Alcoholics Anonymous Men Raped 7 year Old Girl For Years !

A heart wrenching story of a little girl who was raped by different men that were AA members that her mother brought home.She kept a diary. AA would say this is an outside issue.They do not want bad press.Well because of the world wide web,stories like this are going global. These are criminal actions on behalf of the AA headquarters-by not taking responsibility. Hopefully this little girl will get justice and the therapy she will need to heal.

Her mother Stacey Parnitzke 40, and her boyfriend Shane Casey 38, were arrested in reference to the sexual abuse.

3 thoughts on “Alcoholics Anonymous Men Raped 7 year Old Girl For Years !

  1. This just perpetuates my beleif that some,I stress some,
    AA members are unsafe.We don’t know who other group
    members are (anonymity)and no one can be denied
    membership. Hello America? Please wake up. AA/NA
    needs to change and make some regulations
    that are enforced.

  2. ‘Thank you so much for providing this site to expose the hideous
    dangers to children and minors in AA and NA! I am truly sickened that
    with what I have read and I can think of cause more urgent than to
    warn (vulnerable) people not to trust anyone that they meet in this
    dangerous and dysfunctional cult’

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