Troy Kegel 47, threatened to use a AK 47 to shoot up his NA Meeting and children in a playground. He threatened to kill his sponsor etc etc. What is that expression AA/NA love to use? Oh yea-keep coming back! Cant wait!                                                                                                              




  1. Why does Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous insist on putting our citizens and children at risk by using public parks and playgrounds to conduct their business? The fact is that the majority of people attending these meetings are on probation and parole. To avoid going to jail they need to get a card signed by a “support group” to comply with the terms of their release. Another fact is that these anonymous groups are self-described as nonprofessional, having no security present whatsoever. They also have made it crystal clear that they are totally non-accountable when it comes to the actions of their members. They meet in a public park yet refuse to cooperate with police investigations by pleading anonymity, even when death threats have been made against local citizens. It makes no sense that such an important probation requirement is handled by totally nonprofessional, non-accountable anonymous groups with no supervision or security present! Our experience has been that groups can do whatever they want and still qualify as legitimate! The main two reasons that they totally ignore citizens concerns and continue to use our playgrounds to, knowingly, organize and attract these high-risk individuals in such large numbers is, ONE, THEY LIKE TO CHAIN SMOKE! The other reason is that they are enjoying the” FREE RIDE” and are unwilling to use money, that they collect at the meetings in the park, towards paying rent, as their 7th tradition instructs them to do! Basically, they don’t care about how the local community feels about the obvious dangers that they are exposing them to. As one member put it, “ This is about me, community is not that important.” This is becoming a nationwide/worldwide issue with the explosion of high-risk individuals being released through drug courts because of overcrowded jail conditions. They could at least honor their own traditions and protect the identity of their own “supposed anonymous members” by using the money that they collect towards renting an appropriate space to conduct their business. Playgrounds are not appropriate mass probation compliance meeting facilities!

    For safe, alternative “support groups” go to “ 12 step alternatives” on the homepage, right hand side!

  2. I’m glad to see that the Oklahoma City PD takes it seriously when a Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous member threatens to shoot people! Unfortunately, the Holly Hill Florida PD has not taken the death threats from Daytona NA/AA members seriously enough to even fill out a report. Local citizens have made numerous calls to the Holly Hill PD for help after receiving threats involving firearms from Daytona NA/AA members but officers would not even allow any witness statements to be given! Citizens had good leads and information that police could have used to identify and question these individuals! Holly Hill PD had no interest in following up on them. In this day and age with so much casual shooting going on why would anyone, especially police, not take death threats seriously?

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