Man Hospitalized After Fight Behind Alcoholics Anonymous Building

Drinking behind Alcoholics Anonymous leads to fight  Thursday, 20 June 2013A 42-year-old Lawton man was hospitalized with injuries received Tuesday behind the Alcoholics Anonymous building, he said, during some daytime drinking followed by an epithet that could have resulted in his own epitaph. AA NA Daytona Beach Meetings

LPD Sgt. J.R. Helms said he met with the man at Comanche County Memorial Hospital where the man was being treated for a cut right eye/cheek and left side of the head as well as a possible broken arm. The man told Helms he’d been drinking with a group of people behind the AA building at Southwest 12th and F Avenue around noon when he’s said a racial epithet. A 40-year-old black man he knew only as “Michael Jackson” allegedly picked up a piece of wood and began beating the man with it, the report states. “Jackson” then left the area and the injured man walked to the hospital where he called police. Continue reading

Man Found Guilty Of Sexually Assaulting 6 Sleeping Women Starts Own AA Meeting

This man gets off really easy with only 2 years of jail after sexually assaulting a woman sleeping. He already had a previous 2.5 year sentence for sexually assaulting 5 women while they were sleeping or passed out in 2005. Before being sentenced he attended AA meetings and even started his very own AA meeting! Is anyone warning the minors and women in his meeting what a habitual sex offender he is? I seriously doubt it. This just shows how AA allows anyone to start a meeting and be a sponsor.