Park Employees Intimidated By Narcotics Anonymous And Alcoholics Anonymous Groups

Even though there has been a smoking ban at Newport Beach for over 7 years, park employees were too intimidated to tell the AA/NA Groups to not smoke. Commissioners said that the AA/NA groups were just too confrontational for park employees, and need police to enforce the ban. First citizens asked the 12 steppers not to smoke and obey the law, but was brushed off. Typical behavior of 12 steppers acting like they are unique and special, and that they do not have to follow the law. The citizens of Holly Hill Florida certainly can relate towards this attitude of ‘Recovery Groups’. We have been dealing with The Sunrise Group, which is part of the Volusia County Intergroup Alcoholics Anonymous, as well as the Daytona Narcotics Anonymous meetings in Holly Land Park, Centennial Park and Sunrise Park. We have to deal with parking issues, litter , vulgarity, cigarette butts, assaults, death threats and the list goes on.

Maybe the Holly Hill City Commission will listen to the all the complaints from our locals and take action!

Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous groups can’t smoke at Newport beaches

City Council

NEWPORT BEACH – Recovery groups that smoke during meetings on the beach are facing a crackdown, after the City Council rejected a plan to give them smoking permits for their weekly meetings.Smoking on the beach has been banned in Newport Beach for more than seven years, but the City Council took up the issue Tuesday as part of a revision to its rules on parks and beach use.

Those new rules included a ban on smoking in parks, as well as broader language covering permits for park use.
Two groups, one from Alcoholics Anonymous and another from Narcotics Anonymous, have been gathering at the beach near 15th Street for years, City Manager Dave Kiff said.Many of the group members smoke, he said.

“A law is only as good as our ability to enforce it,” Kiff said, adding that parks employees were too intimidated to give tickets to the large recovery groups. His proposal was to allow the groups to apply for smoking permits that cover just their meeting time, but the idea was rejected.”There’s other people that (would) see them smoking there and think now it’s OK to smoke here,” Councilman Steve Rosansky said. Councilman Mike Henn said police would be needed to enforce the law.

“Clearly what we are left with is increased enforcement and we need to figure out a way to make that happen,” he said. “I don’t think it can realistically happen with park patrol people because the people that are smoking, I know, are just too confrontational when they’re asked to stop. So we’re going to have to figure out a way to get the proper police enforcement there.”

Two residents spoke against Kiff’s exception. Resident Denys Oberman said that she had been asking group members not to smoke for years, but that they usually ignored her or told her, “Get off of it” or “Go about your life.”

Two others came to ask that the basketball court at 38th Street Park on Balboa be closed at 7 p.m. rather than sunset; the council agreed. Those were the only two changes to a package of revised regulations approved on a 5-1 vote, with Councilman Ed Selich opposing and Rosansky not voting. The new regulations for parks include a smoking ban, a permit requirement for commercial use by coaches or trainers, and a permit requirement for “any games” played in the city’s 73 parks.


This is becoming more and more common at AA meetings.Since Drug Courts started mandating AA/NA meetings over 20 years ago,and these courts have exploded across this country.So has the reporting of violence in relation to these meetings. Men,women and children have been traumatized for decades by 13 steppers,felons, financial and sexual predators that were their fellow members.

Is it going to take a tragedy in Holly Hill Florida for the City to protect children and families from court mandated,government sponsored 12 step meetings located in their playgrounds to do something? There has been cries for help from locals to the police and commissioners after threats of violence.Yet NOTHING. Liz Towsley Patton stated about the appearance of city officials looking like they are in bed with someone,she has a point. The City does looks like they are in bed with many folks.Where does it end? When will it end?

Fugitive sought for shooting of pregnant woman in Baldwin Park

Posted: 11/17/2011 10:54:11 AM PST

Omar Martinez

Omar Martinez, 19, of Baldwin Park is being sought on suspicion of shooting a pregnant woman in the head outside of an Alcoholic’s Anonymous meeting in Baldwin Park on Nov. 10, 2011. (Courtesy of the Baldwin Park Police Department)

BALDWIN PARK – Police Thursday sought the public’s help in tracking down a Baldwin Park man who accused of shooting a pregnant woman in the head after getting into a fight with her husband at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

Omar Martinez, 19, is wanted for attempted murder, Baldwin Park police Lt. David Reynoso said. He’s believed to be hiding in the West Covina or Los Angeles areas.

Martinez was attending a court-ordered AA meeting about 7:30 p.m. Nov. 10 at a church at Los Angeles Street and Stewart Avenue when he got into a fight with another man in his 20s who was attending the meeting, police said.

The fight was broken up and the men separated and left, Reynoso said.

“The intended victim left the meeting and entered a vehicle driven by his pregnant wife,” Baldwin Park police said in a written statement. “Suspect

Martinez followed the intended victim and shot twice at the vehicle as it left.”

The woman driving the car was struck in the back of the head, Reynoso said. She was initially hospitalized in critical condition, however she’s since been updated to stable condition.

Police have learned the woman was several weeks into a pregnancy at the time she was shot, and has since miscarried.

“At this time, we haven’t been able to determine if the miscarriage is related to the crime,” Reynoso said.

Martinez fled after the shooting and hasn’t been seen since, Reynoso said.

He was immediately identified as the shooter by witnesses who knew him

from the AA group, and he left his AA membership card behind when he fled the scene, the lieutenant said.

 YOUTUBE VIDEO of AA Meeting Shooting At Baldwin Park-


City Hall Brawl Participants Keep Secrets-Like AA

Richmond is taking a second look at allowing city employees to clam up to police after staffers refused to divulge details this week about a bloody brawl in their City Hall offices.

“Whenever you have your policies tested, that’s a time to evaluate them and see if they’re working,” said City Manager Bill Lindsay.

The issue arose Oct. 14 when paid participants in the city’s anti-violence program, the Office of Neighborhood Safety, fought at the department’s city office.

City policy allows that department’s employees to decline to speak with police in order to maintain the trust of the gang members they work with.

Police called to the fight found enough blood to indicate a felony-level assault might have occurred, but the apparent victim had left.

In the week since, Office of Neighborhood Safety employees have refused to divulge the names of all those present during the fight, police say.

The policy worked out between the office and the Police Department during the program’s formation in 2007 dictates that staff communicate with office Director DeVone Boggan, not police, in order to ensure confidentiality.

Boggan, the liaison between the office and police, has declined to speak with this newspaper for the past week.

Lindsay endorsed the existing policy this week in a letter to the City Council.


“We are not the police,” said peacekeeper Kevin Williams. “We have to use the same rules as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. If you give up the list of the people we’re trying to serve, then you erode the trust.”


*Here are government employees and the volunteers working for them keeping felony crimes under wraps to protect the criminals! This might explain why the Holly Hill PD protect the NA/AA members identity. Because they work with these people as well to obtain information. Even if citizens are threatened they protect criminals that attend AA/NA. This article shows to what extent Holly Hill City Hall and police will protect criminals. When will the City of Holly Hill put the local citizens and children first?

Volusia County Fl Lead War on Internet Sexual Predators

Law enforcement agencies partnering with the Florida Sheriff’s Association have started carrying out online stings to catch sex offenders, said Sheriff Ben Johnson, president of the association.

“The Internet makes the world so small that people are targeting children everywhere,” Johnson said. “We are going to go wherever we can to get them off the streets.”

On Sept. 12, the Florida Sheriff’s Association announced it was “declaring war on the online predator epidemic by sharing its Cyber Sexual Predator Initiative with any Florida law enforcement organizations that would like to implement this program in their communities.”

Six days earlier, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office announced it arrested 15 men in an undercover Internet sting in Volusia.

“The sad thing is how quickly these offenders jumped on it,” Johnson said. “It makes you wonder how many times they have gone out and made a victim.”

What was alarming about the sting was how willing the sex offenders were to accept offers of children for sex from detectives posing as parents.’

Now if these sexual predators of children are convicted,and they have any sort of drug or alcohol problem-where do you think the courts send them to? Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, with no warning to the groups or the minors. Both AA/NA promote people and minors to come to these meetings when they are fully aware the dangerous demographic make-up of many AA/NA meetings. The Sheriffs Office should investigate how many sexual predators are attending meetings with children and teens present in Daytona Beach Florida and the rest of the state.Actually this is a national issue. The judicial system needs to stop mandating AA/NA attendance to sexual offenders and violent felons,especially with the judicial system and probation officers having full knowledge of this practice that puts minors in great danger.Many minors have been harmed and will continue to until this practice of mixing sexual offenders and minors together stops.


Troy Kegel 47, threatened to use a AK 47 to shoot up his NA Meeting and children in a playground. He threatened to kill his sponsor etc etc. What is that expression AA/NA love to use? Oh yea-keep coming back! Cant wait!                                                                                                              




” He’s a dangerous, habitual felony offender and career criminal,and we are glad to get him off the streets,” Chief Mark Barker stated of this man.How about getting people like this out of our parks and playgrounds? Mark Barker has no problem letting dangerous,habitual felony offenders, that are career criminals attend Daytona AA/NA meetings in Sunrise Park,Holly Land Park and Centennial Park. All 3 parks have playgrounds where children play during meetings. He has aided in expanding this rehab business( that is against local zoning ordinances) and continues to pose a threat to the public safety.
‘Career criminal’ charged in Holly Hill robbery
By CHRIS GRAHAM, Staff writer
 September 8, 2011 12:05 AM
Daytona Beach News-Journal
A 49-year-old man released from a Virginia prison earlier this year is accused of robbing a Holly Hill bank at gunpoint Wednesday and may be involved in several other area heists, police said.

The man, identified by authorities as Michael Joseph Forsythe, walked into TD Bank, 1852 Ridgewood Ave., armed with a revolver and demanded cash before fleeing the bank and driving west on Calle Grande Avenue, Holly Hill Police Chief Mark Barker said.

Forsythe’s getaway vehicle — a 2010 Acura MDX — was spotted minutes later in Ormond Beach, Barker said. A short chase ensued and law enforcement officials were able to surround Forsythe in the parking lot of the Nova Road Recreation Center.

The suspect was taken into custody without incident. Barker said the money and firearm were recovered and no one was injured during the robbery.

After authorities apprehended Forsythe, they learned he has a lengthy criminal past.

The suspect previously served a 15-year prison sentence in Virginia on auto theft convictions, Barker said.

After he was released, police believe Forsythe stole the Acura in Vero Beach, drove to North Carolina to steal a license tag and drove back down to Florida, Barker said.

“Obviously, he’s a dangerous, habitual felony offender and career criminal,” Barker said. “And we’re glad to have him off the street.”

Investigators from the FBI are interviewing Forsythe to determine if he is connected to other bank robberies in Central Florida and elsewhere, Barker said.

Forsythe will be charged with armed robbery and grand theft and taken to the Volusia County Branch Jail, Barker said.

Nutley NJ Neighbors Say Church AA/NA Group Out Of Control !

It looks like in Nutley NJ local citizens are protesting about AA/NA meetings at a local Holy Trinity Church. They are most likely violating zoning ordinances. The church is putting local citizens at risk by allowing court mandated felons-some with mental disorders to attend, and also running a business out of the church.

The commissioners need to listen to the citizens and enforce local ordinances.

Nutley Neighbors Takes AA Meetings Concern To Board Of Education

Concerned citizens and parents have a meeting with the Nutley Board Of Education August 29th 2011 to discuss concerns about sexual predators and convicted felons attending Nutley AA and NA meetings at the Holy Trinity Church.

They are naturally concerned for the safety of the children and families.Holly Hill Florida is also having problems with Daytona NA and Daytona AA meetings in parks and playgrounds near children. It is not an appropriate place to have substance abuse rehab classes.

Neighbors take AA concerns to Nutley BOE

TUESDAY AUGUST 30, 2011, 10:25 AM

Some neighbors around Vreeland Avenue in the east part of town took their complaints against Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous meetings at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church to the Nutley Board of Education on Monday. They claimed the meetings attract dangerous people.

Following their plea to the Nutley Board of Commissioners, Holy Trinity neighbors took their complaints about Alcoholics Anonymous meetings to the Nutley Board of Education on Monday.

Following their plea to the Nutley Board of Commissioners, Holy Trinity neighbors took their complaints about Alcoholics Anonymous meetings to the Nutley Board of Education on Monday.

Resident Melanie Mitrano-Duffy said the meetings are too close to schools, especially when children are out to lunch.

AA meets in the evening, and NA meets midday.

Referring to the member anonymity, Mitrano-Duffy said parents can’t determine if the attendees are registered sex offenders, which should be public under Megan’s Law. She said the Walker Middle School and Yantacaw Elementary School principals share the concerns.

She said she spoke by phone with an Essex County senior parole officer, who stated there’s a percentage of sex offenders at AA and NA meetings in Essex County. He also said convicted criminals are mandated to attend to attend these meetings, she stated.

She wanted the district’s support to move these meetings somewhere else and wanted the public to be aware of them.

Another resident said parking problems could arise near the middle school when school is in session.

Neighbors addressed the Nutley Board of Commissioners two weeks ago, regarding the alleged bad behavior and illegal parking by attendees of AA and NA meetings at Holy Trinity. At a previous conference of church members, neighbors and police and neighbors, it was decided to move the NA meetings to two other locations, beginning in July.

The church and neighbors now disagree whether the AA meetings should continue there, Mitrano-Duffy told the Sun.

Board of Education Vice President Tom Sposato said, presiding over Monday’s meeting, the district would look into the matter before the board discusses it as a whole. The board needs to investigate whether or not law requires registered sex offenders to keep a certain distance from schools, member Charles Kucinski said

Franklin Reformed Church’s Rev. Jill Fenske told the board that churches open their doors to NA and AA out of hospitality, and there’s never been a problem before. Recent public opinion has “spun out of control,” she said. She voiced support for the peer-based groups, which are held all around town.


NA Members complain about security sign posted in the park to deter crime! The Next Step & More Will Be Revealed Group that meets in Sunrise Park, does not seem to care about the public interest,only about themselves.

Sunrise Park has had car break-ins and other serious crime recently. The citizens want to have a safe park.

Security cameras help deter crime,why do they prevent crime fighting measures?

Washington D.C.AA Midtown Group Abuses Teens

Midtown Group In Washingtond D.C. is a classic example how AA has no accountability.Even though AA headquarters located in New York City was well aware of the financial and sexual abuses going on at the Midtown Group they continue to ignore and take no responsibility for the actions of it’s members that it takes money from to fatten it’s bank account to pay the executives in New York Big Bucks!

Veteran Texas NA Members Murdered at NA Meeting

The Narcotics Anonymous Killer left a meeting early and came back to the meeting with a gun to kill 2 fellow NA members.NA members and minors are not safe in meetings. Do not take kids to AA / NA meetings!

Man guilty in two deaths
Pleasant Grove: Fellow Narcotics Anonymous members testify
08:30 PM CDT on Tuesday, July 26, 2005
By ROBERT THARP / The Dallas Morning News
For longtime members of a Pleasant Grove Narcotics Anonymous group, a small storefront at a Bruton Road shopping center was like a second home, where the closest of friends leaned on one another to counter addiction’s pull. 
Years of soul-baring among members made it that much harder to cope after a meeting exploded last summer in the shooting deaths of two veteran members. At least a dozen people in the 12-step support group witnessed the shooting deaths of Lois Fields and Darryl Sneed.Several group members made the trip to court Tuesday to recount the terrifying moments leading up to the shootings and identify one of their own as the man responsible.The capital murder trial of 43-year-old Yolland Latimer took less than a full day to wrap up. Jurors deliberated less than 30 minutes before convicting the DeSoto school district teaching assistant and handing down an automatic life sentence.

Melonee Porter described how Ms. Fields – her best friend since the two met at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting about three years ago – cowered with her in a bathroom trying to hide, hoping that police would arrive before Mr. Latimer found her.

Mr. Latimer and Ms. Fields had also met through Narcotics Anonymous. They had dated at times and had a daughter together. More recently, Ms. Fields and Mr. Sneed had become romantically involved, although witnesses said Mr. Latimer remained hopeful that the two would reconcile.

Ms. Fields’ sisters, Lela Fields and Raynell Fields, said their sister had dismissed Mr. Latimer’s earlier jealousy-fueled threats.

“She’d say, ‘I’m his baby’s momma; he’s not going to do anything to me,’ ” Raynell Fields said. “I wish she would have taken it seriously, because I would have.”

Mr. Latimer’s attorney, Stephani Hudgins, told jurors in closing arguments that her client was responding to Ms. Fields’ emotional manipulation and the hollow promise of reconciliation.

“He realized again that she was playing with his heart, playing with his feelings, and he couldn’t take it anymore,” she said.

During the August 2004 meeting, Mr. Latimer apparently became upset and left early, returning with a gun. He first confronted Mr. Sneed as he was driving away from the meeting in his pickup. Group member Ozella Burnley said she thought the two men were just talking until Mr. Latimer pulled out a handgun and shot Mr. Sneed three times.

With Mr. Sneed mortally wounded, the truck accelerated through the parking lot and crossed Jim Miller Road before it crashed into a fence.

Mr. Latimer then went inside the building searching for Ms. Fields. Ms. Porter said she was in the restroom when her panicked friend found her.

“I heard a lot of commotion and Lois ran in,” Ms. Porter said. “She said, ‘Melonee, Melonee help me.’ Yolland came in the restroom behind her. … He said ‘[expletive], I done told you about playing with my feelings.’ ”

As Ms. Fields raised her hands in a futile attempt to defend herself from the gunshots, Mr. Latimer shot her three times. He then left the bathroom but returned when he heard Ms. Fields calling for help, witnesses said. He put the gun against the back of her head and fired again.

“He is a cold, hard executioner,” prosecutor Heath Hyde said in closing arguments. “He did exactly what he set out to do.”

In the year since the shooting, the Narcotics Anonymous group has not foundered. The chapter is still open for meetings throughout the week and has not lost any members, the sister of one active member said after the trial.

“That’s the kind of thing that might have caused my sister to relapse and go back on the streets, but this group has stayed together and may be stronger now,” she said.

AA Is a Public Nuisance Declares Attorney That Files Lawsuit In Washington State Against AA and Church

Here is yet another example of AA/NA groups being a public nuisance! This is a growing nationwide problem. The churches need to be held accountable as well as they are renting to groups without the proper zoning permits and are puttting their congregation in danger.

This is the Fort Sherman Chapel Group,District Area 92AA located in Washington State causing numerous problems for the neighborhood.

Attorney goes after AA group

A Fortgrounds attorney wants Alcoholics Anonymous to keep it down.

Out of frustration with a local AA group’s raucous gatherings, Edward W. Kok has filed legal action against the Washington State District Area 92 AA, Fort Sherman Chapel Group and unnamed AA members.

Kok (pronounced like Coke), who lives on Forest Drive, says his quality of life has been thwarted by the hubbub of AA meetings across the street at Fort Sherman Chapel.

“The actions of the defendants are offensive to the senses, are an obstruction to the free use of plaintiff’s property, so as to interfere with the comfortable enjoyment of life and property,” Kok wrote in a legal complaint filed in district court on Sept. 8.

Kok is representing himself.

The 53-year-old alleges that members of the group – who meet at the chapel every day at 8 a.m. and also Mondays at 5 p.m. – converse loudly before and after meetings.

“…The sound is as though the AA members are meeting in the plaintiff’s front yard,” the legal complaint reads.

Sometimes loud motors and conversation starts long before 7 a.m. and goes as late as 9 p.m., the document reads. Individuals’ cars have also blocked spaces for residents in the area.

It’s a public nuisance, according to Kok.

He also alleges that the group’s meetings are unlawful, as the gatherings take place without a special use permit required for religious organization or community meetings.

That means the Museum of North Idaho is at fault, as well, Kok reports, as the nonprofit corporation owns and operates the Fort Sherman Chapel.

“The defendant museum and perhaps AA as well knew or should have known” about the group’s use of the structure for years, the legal complaint states.

Efforts to find an individual claiming authority for the AA group have been futile, Kok wrote in his complaint.

As he hasn’t been able to track down members, his legal action labels those defendants as John and Jane Does 1-100.

Kok is requesting a judge to enjoin the museum from allowing AA further use of the chapel.

He is also asking for $7,500 in attorney’s fees, though he wouldn’t say if he plans to bring another attorney on board.

“I’m committed to seeing this through to some satisfactory solution,” Kok said on Wednesday.

Individual members of the chapel AA group either couldn’t be reached, or preferred to retain anonymity and not be quoted.


Homeowners have had to contend with AA and NA members urinating and littering on their lawns as well as profanity and other abusive language aimed at passersbys!

Members are often transient,attending to fulfill parole obligations. “It has become an unbearable situation” says one local resident.

NA/AA Naples Florida Meeting Place Fire/Arson Under Investigation

Naples,Fl -Narcotics Anonymous meeting place arson under investigation.

I hope Florida NA had insurance! People and churches who rent there places out to NA/AA Groups should make sure that the group carries liability insurance to protect the property owner from damages and lawsuits! These organizations are sued but they try to keep it hush,hush! You can be held liable for incidents and crimes that occur on your property.

AA Florida Ormond Beach Woman Robbed By AA Florida Member

This woman met ‘Lonnie’ at a Florida AA meeting and was robbed. Because of AA’s secretiveness-last name is unknown. This is why you don’t need Daytona AA or Daytona NA meetings in our parks. No one is held accountable.They hide behind being Anonymous. Florida NA and AA have been known to not co-operate with police when a crime has happened to protect their members.

Man Robs Woman He Met At Aa Meeting, Police Say

May 17, 1995

ORMOND BEACH — Police are searching for a middle-aged white man who robbed an Ormond Beach woman after meeting her at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, authorities said.

The 57-year-old woman met the man at an AA meeting three weeks ago and let him move into her home on Woodland Avenue in Ormond Beach for about a week, police said.

The man assaulted the woman last Thursday, tied her up and stole her television, VCR, jewelry and 1976 Plymouth Valiant, a brown four-door with license number KGK-42Z, police said.

The man, whose first name is Lonnie, was described as 48 or 49 years old, 5-feet-10 and 165 pounds with short brown hair.

Anyone with information about the man is asked to call Detective John Bayne at (904) 676-3519.

Man Stabs AA Member Leading 12 Step Meeting

This man was stabbed by a fellow Alcoholics Anonymous member while leading the meeting. AA or NA has no warning of who shows up to the meetings. The courts send violent felons leaving members at grave risk.

 T.C. Man Stabs Person at Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting

Updated: Apr 15, 2011 2:49 PM EDT
Grand Traverse Sheriff’s deputies responded around 8:00 Friday morning to report of a man being out of control in Garfield Township. The caller told dispatch that a man had been stabbed and the suspect was being restrained. Police say an AA meeting with 15 attendees was happening when a man began acting out. The incident happened at 1610 Barlow Street in Garfield Township. The chair of the meeting was attempting to call police when the suspect placed the man in a head-lock and cut the victim’s face and neck. When police arrived the suspect was being restrained by three men. The victim had serious injuries to his face and neck. Police do not know why the man attacked and say that the victim does not know the suspect. The victim, from Traverse City, was transported to Munson Medical Center and treated for injuries. The suspect also from Traverse City, was arrested and taken to Grand Traverse County Jail, he is being held on charges of assault with intent to murder. FOX 32 News is will bring you the latest updates in this story as they become available.


Dangers Of Teenagers and Children Attending Holly Hill Fl AA NA meetings

Local citizens have witnessed children and teens of all ages attend Daytona Beach AA and NA meetings.These minors are exposed to very detailed horror stories of drug and alcohol abuse. It is not healthy emotionally for children to be exposed to the adult nature of these meetings. Many people who attend are felons who have committed violent crimes, and even sexual predators that are mandated by the court system to go to Daytona Beach AA meetings.This is putting members at risk-but what is even worse is putting children and teens in harms way. Daytona AA and NA need to do what is in the best interest of children and teens, and protect them from emotional and physical harm. It is outrageous this is allowed to go on. These organizations know of the dangers minors are exposed to at meetings. Yet they turn a blind eye to this harmful practice of allowing young children and even encouraging teens to attend adult meetings. Your children or teenagers are NOT healthy or safe at Daytona Alcoholics Anonymous or Holly Hill Narcotics Anonymous meetings.Please do not take them to meetings.