Convicted Killer Get Passes From Prison To Attend Canadian Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

Canadian NA Member Dana Melkerk, and convicted killer gets passes from jail to attend outside Narcotics Anonymous Meetings within the community. Anyone attending 12 step meetings please be careful, you could be sitting next to a killer! Continue reading

NA Member Heiress Victoria Scripps-Carmody Ran Crack House In Vermont

The famous heiress Victoria Scripps-Carmody who has a long rap sheet with drug arrests, recieved treatment at The Refuge Treatment Center located in Ocala, Florida. The Rufuge Treatment Center is based on a 12 step program. After leaving treatment there she got kicked out of a halfway house in Florida. It looks like being an heiress is helping her in court.

Victoria Scripps-Carmody

Newspaper heiress admits running a crack house in Vt.
By Mike Donoghue, Burlington (Vt.) Free Press Updated 1h 23m ago
BURLINGTON, VT — Newspaper heiress Victoria Scripps-Carmody, who was set to go on trial in March on federal drug charges, could spend another three months in prison after admitted she ran a crack house in Burlington.

Scripps-Carmody, 21, pleaded guilty Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Burlington to maintaining an apartment in Burlington and using it for distributing heroin and cocaine.
The government agreed to offer Scripps-Carmody a sentence equal to the time she spends in prison awaiting sentencing, which is set for June, plus two months she already has served.
Scripps-Carmody is the great-great-great-granddaughter of the founder of the Detroit News, James E. Scripps, and a descendant of the family that founded the E.W. Scripps Co., a media company that owns newspapers, television stations and the Scripps-Howard News Service.
Scripps-Carmody was 3½ years old when she saw her father kill her mother, Anne Scripps Douglas, with a claw hammer as the mother slept in their Bronxville mansion on New Year’s Eve 1993.
Her father drove his BMW to the Tappan Zee Bridge and jumped off, killing himself. The case generated headlines across the nation.
Scripps-Carmody later was adopted by her aunt and uncle and was brought up in rural Charlotte, Vt., in an effort to get her away from the limelight of New York and the publicity surrounding her parents’ case.
Her adopted parents, her lawyers and law-enforcement officials have told the Burlington Free Press that Scripps-Carmody has struggled with drug addiction in recent years.
Judge William K. Sessions III expressed some concern about the plea agreement, which is binding on both sides, but not on him.
“I want to know that you are involved in treatment and that you have your head on straight,” the judge told Scripps-Carmody. “This is a turning point in your life.”
She said prison has not been helping, and treatment is what she needs.
“I feel like I’m going crazy. It’s not helping at all,” she said about her stay at the state prison in South Burlington. “They don’t offer me treatment in jail.”
Scripps-Carmody, who was wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants, began to weep as the judge started to question her about whether she understood what was happening.
“She’s upset, but she understands the consequences,” defense attorney David Williams said. Scripps-Carmody said she was satisfied with her defense lawyers and had discussed all possible defenses.
Scripps-Carmody, known by her friends as Tori, spent about one month in prison following her August arrest, and was later released on conditions, including going to rehab in Florida. She was returned to jail about a month ago on allegations she violated those conditions by getting thrown out of a halfway house in Florida.

Prescription Drug Related Deaths Increase 7.1% In Florida

In the pill mill state of Florida, Presciption Drug related deaths have increased. In this article you will find an anonymous quote from ‘D’ called ‘a counselor and addict’ of Suncoast Narcotics Anonymous of Florida. Maybe this is part of the problem. This NA addict is called a counselor in the article even though NA members are proudly unprofessional and untrained addicts. There failure rate has been stated as high as 95%. We need to treat addiction with professionally trained counselors,facilitators and formally trained therapists.

AA and NA members or sponsors are NOT counselors.But they like to play counselor without any background checks, no licensing by the state like other addiction treatment  modalities. There is no oversight of what these groups are saying or doing.Very dangerous practice indeed.

Leroy lee 54 Holly Hill Fl, Arrested in Kidnapping and Attempted Rape

Oh my god-this sick man has been arrested over 50 times! Leroy is a Holly Hill fl resident. What is this man doing on the streets? He has been arrested for multiple drug charges including cocaine possession, robbery, kidnapping, sexual batttery of a helpless person,and prostitution.The woman 28, survived her ordeal with this man. This man has been mandated to attend Daytona Beach Narcotics Anonymous, yet did not help this person.They dont care who they send to Daytona Beach Alcoholics Anonymous either. Even if it is in Sunrise Park, steps from innocent children playing in the playground.

Leroy Lee, 54, was charged with terrorizing or inflicting bodily harm on a kidnap victim and robbery with a deadly weapon.

According to a Holly Hill police report, the 28-year-old woman was walking by Lee’s mobile home on 460 Ridgewood Ave. on Wednesday night when Lee approached her, took her phone, and forced her inside his residence.

Lee, who had known and smoked crack with the woman for six months, began punching her in the head, telling her “you’re not going to leave the house again” before getting a knife and holding it to her throat, the report states.

The struggle ended when the woman was able to break free long enough to kick out a window and flee to a neighbor’s residence, police said.

The woman, bloodied from the attack, was sent to Halifax Health Medical Center for medical treatment.

Lee has a lengthy prison history for convictions of theft and drugs, according to state records.

He was being held Thursday at the Volusia County Branch Jail with no bail allowed.