth article about the tragic murder of a new AA member, Karla Brada by a long time AA member/predator.

    Maybe the administrator of this website can make a separate post about this article!

    Karla came to AA for help but fell victim to a long-time AA member/ predator who gained her trust and then killed her.
    There is also a link in the header of the NA Daytona home page for the Karla Brada legal fund to help with her family’s lawsuit against AA.

    Why does AA/NA refuse to have any safety measures to protect their members?

    This kind of thing happens way more than most people realize. There are lots of articles about people who have been victims of AA/NA members in the monthly archives. Many vulnerable people have been deceived with a false sense of security by these organizations and fallen victim to dangerous predators who gain their trust these meetings!

    • Thanks Massive! If you check out this company you can see how they work hard to aid organizations in preventing liability issues in regard to sexual harassment and other crimes. Also for organization and non-profits that truly want to protect those they serve from being harmed.

      It is time Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous do the right thing and implement safety measures to prevent anymore rapes and murders by their members.

            Julie J on December 6, 2014 at 4:17 AM said:
            As an x AA member I can say with out a doubt that the biggest mistake I’ve made in my 50 years of life was walking into the room of Alcoholics Anonamous. I became the prey of a very sick sociopath, narcissist , who not only stole from me but then portrayed me to my very own sponsor as someone whe was abusing drugs. I’ve never used drugs and I chose sobriety. I didn’t have legal consequences or any intervention. It was a choice I made in an effort to increase my awareness . My marriage was shaken after 16 years and I felt that alcohol was becoming too much of an escape. I was, as they reference 13th stepped. It wasn’t long before he managed to infiltrate my life and the lives of my children. In particular one of my daughters. He manipulated and controlled me and my children. She was 14 at the time. Now 21 she suffers from the abuse and trauma he imposed on her. She’s suffered 2 bouts of anorexia and is currently hospitalized for attempted suicide all related to the emotional abuse from this sick SOB. He went on to write a book. A self published autobiography where he bashes me and my family. Let me say again SELF Published, which means he paid to publish his own book of lies because no company would purchase his story without confirming the facts. In other words he’s a delusional piece of shit. My daughter was seeing a forensic psychologist from age 16-17. The psychologist confirmed abuse.
            This sociopath remains in the rooms and speaks frequently at meetings. “He’s arrived” at the expense of others and nobody stops him. He continues to ravage others and nobody stops him. He speaks at facilities world renowned like Hazelton and nobody stops him.
            It saddens me that we go to the rooms for a safe place to recover only to meet the devil himself. AA failed to provide that professed safe place to heal and I to this day will hold AA responsible for my daughters current state of health. He destroys lives every where he’s allowed to carry out his behavior.
            I’ve been sober for 10 years. I left the rooms 4 years ago. I just couldn’t share space with a community that doesn’t protect vulnerable women and continues to provide a chair for a monster who’s sole purpose is selfish and criminal.
            If there is another platform to report this person and obtain some justice, I would be willing to tell the story in full detail. I know for a fact that there are victims that followed. I know for a fact that he used his sponsorship to a member for the sole purpose of gaining access to his wife, which he then destroyed his sponsee’s marriage to move in and take over, which he did. He destroyed his sponsee’s marriage and jeopardized the sobriety and wellbeing of his sponsee.
            How am I ever to believe that AA is safe. Everything professed is actually the opposite of my experience. This is a spiritual program? Not my experience.

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            – See more at:

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