Alcoholics Anonymous Member Beat Sponsor To Death With a Baseball Bat

A court mandated mentally ill felon has murdered his sponsor in a horrific violent act using a baseball bat. Leslie Haun was considered to be schizophrenic among having other serious mental health issues. The courts will send any level of criminal to AA/NA meetings, regardless of the dangers it imposes on other members. But it is free to the courts, and it keeps AA growing with lots of Big Books to sell to the newly released prisoners. AA solicits the courts as well as the prisoners to attend these felon filled AA meetings.

COVINGTON – Shain Pierce returned to his apartment after having a toe amputated and found the man he was sponsoring in Alcoholics Anonymous drinking alcohol inside.

When Pierce tried to kick Leslie Haun and his son Robert Haun out of the Scott Street apartment, the elder Haun beat him with an aluminum baseball bat and table leg until he died, a Covington Detective testified Tuesday in Kenton District Court.

Leslie Haun, 47, who has long history of mental problems and a lengthy criminal record, is charged with murder. His son, 19, is charged with complicity to murder and tampering with evidence.

Pierce’s body was found Sept. 20 inside the first floor apartment, said Det. Mike Thompson. The upstairs neighbors told police that they heard a loud fight the night before.

When police interviewed the father and son, Robert Haun told police that his father beat Pierce and then ordered him to throw the bat and table leg used in the beating down the sewer, Thompson said. Police were able to find the bat but could not find the leg, he said.

Pierce, 54, often took in people that needed help, said his sister Tammy Callen.
“He took in I don’t know how many people,” she said. “He was well loved and well respected.”

Another article about this murder from The Fix-

AA Member Arrested For Murder of Fiancee He Met at California AA Meeting

September 3rd 2011

AA Member Eric Earle 40,is being held on 1 million dollar bond after being charged with the murder of his fiancee Karla Brada 31, that he met at an AA meeting. They also continued to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings together.

A Saugus man was being held in lieu of $1 million bail Friday after deputies found his live-in girlfriend dead in their home this week.

Eric Earle, 40, of Saugus, was being held at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Inmate Reception Center in downtown Los Angeles.Earle was arrested at 2:20 p.m. Thursday on a felony murder charge, according to county arrest logs.

Deputies responded to a 911 call from the residence of Earle and Karla Brada, 31. The caller said Brada was not breathing as she lay in her bed in a Plum Canyon Road residential complex between 7-8 a.m. Thursday, according to officials.

She was pronounced dead at the scene by county Fire Department paramedics.

A sheriff’s detective Thursday described Brada’s death as “suspicious” and said domestic violence may have been a factor. Neighbors said the couple fought often and that sheriff’s deputies were a frequent fixture at their home.

Earle’s Facebook page paints the picture of a man battling addiction with the help of Brada. The two attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings together and got a dog together, according to his recent Facebook activity.

“Yes, I am back into recovery, and it feels great,” Earle wrote on July 28. “Four days and lots of meetings thank you God for another chance. …”

Earle announced on Facebook that he and Brada were engaged July 29.

Seven days later, on Aug. 5, Earle was arrested on suspicion of corporal injury against a cohabitant and released on bond, according to county arrest records.

Earle was charged Aug. 22 with misdemeanor vandalism stemming from the incident, according to county court records. Earle allegedly “maliciously damaged and destroyed” the window of a sheriff’s patrol car, causing damage over $400, according to the Los Angeles Superior Court complaint.

An autopsy on Brada has not yet been performed, according to the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office. Coroner’s officials list her death as a possible homicide.

Brada’s birthday is today. She would have turned 32.

NA Daytona Member Richard Newkirk had been on Drug Offender Probation

Richard Newkirk 32, had a previous arrest for cocaine possession. He was on the drug offender program when he violated his probation agreement.He was sentenced to 90 days in jail and then no more probation. Then he met poor Bryce Parsons 14 who died of a methadone overdose after sharing Newkirks methadone concoction.

How does Daytona Beach/Holly Hill Narcotics Anonymous encourage children and teens to attend adult meetings when they know children have died and have been sexually abused at the hands of NA members that are violent felons and/or mentally ill. Their actions are criminal to continue this practice. They could be sued by the victims.NA/AA have been sued many times,but they they keep it quiet.

Veteran Texas NA Members Murdered at NA Meeting

The Narcotics Anonymous Killer left a meeting early and came back to the meeting with a gun to kill 2 fellow NA members.NA members and minors are not safe in meetings. Do not take kids to AA / NA meetings!

Man guilty in two deaths
Pleasant Grove: Fellow Narcotics Anonymous members testify
08:30 PM CDT on Tuesday, July 26, 2005
By ROBERT THARP / The Dallas Morning News
For longtime members of a Pleasant Grove Narcotics Anonymous group, a small storefront at a Bruton Road shopping center was like a second home, where the closest of friends leaned on one another to counter addiction’s pull. 
Years of soul-baring among members made it that much harder to cope after a meeting exploded last summer in the shooting deaths of two veteran members. At least a dozen people in the 12-step support group witnessed the shooting deaths of Lois Fields and Darryl Sneed.Several group members made the trip to court Tuesday to recount the terrifying moments leading up to the shootings and identify one of their own as the man responsible.The capital murder trial of 43-year-old Yolland Latimer took less than a full day to wrap up. Jurors deliberated less than 30 minutes before convicting the DeSoto school district teaching assistant and handing down an automatic life sentence.

Melonee Porter described how Ms. Fields – her best friend since the two met at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting about three years ago – cowered with her in a bathroom trying to hide, hoping that police would arrive before Mr. Latimer found her.

Mr. Latimer and Ms. Fields had also met through Narcotics Anonymous. They had dated at times and had a daughter together. More recently, Ms. Fields and Mr. Sneed had become romantically involved, although witnesses said Mr. Latimer remained hopeful that the two would reconcile.

Ms. Fields’ sisters, Lela Fields and Raynell Fields, said their sister had dismissed Mr. Latimer’s earlier jealousy-fueled threats.

“She’d say, ‘I’m his baby’s momma; he’s not going to do anything to me,’ ” Raynell Fields said. “I wish she would have taken it seriously, because I would have.”

Mr. Latimer’s attorney, Stephani Hudgins, told jurors in closing arguments that her client was responding to Ms. Fields’ emotional manipulation and the hollow promise of reconciliation.

“He realized again that she was playing with his heart, playing with his feelings, and he couldn’t take it anymore,” she said.

During the August 2004 meeting, Mr. Latimer apparently became upset and left early, returning with a gun. He first confronted Mr. Sneed as he was driving away from the meeting in his pickup. Group member Ozella Burnley said she thought the two men were just talking until Mr. Latimer pulled out a handgun and shot Mr. Sneed three times.

With Mr. Sneed mortally wounded, the truck accelerated through the parking lot and crossed Jim Miller Road before it crashed into a fence.

Mr. Latimer then went inside the building searching for Ms. Fields. Ms. Porter said she was in the restroom when her panicked friend found her.

“I heard a lot of commotion and Lois ran in,” Ms. Porter said. “She said, ‘Melonee, Melonee help me.’ Yolland came in the restroom behind her. … He said ‘[expletive], I done told you about playing with my feelings.’ ”

As Ms. Fields raised her hands in a futile attempt to defend herself from the gunshots, Mr. Latimer shot her three times. He then left the bathroom but returned when he heard Ms. Fields calling for help, witnesses said. He put the gun against the back of her head and fired again.

“He is a cold, hard executioner,” prosecutor Heath Hyde said in closing arguments. “He did exactly what he set out to do.”

In the year since the shooting, the Narcotics Anonymous group has not foundered. The chapter is still open for meetings throughout the week and has not lost any members, the sister of one active member said after the trial.

“That’s the kind of thing that might have caused my sister to relapse and go back on the streets, but this group has stayed together and may be stronger now,” she said.