HBO Documentary about the Brutal Petit Murders in Cheshire CT in 2007 by Criminals who Met in AA and NA, Rehab July 22, 2013

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In a deadly and gruesome murder in Cheshire, Connecticut on July 23, 2007, Jennifer Hawke-Petit, age 48 and her daughters Hayley Petit, age 17 and Michaela Petit, age 11 are viciously murdered by Steven Hayes and Joshua Komisarjevsky.  William Petit  was nearly beaten to death and barely escaped. Both men met in Rehab and had attended NA and AA meetings together when they decided to go on a rampage that is very reminiscent of the Criminal Minds “The Thirteenth Step” Season 6: Episode 13 of January 26, 2011 ( The HBO documentary is to debut on July 22, 2013 (…).

What was reported in 2007-


HBO documentary looks at Petit murders, questions about police response, killers’ lives…

Petit Family Killings News – The New York Times

HBO Documentary On Infamous Cheshire Petit Home Invasion To Premier On July 22…

Cocaine Anonymous Treasurer Sentenced To Death In Petit Connecticut Murders…


Murder of Narcotics Anonymous Sponsor Raises Fears Among Other NA Sponsors


 Twist in Sedgefield killing: Victim was Narcotics Anonymous Sponsor

Killing of Charlotte Narcotics Anonymous Sponsor raises fears among local sponsors

Friends say man arrested in murder had been sponsored by the victim

By Cleve R. Wootson Jr.
Posted: Tuesday, Jan -29, 2013-Jan. 31, 2013


The man accused of killing Charles Middleton at his south Charlotte home Saturday morning was a man he’d sponsored while involved in a Narcotics Anonymous program years ago, people close to the situation say.

The disclosure has heightened fears about the potential dangers of sponsorship relationships among recovering addicts in the Charlotte area.


On Monday, Christopher Paul Huffman was taken into custody in Casa Grande, Ariz., more than 2,000 miles from the scene of the shooting on Elmhurst Road in the Sedgefield neighborhood adjacent to Dilworth.


Charlotte-Mecklenburg homicide detectives traveled to Arizona on Monday to interview Huffman, who had no criminal record. Police have not divulged a possible motive in the killing or said whether Middleton’s sponsorship work with Huffman made him a target.


But for people involved in 12-step programs, the link spurred wariness and fear.


“It is almost a sacred thing. These are people who so freely give of themselves,” said a Narcotics Anonymous member who declined to give his name because the association frowns on speaking to the press. “How do they know that the people who we are trying to help are not going to do us harm?”

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AA Killer Dies In Prison That Was Serving Life Sentence For Bludgeoning Death Of Woman He Met In Alcoholics Anonymous

AA Member Louis Ephraim Wilson III who was sentenced to life in prison for the brutal murder of Tracy Lynn Baldwin, that he met at an Alcoholics Anonymous  meeting. On December 19th 2012 he died in prison. Another woman murdered by a man she met at an AA meeting. How many rapes and murders by AA members do there have to be for somebody does something to put a stop to it?

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West Virginia AA Member Arrested In Murder of Fellow AA Member He Met At Treatment Center

Adam C. McCloud

AA Member Adam C. McCloud met Sara Jean Williams at a drug treatment center and went to AA meetings together. They rented an apartment, and not long after he was arrested for the beating and strangulation of AA member Sara Jean Williams. Here is another story of a woman who has died at the hands of a mentally deranged AA member.

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Daytona Beach AA Member James Maxwell Suspect In Murder Of Holly Hill Chasity Starr

Mandated Daytona Beach Alcoholics Anonymous and Daytona Beach Narcotics Anonymous Member James Maxwell is the prime suspect in the murder of Chasity Starr. The body that was found in the backyard of Maxwell’s mother’s home Dixie Maxwell is believed to be Chasity Starr. Continue reading

AA Member Jason Williford At Trial For 1st Degree Murder Of Kathy Taft

AA Member and Killer Jason Williford murdered Kathy Taft in March 2010. He raped and beat her to death. She was a North Carolina State school board member. Continue reading

Convicted Killer Get Passes From Prison To Attend Canadian Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

Canadian NA Member Dana Melkerk, and convicted killer gets passes from jail to attend outside Narcotics Anonymous Meetings within the community. Anyone attending 12 step meetings please be careful, you could be sitting next to a killer! Continue reading