After Blinding a Man With a Beer Bottle This Women Goes to AA Meetings

In a gruesome violent brutal attack this women joined in and committed more horrible vicious crimes against the victim. She went to AA after blinding this man for life and received a slap on the wrist by the court. No one is to dangerous or sick for AA or NA meetings. Beware- this is difficult to read.

“As the attack continued, Clause reached into the vehicle with a broken, jagged beer bottle and shoved it into Martin’s right eye, twisting and dragging it down his cheek. He is now permanently blind in that eye.”

“She said was trying to turn her life around by attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and receiving counselling. She said she wants to get her Grade 12 diploma and possibly go to college.”


Woman jailed in beer bottle attack

A 26-year-old woman, who blinded a man with a broken beer bottle during a vicious attack at a 2010 party, was sentenced Thursday to 2 ½ years in custody less time served. NA Daytona Area Meetings in Holly Hill, Ormond Beach and Port Orange.

Kelli Lynn Clause was credited with 12 months for time spent behind bars, leaving 18 months yet to be served. Volusia County Drug Court and AA and NA Meetings.

Clause was convicted by a jury of aggravated assault after a three-week trial held in Cayuga in April 2013. Continue reading

Father Guilty of Felony Child Abuse of Son With 4 Broken Limbs Attends AA Meetings Prior To Sentencing

AA Member Leonard Dorame only gets one year in prison and probation after pleading guilty to abusing his 4 month old son who was found to have 4 broken limbs after he was in his care? Also the boy is permanently disabled now because of brain trauma from the injuries. He did not admit to beating his son, but only that he failed to take him to the hospital! What kind of justice is this? He is now not allowed around children under 15 years of age.

He also attended anger management classes and domestic violence classes along with AA Meetings. Yet he is allowed at AA Meetings where there are children?! He even eluded police afterwards for weeks before he was captured.The good ol’ Alcoholics Anonymous get out of jail card working it’s magic once again in our judicial system.

Sickening isn’t it?


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Woman Uses Pit Bull as Weapon Is Convicted Of Assault Then Mandated To AA Meetings

This Canadian woman is a real danger to society with a major drinking problem and mean streak, like her Pit Bull that she ordered to attack and kill people. Thank goodness no one actually died, but the Pit Bull left many seriously wounded. She was sentenced to 16 months in jail. Then after she gets out of jail, she is ordered to attend Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings! This is one crazy lady I would not want to be sitting next to at an AA Meeting…..

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AA Member Jason Williford At Trial For 1st Degree Murder Of Kathy Taft

AA Member and Killer Jason Williford murdered Kathy Taft in March 2010. He raped and beat her to death. She was a North Carolina State school board member. Continue reading

Alcoholics Anonymous Member Arrested For Assaulting A Police Officer

Court mandated Tennessee AA Member Jennifer Lynn Boyance decided to get super drunk before her AA meeting, and never quite made it there. Instead she ended up being charged with assaulting a police officer! 

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Crime Ring Affiliated With Alcoholics Anonymous Charged In The Murder Of Josh Bailey

Damn, these stories are shocking. A group of men who did drugs, drank and burglarized homes, and eventually shot  their friend Josh Bailey to death. They accused him of being an informant. Looks like they were doing all of this  between going to Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings! AA is going to hell in a hand basket fast!

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Pennsylvania AA member Robert Rene Ortgiesen was sentenced to jail for threatening to kill a fellow Alcoholics Anonymous member at an AA meeting,  taking place at St John’s Church (Hope they have good insurance). Ortigesen was accussing the victim of selling drugs to other AA members at the meetings!

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