Here we are at the 5 year anniversary of this Daytona NA nightmare event. Since this occurred there have been additional events of harassment of local Holly Hill citizens and business owners. AA Volusia County Intergroup has bullied multiple times people out of pavilions, including threatening and harassing locals.  They had an incident where an NA member tried to hit another member with a baseball bat! They continue to run people out of pavilions, and recently have been breaking the new No Smoking rules implemented by The City of Holly Hill. We commend Holly Hill for moving forward with this new Park rule!  We Hope they respect Holly Hill more than Daytona Groups do. Continue reading

Brian Arnett arrested at Metra Electronics in Holly Hill Florida for Raping 8 Year Old Girl

This is such a shocking story about a sick man who was arrested for raping and sexually abusing a little girl for a year. Brian Jefferson Arnett from Port Orange has a long criminal record and has had over a dozen charges in Hillsboro County, Florida of both felonies and misdemeanors including domestic violence.  His drivers licence was permanently  revoked for having over 4 DUI’s. He also had been mandated to AA meetings and other 12 step programs. Video clip of Brian Arnett Story below- Daytonana

Port Orange man charged with raping girl, 8

STAFF WRITER Lyda Longa  Daytona Beach

Published: Tuesday, March 12, 2013 nadaytona

A 51-year-old man has been arrested twice in two days, accused of raping an 8-year-old girl and threatening to kill the child’s mother if the youngster said anything about the assaults, Port Orange police said Tuesday.

The suspect, according to police, also hit the youngster when she would not cooperate with him and showed her pornographic images on his iPad.

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Daytona NA Member Arrested In Sunrise Park Playground in Holly Hill Florida

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A mandated Daytona Beach Narcotics Anonymous member was arrested in Sunrise Park on June 11th 2012 in the children’s playground while he and his friend were drinking one beer after another, sitting on the bench in the playground shown in the picture below. The Next Step NA meeting that was being held by Don had just finished when this member and a friend decided to go buy beer across the street and bring it back in the playground to drink it, while a number of small children were playing. Continue reading

Daytona Beach AA Member James Maxwell Suspect In Murder Of Holly Hill Chasity Starr

Mandated Daytona Beach Alcoholics Anonymous and Daytona Beach Narcotics Anonymous Member James Maxwell is the prime suspect in the murder of Chasity Starr. The body that was found in the backyard of Maxwell’s mother’s home Dixie Maxwell is believed to be Chasity Starr. Continue reading

AA Member In Court For Hearing On Murder Charges

AA Sponsor Floyd Nadeau kept this murder a secret for a couple of weeks, before he went to police because of anonimity concerns!

AUBURN — A Lewiston man is expected to plead guilty next month to manslaughter in connection with the clock-beating death of a New Gloucester woman. Continue reading

Alcoholics Anonymous Is Negativity Based Says Addiction Specialist Laura Tompkins

 Laura Tompkins writes an excellent article spelling out a laundry list of the negative messages sent to members, and how it adversely impacts them. One thing in particular that I was glad to see, as an addiction specialists she strongly discourages the practice of confessing ones sins to another member or sponsor. 

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Mandated Daytona AA Member Rapes 9 Year Old Port Orange Girl

James Maxwell 43, a convicted violent felon was invited to a Christmas party in Port Orange by the girls parents. He later returned to abduct and rape the little 9 year old girl. They spent the night in a park. James Maxwell was on probation at the time and was attending mandated Daytona Narcotics Anonymous meetings and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. He has a long criminal history. He served 9 years for attempted murder in 1988 and 2 years for burglary in 1994. He is being held with no bail. This is horrible what happened to this little girl. The practice of mandating violent felons to meetings where minors are present needs to stop !

A 9-year-old Port Orange girl who was kidnapped and raped told police she woke up to find her neighbor, James Maxwell, sitting in a chair in her bedroom, according to court documents obtained Monday.

Maxwell, 43, who had been a holiday party guest at the girl’s parent’s house in the Brandy Hills neighborhood earlier Thursday night, then abducted the girl and raped her, police said. Reports say Maxwell told the child to take off her clothes. When she refused and resisted, Maxwell is accused of striking the child in the head.

When the mother reported her daughter missing, she told police she suspected Maxwell.

The mother’s reasons for concern about Maxwell, according to reports, was that “he was known to act strangely around children, he had a violent criminal past and left his residence early in the morning without explanation,” court records show.

According to reports filed in circuit court, authorities say Maxwell drove the child to a wooded area, raped her and took her to a park, where they stayed for the night.

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Updated Orlando version

PORT ORANGE, Fla. — Newly released court documents paint a disturbing picture in the case of a Port Orange child who was taken from her own home last week. Police said 43-year-old James Maxwell — a neighbor of the victim — has been charged with kidnapping and sexual battery in the case.

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