DAYTONA NA member Darshawn Anthony Broadwater 19, charged with felony murder and armed robbery in the shooting death of Donnell Ellis at the Holly Hill Fl Motel Pilot Lodge. At the time of the shooting Darshawn Broadwater was classified as a ‘VIOLENT FELONY OFFENDER OF SPECIAL CONCERN’ He was on on ‘DRUG FELONY PROBATION’.He had been charged with home invasion robbery as well. The City of Holly Hill invites these criminals to our parks and playgrounds without any warning to parents or others. This is a serious public safety crisis that the city chooses to ignore-as well as  Daytona AA And Daytona NA themselves. As long as they have free rent and run of the park they are just fine with this.



  1. Holly Hill Man Convicted Of Murder By Volusia County Jury

    December 14th 2012 Update Daytona Beach, FL – A 56-year-old man is now facing life behind bars after a Volusia County jury finds him guilty of second degree murder and robbery.

    Jerry Roy Crew was convicted on Thursday for the April 16th, 2011 shooting death of 19-year-old Donnell Ellis Jr. after 4 days of trial and 3 hours of jury deliberation.

    State prosecutors told the jury that Crew was one of 7 people involved in a drug transaction that ended with 3 people shot at the Pilot’s Lodge Motel on North Ridgewood Avenue in Holly Hill. Ellis took a round to the chest and was pronounced dead later that night at Halifax Medical Center.

    According to a press release from State Attorney R.J. LaRizza’s office, Crew and three other men, including Ellis, arranged to buy crack cocaine from a drug dealer in order to rob him.

    When that drug dealer, Lawrence Kloc, entered a motel rook that Crew lured him into, prosecutors said that was when Ellis and two other men, Darshawn A. Broadwater and Leroy R. Gadsen, ambushed him and started to beat him.

    During the attempted robbery, two other men Kloc had brought along entered the room, and a shoot-out then ensued which left Ellis, Broadwater and Gadsen with bullet wounds, according to the police report.

    LaRizza’s office says Crew did not shoot Ellis, but the Holly Hill man was charged with his murder because, under state law, the person or persons responsible for a robbery can be held accountable for a death that occurs during the robbery.

    A sentencing hearing has been scheduled for Monday at 9am before Circuit Judge R. Michael Hutcheson.

  2. Another local article about a local court mandated, ” ANONYMOUS MEMBER”!

    You can find lots of great examples in the many, many outrages articles archived in the older posts at the bottom of each page! They are worth checking out as you will see!

    Please see what our local park/playground has been through by clicking on:


  3. Chrissy- Yes I am sure the people who have committed murder and rape would
    agree that they are not perfect.

    That’s the point-AA lets ANYONE into the rooms and knowingly encourages
    children to come to meetings of all ages. There are no safety measures in AA
    like there is in Alateen. Why not adopt what Alateen does?
    They are a 12 step program. If you do not follow their rules-they will not allow
    you to continue with meetings. Unlike AA or NA.Many women are 13 stepped
    and sexually assaulted by AA members.AA does nothing about it.
    They encourage members to keep secrets and to tell of crimes.

  4. We can agree on that there are no perfect people in the world. We can also agree
    that the 12 step program has helped people.We have a problem with a religious
    program being forced on by our court system.This is unconstitutional.We have
    a problem with the fact that both AA/NA promote their program to the court system
    that goes against their own traditions and also
    aids in the forcing of inmates to go to AA/NA. The other issue is the safety of
    AA/NA. How in the world does AA/NA rationalize that it is okay to encourage
    young girls and other minors to meetings when you know that you are also
    encouraging dangerous felons and rapists? Why doesnt AA/NA just admit that they
    are religious,stop courting the courts and only have people come that want
    to,and have seperate meetings for minors and do background checks on
    the people running them? Then AA/NA corporate would be starting to do
    the right thing,and not trying to pretend they are something they are not.

  5. It seems that you have lost of sight of the many lives these programs have saved.
    There is no perfect people in this world, including yourself, so you
    will not find perfect people in 12 step programs. They are not claiming to be
    perfect. These are people struggling with the disease of addiction. The
    meetings are open to everyone, reguardless of their past. If you don’t feel
    comfortable going to a meeting, then don’t attend one, but for you to sit here
    and try to say they don’t help people, you are wrong. I’m sure if I looked at
    you hard enough I could air your dirty laundry too. It’s sad that you spend
    your time trying to tear down people who are trying to rebuild their life and
    be contributing members of society.

  6. NA and AA have helped many people overcome addiction and should continue to do so.
    The current issues with the 12 Step Recovery programs in Holly Hill Florida
    are being addressed at this site because they need to be changed for safety
    reasons. AA and NA continually use the slogan “you are only as sick as
    your secrets” and they should take their own advice. The members of 12
    Step Groups continually hide the problems in their organization from public
    view by design. This has to stop as can be seen by the murder of Danita Brown
    in Lewiston Maine where the fact was covered up for over 2 and a half weeks by
    members of these groups. If you don’t want this to happen in Holly Hill
    Florida, you have to make people aware.

  7. Sure Chrissy that is easy to say dont go to a meeting. But in Holly Hill
    Fl,Daytona NA and AA groups have their meetings in the park where children play
    and people try to enjoy peace and quiet. That is hard to do when you have
    sometimes over 100 members taking over your park with them standing up and
    sharing their stories for all to hear. I dont want to hear their drunkalogs or
    the children hear other horror stories and foul language.In Holly Hill-AA
    Daytona comes to us! This site is trying to protect people and make them
    aware.I think that is time well spent.I appreciate what this site is doing and
    hopefully people will start to get educated about the dangers within AA.

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