Here we are at the 5 year anniversary of this Daytona NA nightmare event. Since this occurred there have been additional events of harassment of local Holly Hill citizens and business owners. AA Volusia County Intergroup has bullied multiple times people out of pavilions, including threatening and harassing locals.  They had an incident where an NA member tried to hit another member with a baseball bat! They continue to run people out of pavilions, and recently have been breaking the new No Smoking rules implemented by The City of Holly Hill. We commend Holly Hill for moving forward with this new Park rule!  We Hope they respect Holly Hill more than Daytona Groups do.


The day was November 21st 2010 in Volusia County, Sunrise Park in Holly Hill Florida. The local community had rented the pavilion for a Thanksgiving celebration cookout. It was a beautiful Sunday morning, and there were ribbons around the pavilion to notify others it had been reserved. Law abiding, local business owners and well respected long time residents were preparing to cook a turkey. Steve who had recently run for the position of Mayor of Holly Hill and had been a long time Boy Scout Master was there to cook the turkey.

At around 11:00 a.m., when The Daytona Beach Area Narcotics Anonymous members were starting to arrive for their Sunday meeting, many NA members were quite upset that the citizens of Holly Hill had actually rented the pavilion. Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous continually refuse to pay rent to secure the pavilion for their scheduled meetings. It was available to rent for those that chose to pay the City of Holly Hill the required fees to reserve it for November 21st 2010.

We were unprepared and shocked for what happened next. A tall biker guy named Terrence, actually walked into the center of the pavilion and started to flex his muscles as if he were Hulk Hogan. He said the words from a Beatles song that went,  ” Bang, Bang Maxwell silver hammer came down upon her head, Bang bang Maxwell silver hammer made sure she was dead ” while he continued to flex his muscles. Terrence then did a bow to those of us in the pavilion and said, ” I am feeling generous today and will allow you to live another day!”. Needless to say all of us were pretty shocked.

Pictures were taken of this man as he was leaving. He turned and flipped us the bird in a very menacing manner. He then went to his motorcycle and came BACK into the pavilion a 2nd time and told a local Holly Hill citizen, who was a Volusia County Court employee, that he could squash him like a bug. He took out his cell phone, got in our faces and started to take pictures of us. Then he walked over to the NA meeting that was taking place in another part of the park. The Holly Hill Police were called and 3 officers responded to the call. What a relief (we thought).

Little did we know that we would be re victimized again by the very police officers that were called to protect us. They started questioning us in a very hostile tone. Officer Thornton kept demanding to know why we were there. Puzzled by their hostile and odd behavior we kept explaining to her that we had rented the pavilion for a Thanksgiving cookout. We showed them the big Turkey that we were cooking as well. The police were asked by one of the victim’s “is there a problem with the citizens renting out the pavilion? ” Officer Thornton answered quickly, that she thought it was ” MALICIOUS” to rent the pavilion! This was one of many inappropriate and shocking comments coming from Officer Thornton and the other policeman. ( Formal complaints have been filed against Officer Thornton and The Holly Hill Police Department). Officer Angelo Alexogiannis stated that he used to work at The Stewart Marchman Rehab Center ( 12 step recovery) and sympathized with the NA members. They showed no concern or interest whatsoever for our safety, or in what had just happened. They exhibited a strong bias in favor of the Daytona NA group. They seemed to be joined at the hip. Later it started to make more sense as we learned of Officer Thornton’s own colorful background.

When we had identified the man who had harassed and threatened us, the police said that they knew who he was. They then went over to the large NA meeting taking place and the police officers talked and laughed with them a bit, including the member that threatened and harassed us. The officers came back and said to stay away from one another, and allowed this man to remain at the park! He was not arrested or trespassed from the park. One officer asked if their was anything else he could do. We asked if charges could be pressed for threatening us. They said no, there was nothing we could do. Could we fill out a report? No-we could not fill out a report.Then Officer Angelo Alexogiannis was asked if he would at least fill out a report stating what had happened. He promised he would indeed do that.

Later we learned that what happened would be considered assault under the law, and we had every right to press charges and also to fill out a report. We were denied this right.

Well this initially put a damper on the festivities, but we made the best out of it and enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings. It was enjoyed by many from the local community.

The following week the police report was requested from the Holly Hill PD. There was a report # given and the incident call, but no actual report. We were later told by staff that the officer decided not to do a report after all! This was  knowing that a report was requested and it had been promised. This appears to be an attempt to cover up the incident to protect the image of Daytona Narcotics Anonymous and the identity of Terrence, the long time Volusia County Florida NA/ AA member that harassed us.

To our complete surprise there were 2 incidents that day at the park. One had a report and the other did not. Both of them shocked us. Where local citizens were threatened there was no report, only a short statement in the incident log stating that the incident was caused by the victim who was threatened by Terrence and called the police! Also, even though the police stated they knew who the perpetrator was and spoke to him, they did not put his name in the incident log. It’s a good thing citizens were wise enough to get the licence plate of the man,and were able to identify him, Terrence T. This was another rude awaking as to how the police were protecting the Daytona NA members, and what an inappropriate cozy relationship they had with them. We knew then, that the Holly Hill PD and Chief Mark Barker were not going to protect the citizens and local business owners from the harassment and threats by Daytona NA members.

We soon realized the depth that Holly Hill PD would go to protect NA / AA members. Daytona NA members were fabricating stories and lying about the events of that day. Then Narcotics Anonymous World Services in California said that their policy was to do nothing about criminal matters by their own members. We then knew the extent of what we were up against. NA World Services advice was to just call the police and that this was a police matter and it had nothing to do with them. Well that was, and still is a joke as time would continue to demonstrate the bias of the Holly Hill PD. We knew then that a grass roots effort had to be initiated to expose this fiasco.

Photo of Daytona NA Member Terrence coming back into the pavilion a second time and threatening to squash a citizen like a bug. 


  1. ive noticed that many really old guys that know a little about recovery use the meetings to try and date really young girls. at least aa has stuck to its founding principles while na started with all of aa’s principles(Lords prayer, tolerence of all religions even christians etc.) but now they have removed the Lords prayer and they are all worshiping the lizard gods and pulling the lever for Obama




  3. DANA- Im glad you speak the truth as well. This has become a very important site with all the most up to date news about AA and NA. is a show I created to expose , educate and empower myself and others as we leave AA. is what I created 6 months after I left. is what I created to help those still in AA and trying to make it safer. It s a very very dangerous place and if one more Producer makes a pro AA film I know IM gonna be sick !!! We will be protesting the Film FLIGHT with Denzel Washington which is a total propaganda film. btw so is the film SMASHED. That one really made me sick.

    Thanks again for this site!!!

  4. Hello and God Bless! I would first like to say how much I enjoy your site. I think you have done a wonderful thing informing people of the true nature of AA and every program they have spawned.

    Your article is all to common. AA is in bed with police, judges, senators and the list goes on. This is not my opinion, it is fact. These very same people are also members of AA or knows someone who is. AA has become so embedded into our society that I fear it will never be able to be shown for what it truly is.

    That is why I applaud your site. It is people like you that may be able to save that one person from making a mistake of their life time or educating that parent who is considering placing their child into the very hands of satan himself, via AA.

    Keep up the good work and God Bless!

    • Dana Thank you so much for the compliment about the site. A lot of effort has went into exposing the dangers of AA, and a host of other issues.

      We are most concerned about minors being mandated to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings along with violent felons and sex predators.
      Also we want to stop the practice of AA and NA going after our youth, and exposing them to harm and a cult religion.

      Al-anon and Alateen also follow the 12 step mantra which is very damaging to families telling families to cut off ties etc.

      I saw the site you linked to

      This has some great material and very thought provoking. Churches need to be made aware about the dark side of AA, and pastors need to answer to parishoners why they are allowing non-christian groups such as AA and NA that believe a higher power can even be a door knob or the AA group itself to rent space in their church. Why do they allow sex predators to endanger their children?

  5. I cannot believe they are still in the parks, advertising on the internet that these parks in Holly Hill are there place of business! They also have it printed in professional brochures that are put in Court Houses etc. Why do they think they can set up shop, collect money, sell books and not pay a DIME to Holly Hill??????

    What happened to the honoring 7th tradition and avoiding controversy? Damn that is a joke! What a poor example they set. All the smoking they still do in our parks littering the grounds and air with their other addiction.When AA says they are a selfish bunch they are not kidding!

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