Man Stabs AA Member Leading 12 Step Meeting

This man was stabbed by a fellow Alcoholics Anonymous member while leading the meeting. AA or NA has no warning of who shows up to the meetings. The courts send violent felons leaving members at grave risk.

 T.C. Man Stabs Person at Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting

Updated: Apr 15, 2011 2:49 PM EDT
Grand Traverse Sheriff’s deputies responded around 8:00 Friday morning to report of a man being out of control in Garfield Township. The caller told dispatch that a man had been stabbed and the suspect was being restrained. Police say an AA meeting with 15 attendees was happening when a man began acting out. The incident happened at 1610 Barlow Street in Garfield Township. The chair of the meeting was attempting to call police when the suspect placed the man in a head-lock and cut the victim’s face and neck. When police arrived the suspect was being restrained by three men. The victim had serious injuries to his face and neck. Police do not know why the man attacked and say that the victim does not know the suspect. The victim, from Traverse City, was transported to Munson Medical Center and treated for injuries. The suspect also from Traverse City, was arrested and taken to Grand Traverse County Jail, he is being held on charges of assault with intent to murder. FOX 32 News is will bring you the latest updates in this story as they become available.


3 thoughts on “Man Stabs AA Member Leading 12 Step Meeting

  1. AA meeting turns violent; victim cut
    —- Apr 16, 2011

    A local Alcoholics Anonymous meeting turned violent when deputies said a Traverse City man cut another man’s face and neck.

    Grand Traverse sheriff’s deputies responded to a stabbing complaint Friday morning at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting on Barlow Street in Garfield Township. Eric James Campbell, who attended the meeting, began to act “erratically,” which prompted the meeting’s chairperson to contact authorities.

    But as the chairperson attempted to call police, Campbell placed him in a choke hold, then cut his face and neck, deputies said. Authorities are not certain as to what prompted the attack.

    Three men restrained Campbell, 40, until deputies arrived. He was arrested and taken to the Grand Traverse County Jail for assault with intent to murder.

    The victim, 48, of Traverse City, was taken to Munson Medical Center to treat a serious laceration to his face and neck. Authorities didn’t identify the victim.

  2. This AA member did not even know the AA meeting Leader he was stabbing! The more court mandates these court send the more you are going to see these stories play out.

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