Here we are at the 5 year anniversary of this Daytona NA nightmare event. Since this occurred there have been additional events of harassment of local Holly Hill citizens and business owners. AA Volusia County Intergroup has bullied multiple times people out of pavilions, including threatening and harassing locals.  They had an incident where an NA member tried to hit another member with a baseball bat! They continue to run people out of pavilions, and recently have been breaking the new No Smoking rules implemented by The City of Holly Hill. We commend Holly Hill for moving forward with this new Park rule!  We Hope they respect Holly Hill more than Daytona Groups do. Continue reading

AA Sponsor Drugs and Rapes Children and Is Sentenced 30 Years

AA Sponsor Randolf Pozdol raped 2 small children of the mother he sponsored in Alcoholics Anonymous. She later died of an overdose. These children were only 4 and 7 years old when he started drugging them, raping them and then filmed the rapes.  Continue reading

Daytona Beach Official Mandated To Alcoholics Anonymous For Biketoberfest Beating

Judge Will mandated violent felon Mark Criswell to AA Meetings and probation.  No jail time. After the severe beating of a man during Biketoberfest, this man gets the AA get out of jail card!

 Did Judge Will offer Mark Criswell a secular option? Does not sound like it. This is a violation of the constitution.

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Pennsylvania AA member Robert Rene Ortgiesen was sentenced to jail for threatening to kill a fellow Alcoholics Anonymous member at an AA meeting,  taking place at St John’s Church (Hope they have good insurance). Ortigesen was accussing the victim of selling drugs to other AA members at the meetings!

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Sexaholics Anonymous And Sex And Love Addicts Anonymous Attended By Priest Paedophiles

Another story of priests who sexually molested children being sent to 12 step programs. We have reported that is was common practice to send child molesting priests to Alcoholics Anonymous, and continue their ability to be around children. As we know many children go to 12 step meetings as there are no safegards in place to the contrary.

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Longtime AA Sponsor Sentenced To Death For Brutal Florida Murders

John Kalisz 57, who had over 20 years of sobriety in Alcoholics Anonymous, became a sponsor to many. Even after being in the program for so long he is sentenced to death for the brutal murders of his sister, her employee and a police officer. Also prior to this he was convicted of crimes involving his niece where he had to register as a sex offender.
His public defender actually asked the jurors their opinion of Alcoholics Anonymous and if they believed alcoholism was a disease.
‘During much of last week’s jury selection, public defender Alan Fanter focused his questions on alcoholism. He asked jurors for their opinions about Alcoholics Anonymous, if they knew any alcoholics and if they believed alcoholism was curable.’
Then they had a witness that said if his life was spared he would be an asset to the prison because of his AA experience.Are you serious?
‘Ron McAndrews, a former prison warden who advocates for an end to capital punishment, was the last witness called Thursday morning by the defense. He said Kalisz, if sentenced to life, would become an “asset” to a prison’s general population because of his experiences with AA.’
By TONY HOLT | Hernando Today
Published: January 26, 2012
Updated: January 26, 2012 – 6:04 PM
BROOKSVILLE –Death was the unanimous recommendation by jurors Thursday.John Kalisz, 57, convicted of slaying two women and seriously wounding two more during a Jan. 14, 2010 shooting spree, sat stone-faced when the advisory sentences were read.Jurors were sent shortly before 3 p.m. to the deliberation room to decide on a punishment recommendation for Kalisz. They reached it in less than an hour. The vote was 12-0.Prosecutor Pete Magrino said because of the “evilness” of the killings, the most appropriate punishment for Kalisz was death by lethal injection.Magrino called the slayings “cold, calculated and premeditated with no legal or moral justification.”Kalisz fatally shot his sister, Kathryn Donovan, 61, and her employee, Deborah Tillotson, 59, during a revenge-thirsty rampage. He also shot and wounded his niece, Manessa Donovan, 21, and another woman, Amy Green, 35.All four victims were at the elder Donovan’s home at 15303 Wilhelm Road near Brooksville. Kalisz, who used to live at the house, came in through a backdoor and shot the women 14 times.

Manessa Donovan was eight weeks pregnant when she was shot. Her fetus died during emergency surgery.

The defense tried for two days to paint Kalisz as a good-natured, selfless man who snapped under the weight of stress, desperation and emotional turmoil.

“He was always there when I needed him – any time with anything,” said a weeping Melissa Williams, a friend of Kalisz’s who testified Thursday morning via video feed.

She credited him with hiring her when she needed to earn money, comforting her when she needed a shoulder to cry on and counseling her as she toiled through a crumbling marriage.

Kalisz’s life since the early 1990s centered on Alcoholics Anonymous. He grew up in a household where abusive drinking was the norm, said defense attorney Devon Sharkey.

It wasn’t long before he was consumed by his own addictions. He spent much of his life homeless and estranged from his family.

He found sobriety and salvation through AA and he was committed to it, his friends and relatives said. He sponsored recovering alcoholics and guided them through the 12-step program.

“AA held him together pretty well for 20 years,” said Peter Bursten, a mental health expert hired by the defense. “He was viewed by others as a good person.”

Bursten said Kalisz’s life in AA boosted his self-esteem. It made him proud he could help people – even turn around their lives. He gleaned “almost a child-like” joy out of it.

“For many years, he didn’t feel what it was like to be a decent human being,” Bursten said, referring to Kalisz’s dark days of living under bridges and spending endless nights in jail for committing petty crimes.

In October 2009, Kalisz pleaded guilty in Hernando County Circuit Court to charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He was accused of exposing himself to Manessa Donovan while she was a juvenile and leaving a CD containing provocative photos under her mattress.

He also was accused of threatening Donovan’s boyfriend at the time with a knife. The confrontation was witnessed by family members.

Following his 2009 conviction, Kalisz was sentenced to probation and was required to register as a sex offender. It kept him away from Colorado, where he had hoped to return so he could resume his roofing career and be with those closest to him.

Two days before the fatal shootings in Brooksville and Cross City, Kalisz’s trailer in Spring Hill went up in flames following a propane explosion. What little he owned was lost.

“Not only did he lose his home in Colorado, he lost his home in Florida,” Bursten said. “He had lost his support system in Florida. At that point, he described to me he had nothing left … He was exceptionally (and) emotionally distraught.”

More than an hour after the Wilhelm Road shootings, Kalisz drove north through several counties along U.S. 19. He pulled into a gas station in Cross City, at which time several Dixie County Sheriff’s deputies surrounded him. Kalisz opened fire.

Capt. Chad Reed was shot and killed. Kalisz also was shot, but survived his injuries.

Last year, Kalisz pleaded guilty to murdering Reed and received a life sentence.

Jurors heard for the first time Wednesday evidence related to Reed’s death.

Magrino reminded jurors during his closing argument Thursday that Reed was gunned down in the line of duty.

He also reminded them the younger Donovan and Green survived their seven gunshot wounds during the Wilhelm Road shooting only after playing dead. Had they not, “we would have had a giant massacre here in Hernando County,” Magrino told jurors.

Both women gave emotional testimony last week. Both of them made a point to stare their attacker in the eyes.

Green’s testimony was especially trying for her. She lives in a neighboring county, but does her best to avoid driving into Hernando because the memories of the Wilhelm Road shootings still affect her, said Magrino.

“I had grave doubts whether she’d be able to testify,” he said.

Kalisz’s formal sentencing hearing is scheduled for March 6.

Relatives of Tillotson and Reed were ushered out of the courtroom moments after the sentencing recommendation was read Thursday. They didn’t speak to the media.

Kalisz’s relatives and friends also declined to comment.

Ron McAndrews, a former prison warden who advocates for an end to capital punishment, was the last witness called Thursday morning by the defense. He said Kalisz, if sentenced to life, would become an “asset” to a prison’s general population because of his experiences with AA.

Hours later, in an effort to poke holes into McAndrews’ testimony, Magrino told jurors during his closing arguments Kalisz was arrested in August 2011 for “bartering to get drugs” while in jail.

Another Article-

Alcoholics Anonymous Member Convicted Of Murdering Fiancee

Largo Florida Alcoholics Anonymous member Antoinette Abiden was convicted in 2005 of murdering her fiancee Kenneth McElhiney in 2003. After drinking,smoking pot and doing cocaine she called her Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor numerous times trying to tell her that someone had stabbed her husband. Her AA sponsor though could not be bothered and unplugged her phone ! It turns out that it was actually Antoinette abiden that stabbed and killed her fiancee.

Antoinette Abiden had been mandated to Florida Alcoholics Anonymous / Narcotics Anonymous for cocaine possession. She also had a criminal history for prostitution,writing bad checks,drunk driving,violation of probation and domestic battery.

Largo woman arrested after fiancé stabbed to death

© 2004 Steven Thompson, Tampa Tribune

March 20, 2004, Largo — A 38-year-old woman was arrested Friday in the death of her 62-year-old fiance, a little more than a year after he was stabbed in the apartment they shared.

Antoinette Abidin was arrested on a charge of first- degree murder. She was being held without bail at the Pinellas County jail.

Abidin had told police that someone else killed Kenneth McElhiney during what she described as a sexual fantasy night at their apartment at 2750 E. Bay Drive, according to court documents released Friday. Investigators say they found evidence to the contrary.

According to the documents, investigators discovered another man and woman had been in the apartment the night of March 8, 2003, and the woman was there as a blind date for Abidin. The male guest told detectives that the two women “did not hit it off,” the court records state.

The man also said he, the female guest and Abidin had been drinking beer, smoking marijuana and smoking cocaine that night. Before he left, he heard Abidin and McElhiney arguing about money for cocaine, he told investigators.

The guests did not have blood on their clothes when investigators found them, shortly after the killing was reported; Abidin had blood on her hands, the records state.

A knife with blood on it was found beneath a chair while investigators were executing a search warrant, which they had to obtain because Abidin refused to allow them in without one, the records state. No fingerprints were found on the knife.

After the party, in the early- morning hours of March 9, 2003, Abidin repeatedly called her Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor, but the sponsor told investigators Abidin was drunk and difficult to understand. The sponsor unplugged her telephone to get some sleep, but Abidin kept calling, the court records state.

One message left on the sponsor’s answering machine, at 4:04 a.m., said: “This is not a joke. Get someone over here,” the records state.

At 4:30 AM, Abidin called her mother and said McElhiney had been stabbed 20 times, the records state.

When asked why she took so long to contact authorities, Abidin said her phone broke after she made those calls, court records show.

Largo woman sentenced in fiancé’s murder
LARGO – Antoinette Abidin, 40, of Largo, pleaded guilty Oct. 11 to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Abidin pleaded guilty as part of a plea bargain with the Pinellas-Pasco State Attorney’s Office, which reduced the charge against her from first-degree murder in the 2003 stabbing of her fiancé, Kenneth McElhiney, 62.

The man’s body was discovered in his East Bay Drive condominium. He died of repeated stab wounds. Reports said Abidin had dried blood on her hands and was connected to the murder weapon, an 8-inch kitchen knife found in the apartment.

Antoinette Abidin

Antoinette Abidin


HOLLY HILL Florida — Holly Hill Police escorted two individuals pointing fingers and raising voices at each other out of a workshop on the issue of regulating public parks on Tuesday. The incident prompted Commissioner John Penny to remind the citizens attending the workshop the commission was “setting park policy irregardless of any individual group,” and that behavior and discussion should remain professional. In a rare move, the commission allowed the public to speak during the workshop, which is not the usual procedure. AA Daytona and NA Daytona Meetings in Daytona and Holly Hill Area.
Among 37 citizens who attended, some spoke their minds about wanting further and stronger regulations to include requiring any larger groups to reserve space and pay a fee for using the park, among other things. Steve Smith suggested having an educated and trained park director would help resolve some of the problems. Mr. Sanderford presented a petition with 88 signatures of citizens wanting stronger regulations. He operates a shop across from Sunrise Park.

A few individuals hinted at the value of self-help groups using the park often, and one person even said the groups using Sunrise Park on weekends had relocated. Not until the commission closed public discussion did the crux of the issue surface clearly. “This has turned into a battle of two worlds, and I don’t think we should be in the middle,” said Commissioner Liz Towsley Patton. “There’s no secret we are here because of the NA (Narcotics Anonymous) and AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings at the park. I don’t think we are here to micromanage public parks.”

But Commissioner Donnie Moore had a different take, and said he had spent two hours speaking with park officials in Daytona Beach. He recommended the city attorney, who was not present, get with the Daytona Beach city attorney and park staff to come up with rules applicable to all who use the park.

The policy being discussed encompassed 13 rules laid out by acting Police Chief Steve Aldridge. The rules included such items as smoking in designated areas, pet rules, no alcoholic beverages except by permit at organized events, no littering, no discharge of firearms, designated parking and no children on the playground before sunrise or after sunset. Penny said he was comfortable with Aldridge’s list and recommended the list be forwarded for action at a future commission meeting.

Commissioners agreed to look at giving designated smoking areas a 90-day trial, and to ask the city attorney to speak with park officials in Daytona Beach to better understand the issues.

Comment- Citizens are demanding stronger regulations for the local parks
because of the increasing problems that have arisen because of the presence
of Large Party Groups and Daytona Beach Area Narcotics Anonymous and Daytona Beach Alcoholics Anonymous- Volusia County Intergroup.  Interesting that the City attorney was not present.Still no action has been taken by the City of Holly Hill regardless of the pleas from numerous local citizens.
Citizens have had their life threatened by Daytona Beach Narcotics Anonymous members and been confronted by Daytona Beach Alcoholics Anonymous Volusia County Intergroup. Others have been cussed out. Police have been called numerous times- yet Holly Hill only protects the felons that attend the meetings that have been mandated by Drug Court and the Department of Corrections.
Update- Even though Holly Hill has passed NO Smoking in the parks- AA and NA groups continue to smoke in our parks with no repercussions.

AA Daytona Member Missing After Meeting Man At Volusia County Intergroup Meeting

When are the local police in the City of Holly Hill Fl take action and stop this madness of ignoring the local citizens pleas for help and relief from the threatening behavior and harassment from local AA/NA Daytona Groups? Bruce and Ed the leaders of the Sunrise Group continue to allow their group to intimidate and harass local citizens in Sunrise Park by bullying them out of pavilions.

Now we have Karen Burger 57,missing since July 25th 2011 after attending a Daytona AA meeting and meeting an AA member.She has not been seen since telling her Dad she was going to go out with this man that evening she just met at Alcoholics Anonymous.

Karen Burger Missing

Police are trying to find a 57-year-old New Smyrna Beach woman who has not been seen or heard from since July 25.

Karen Lee Burger’s father told investigators his daughter has a drug abuse problem and he believes her disappearance is related to that, New Smyrna Beach police said Wednesday.

The incident is the second time in one month that a New Smyrna Beach woman with drug addiction issues has vanished.

On July 16, 41-year-old Jennifer Rado left her residence and went to a party in Edgewater, police said. That was the last time her family saw her.

Rado was then seen leaving a party on Needle Palm Drive early July 17, Edgewater police said. On Tuesday police arrested Frances Renee Gibson of Edgewater and charged her with Rado’s death. Detectives are searching for a second person who may have participated in the killing.

Burger went missing exactly one week after Rado; however, their cases are not related, police said Wednesday.
Burger’s father, Maxwell Lee, said Burger’s husband died three months ago of a drug overdose.
Lee said he waited until Tuesday to report his daughter’s disappearance because he thought she “was going to show up.”
“She’s been gone before, but never this long,” said Lee, who also lives in New Smyrna Beach.
The father said he spoke to his daughter on July 25 after she had attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.
“She told me she had met a man at the meeting and she was going out with him,” Lee said. “I haven’t heard from her since.”
Anyone with information concerning Burger is asked to call New Smyrna Beach police Investigator Mike Covey at 386-424-2223.