Man Found Guilty Of Sexually Assaulting 6 Sleeping Women Starts Own AA Meeting

This man gets off really easy with only 2 years of jail after sexually assaulting a woman sleeping. He already had a previous 2.5 year sentence for sexually assaulting 5 women while they were sleeping or passed out in 2005. Before being sentenced he attended AA meetings and even started his very own AA meeting! Is anyone warning the minors and women in his meeting what a habitual sex offender he is? I seriously doubt it. This just shows how AA allows anyone to start a meeting and be a sponsor.

Narcotics Anonymous Member Threatens to Kill Everybody at NA Meeting Inside Delray Beach Church

Man already wanted for threatening to kill at a church now accused of impersonating Boynton cop photo

Narcotics Anonymous member Tair Karimov threatend to shoot up people attending an NA meeting and killing everybody in January. This man was Baker Acted on December 25th 2012. Later he pretended to be an undercover cop and robbed someone.

The pastor of the church was not very happy of not being told of the incident at his church as stated here.The pastor of the church, Dr. Charles Mory, told WPBF 25 News he was never made aware of the threats.

“I have people arriving here all the time and I’m sure when they get out of their car they think this is a safe place,” Mory said. “So, yes, I think we should have been notified.”

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AA Member Arrested While Attending AA Meeting at Church For Stealing Car

AA member  Brian Michael Mulrooney, 23, was arrested for stealing a vehicle at an AA meeting being held in a church. This man resisted arrest and head butted a police officer. Churches need to be very careful about allowing AA meetings.

Church pastors need to review their Insurance policies to see if it covers the AA meetings, and also to require the AA and NA meetings to provide insurance to the church that includes Sexual Abuse Molestation Liability Insurance because the courts are mandating 3rd level sexual predators to AA meetings along with rapists. Is this really what they want for their church? It is quite possible that Brian Michael Mulrooney was court mandated as well.I wonder how many minors got to witness this violent arrest?

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Right Hand Man of Alleged Drug Kingpin Attends NA Meetings

Drug trafficker jailed  17th August 2012

A MAN who claimed to be the “right-hand man” of alleged Bundaberg drug kingpin Danny Thomas Moran has been sentenced to six years in jail for trafficking dangerous drugs for more than three years.


Pennsylvania AA member Robert Rene Ortgiesen was sentenced to jail for threatening to kill a fellow Alcoholics Anonymous member at an AA meeting,  taking place at St John’s Church (Hope they have good insurance). Ortigesen was accussing the victim of selling drugs to other AA members at the meetings!

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Man Stabs AA Member Leading 12 Step Meeting

This man was stabbed by a fellow Alcoholics Anonymous member while leading the meeting. AA or NA has no warning of who shows up to the meetings. The courts send violent felons leaving members at grave risk.

 T.C. Man Stabs Person at Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting

Updated: Apr 15, 2011 2:49 PM EDT
Grand Traverse Sheriff’s deputies responded around 8:00 Friday morning to report of a man being out of control in Garfield Township. The caller told dispatch that a man had been stabbed and the suspect was being restrained. Police say an AA meeting with 15 attendees was happening when a man began acting out. The incident happened at 1610 Barlow Street in Garfield Township. The chair of the meeting was attempting to call police when the suspect placed the man in a head-lock and cut the victim’s face and neck. When police arrived the suspect was being restrained by three men. The victim had serious injuries to his face and neck. Police do not know why the man attacked and say that the victim does not know the suspect. The victim, from Traverse City, was transported to Munson Medical Center and treated for injuries. The suspect also from Traverse City, was arrested and taken to Grand Traverse County Jail, he is being held on charges of assault with intent to murder. FOX 32 News is will bring you the latest updates in this story as they become available.