AA Member Arrested While Attending AA Meeting at Church For Stealing Car

AA member  Brian Michael Mulrooney, 23, was arrested for stealing a vehicle at an AA meeting being held in a church. This man resisted arrest and head butted a police officer. Churches need to be very careful about allowing AA meetings.

Church pastors need to review their Insurance policies to see if it covers the AA meetings, and also to require the AA and NA meetings to provide insurance to the church that includes Sexual Abuse Molestation Liability Insurance because the courts are mandating 3rd level sexual predators to AA meetings along with rapists. Is this really what they want for their church? It is quite possible that Brian Michael Mulrooney was court mandated as well.I wonder how many minors got to witness this violent arrest?

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Alcoholics Anonymous Member And Priest Can’t Stop Molesting Children

AA Member and serial child molester Priest Vincent McCaffrey says he can’t stop molesting kids and was treated for alcoholism by attending AA meetings. This has been very typical for priests that are known to molest minors to be required to attend AA meetings by the church. Continue reading

State Farm No Longer Insuring Churches In Florida

Insurance provider State Farm shows concerns over churches in the state of Florida and dropped them. To insure churches they want to see safety guidelines in place in regard to children, if they want to obtain ” abuse and molestation” coverage. I wonder if the insurance companies that insure Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous realize that courts are mandating level 3 sex offenders, and violent felons to 12 step programs? Many of them located in the very basements of the churches they insure. I also wonder if the insurance companies have any idea that felons are sponsoring minors in AA/NA ? AA/NA provide no background checks unless they are going into a prison. So lets see, in prison there is very high security to protect inmates and juveniles. To sponsor a minor on the outside of detention centers AA has no such requirements. Are the insurance companies taking this into account when they are insuring these high risk 12 step groups? It would be nice if they put requirements on AA like they are doing with the churches. This is what changed the churches policies on dealing with sexual predator behavior in their congregations. To get insurance they HAD to start dealing with it to some extent. Of course they are dealing with hundreds of claims annually through protestant churches alone. They would probably would have thousands more without the changes. As we know in AA, many sexual assaults go unreported because of the principles of maintaining anonymity. Of course their lawsuits dealing with AA are swept under the rug.

Matt Carlucci, with the Jacksonville, Florida-based Brightway Insurance Agency, said churches pose a number of special risks, especially those that operate day care centers and schools.

To obtain so-called “abuse and molestation” coverage, churches must show they perform background checks on employees and volunteers. Additionally, insurers may require that the schools and day care centers have in place rules such as not allowing males employees to be alone with a child and maintaining a certain ratio of teachers to students.

“To get coverage, the churches are going to have to prove they have those procedures in place,” said Carlucci.


Protestant Church Insurance Companies Handles 260 Sexual Abuse Cases a Year !

Well the Catholic Church is not the only church with child sex abuse problems. Here is an article from the Insurance Journal about sex abuse allegation in the Protestant church that the Insurance Industry handles. I wonder what stats they have insuring Alcoholics Anonymous groups? These religious groups and AA/NA need to be more proactive in protecting children from sexual assault from members !
The three companies that insure the majority of Protestant churches in America say they typically receive upward of 260 reports each year of young people under 18 being sexually abused by clergy, church staff, volunteers or congregation members.

The figures released to The Associated Press offer a glimpse into what has long been an extremely difficult phenomenon to pin down — the frequency of sex abuse in Protestant congregations.

Religious groups and victims’ supporters have been keenly interested in the figure ever since the Roman Catholic sex abuse crisis hit five years ago. The church has revealed that there have been 13,000 credible accusations against Catholic clerics since 1950.

Protestant numbers have been harder to come by and are sketchier because the denominations are less centralized than the Catholic church; indeed, many congregations are independent, which makes reporting even more difficult.

Some of the only numbers come from three insurance companies — Church Mutual Insurance Co., GuideOne Insurance Co. and Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Co.

Together, they insure 165,495 churches and worship centers for liability against child sex abuse and other sexual misconduct, mostly Protestant congregations but a few other faiths as well. They also insure more than 5,500 religious schools, camps and other organizations.

The companies represent a large chunk of all U.S. Protestant churches. There are about 224,000 in the U.S., according to the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies, although that number excludes most historically black denominations and some other groups, which account for several thousand congregations.

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