Alcoholics Anonymous Member And Priest Can’t Stop Molesting Children

AA Member and serial childĀ molester Priest Vincent McCaffrey says he can’t stop molesting kids and was treated for alcoholism by attending AA meetings. This has been very typical for priests that are known to molest minors to be required to attend AA meetings by the church. This story goes back awhile, but it shows how common pedophiles attend AA meetings either by the church or mandated by the courts.Priest: I Can’t Stop Molesting Children
By Allison Hantschel Daily Southtown December 10, 2002

Vincent McCaffrey appeared before a gallery of his victims in federal court Monday and admitted he was a “serial molester” who could not stop preying on children.

“I cannot be cured,” he said.

McCaffrey, who at one time was assigned to a Calumet City parish, said dozens of minors endured sexual contact with him hundreds of times. Some of those boys, now men, confronted McCaffrey in U.S. District Court to say he should be sent to prison.

“I deeply regret my harm and my hurt to each one of them,” McCaffrey said, looking at his victims. “I promise you my prayers for the rest of my life.” McCaffrey was arrested in June and charged with possessing more than 4,000 images of child pornography. He faces up to 17 years in prison.

The former priest pleaded guilty and the men were called to relate stories that may affect his sentence. Prosecutors want U.S. District Judge John W. Darrah to hand down a severe sentence that reflects McCaffrey’s pattern of abuse.

At St. Victor Church in Calumet City, McCaffrey’s first assignment following his 1978 ordination, the priest was confronted with accusations of abuse. In 1982, the Rev. Leo Mahon, then pastor of St. Victor, informed McCaffrey that two parish boys said he abused them. McCaffrey admitted the abuse, and Mahon asked him to leave the parish. Archdiocese officials then assigned McCaffrey to St. Joseph the Worker, and in 1985 he was reassigned to St. Josaphat on Chicago’s North Side.

“The way I was raised, priests were next to God, and to have someone of that caliber do something like this to me is beyond my belief,” said a 39-year-old man [Bruce] who claimed McCaffrey abused him beginning in 1977. “I feel that every victim after me, I’m somewhat responsible for. If I had been stronger at the time, those children wouldn’t have been molested,” the man said.

McCaffrey would take boys from his parishes to a cabin he and several other priests owned in Twin Lakes, Wis. One of those other priests, the Rev. Patrick Cecil, now pastor of a far north suburban parish, testified on McCaffrey’s behalf and said he had known McCaffrey was being treated for sexual addiction to young boys in 1987.

McCaffrey denied having genital sexual intercourse with any of the boys, and said the ones who alleged he had were lying.

A 40-year-old man [John] who accused McCaffrey of abusing him in 1978 said he thought of the priest as a big brother until McCaffrey began molesting him. “I see him now and I want to physically hurt him,” the man said, staring at McCaffrey, who sat in court in a bright orange jumpsuit and stared at the table in front of him.


He said he attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings before his arrest, but admitted he did not think he could control his sexual appetites on his own.

When federal agents searched his home, McCaffrey told them he used child pornography as a “release” and as a way to keep himself from abusing actual children. He described his pornography collection to agents as a “victimless crime.”

His sentencing is set for Jan. 6. The Archdiocese of Chicago faces a lawsuit over McCaffrey’s behavior.


3 thoughts on “Alcoholics Anonymous Member And Priest Can’t Stop Molesting Children

  1. It seems many priests have been sent to AA meetings by their very own church in hopes to help priests and pastors from alcoholism. How pathetic. This man is such a sick, sick man.This pedophile was not helped by his church only enabled. What evil.

  2. CNN reporting Jerry Sandusky found guilty on 45 of 48 counts in child sex case. Fourteen first degree felony convictions
    The Jerry Sandusky trial is mercifully over and a verdict has finally been reached. The jury decided that Sandusky was indeed guilty of repeated acts of sexual abuse of children over his years as a part of The Second Mile and Penn State football.

    Sandusky could be sentenced to 442 years in prison, which seems like it is not enough. I would prefer something in the four digits, just to be perfectly safe.

    Before the trial began, many people thought that Jerry Sandusky had a chance of getting off due to the weird circumstances surrounding the jury. A lot of the people on the jury had some connection to the university and to Sandusky himself. However, it seems like it did not have a big effect on the outcome of the trial.

    I will say that this case was one of the most disturbing things that I had ever heard. It was going to be that way regardless of the verdict. The testimony was downright awful and a lot of things that were said upset a lot of people. People reading the stuff online were very disturbed by the testimony, so imagine being in the courtroom was just awful.

    This hopefully can close the book on an awful time at Penn State, but I bet the federal investigation into a possible coverup is going to get shoved to the forefront. If Jerry Sandusky was able to use the facilities while all of these people had some sort of inkling about what he was doing, that is just awful.

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