AA Member Arrested at AA Meeting After Stealing Car and Driving to Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting

I guess AA members feel pretty safe stealing cars and going to AA meetings. Must be their habit of inviting and protecting criminals for decades

Jury indicts Phillipsburg man accused of stealing car, driving to AA Meeting

Matthew Bultman | The Express-TimesBy Matthew Bultman | The Express-Times 
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on August 01, 2013 at 5:27 PM, updated August 01, 2013 at 9:54 PM
Phillipsburg man was indicted on a charge he stole a car in Warren County before driving it to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Easton.

A Warren County grand jury returned a one-count indictment Wednesday against Brian Mulrooney, 23, of the 500 block of Roseberry Street, charging him with one count of theft of an automobile. Orlando Florida NA Meetings.

Mulrooney on Jan. 19 stole a 1999 Chevy Impala in Phillipsburg and drove it to Easton, court records state. AA and NA Daytona Area Meetings List.

City police said they found the stolen vehicle along the first block of North 12th Street, according to court documents. After canvassing the neighborhood, police found Mulrooney at a nearby Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, records say.

Mulrooney told police the car was his and became uncooperative when officers informed him the vehicle was stolen, court papers say. He struggled with police and headbutted Easton police officer Charles McMonagle, authorities said.

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Woman Testifies in Court About Brutal Sexual Assault By Man She Met at an NA Meeting

Crown seeks dangerous offender designation for convict who sexually assaulted girlfriend

NA Member testifies about brutal sexual assault by man she met at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. This woman lived to testify about her assault by an NA Member. 

Hunter’s August 2011 attack was the third time he assaulted a woman. His criminal record includes a 2002 sexual assault conviction in Punnichy, Sask., and a 2008 sexual assault conviction in Regina.

The dangerous offender hearing continues. The designation is reserved for offenders who show an escalating pattern of violence in their crimes and have little chance of rehabilitation. Continue reading

Man Stabs Mother Gets Probation and Mandated to AA Meetings

Bozeman man sentenced for stabbing mother

A 45-year-old Bozeman man was freed from jail Monday after serving 131 days there for stabbing his mother in the leg while drunk last year.

Instead, Gallatin County District Judge Mike Salvagni sentenced Alexander Scott Sawicki to a four-year suspended sentence and ordered him to regularly attend a community support group like Alcoholics Anonymous for at least a year.

The suspended sentence comes as a result of the plea agreement reducing Sawicki’s charge from felony assault with a weapon to the lesser felony of criminal endangerment.

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West Virginia AA Member Arrested In Murder of Fellow AA Member He Met At Treatment Center

Adam C. McCloud

AA Member Adam C. McCloud met Sara Jean Williams at a drug treatment center and went to AA meetings together. They rented an apartment, and not long after he was arrested for the beating and strangulation of AA member Sara Jean Williams. Here is another story of a woman who has died at the hands of a mentally deranged AA member.

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Daytona Beach Narcotics Anonymous Member has been arrested for cocaine possession and battery, violating his drug offender probation. This NA Member has been arrested  66 times in his criminal career, which includes burglary. Henry Wheeler was the star witness in convicting the drug dealer Melvin Brown JR who killed his friend. Henry Wheeler ripped off Melvin Brown Jr over a 50.00 crack deal, which provoked the killing.

This is typical of who the courts are mandating to both Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings!  Stewart Marchman and Vince Carter Rehab Centers refer teens to Daytona AA and NA upon release to continue the 12 step brainwashing they received in SMA and Vince Carter. This practice puts these minors in grave danger.

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Woman Mandated to AA Meetings For Stabbing Boyfriend With a Kitchen Knife

Jessica Sampson charged with stabbing her boygriend twice is mandated to AA meetings. Another violent criminal sent to the rooms of AA.

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Narcotics Anonymous Member Goes On Wild Criminal Rampage

Narcotics Anonymous Member Dustin Spencer Totten attended his California NA meeting with his fellow NA member friend. He then steals the mans car and goes on a wild crime spree, threating to kill people, trying to rob others and ramming cars. When finally arrested he smelled of alcohol and  had pills on him. Continue reading

Wilson Charged With Robbing and Raping 70 year Old Woman Is Attending Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

 Sex offender Wilson who raped and robbed a woman in her 70’s was on probation attending AA meetings, when he was found in violation of probation. Continue reading

Narcotics Anonymous Members Charged in Brutal Killing Of 19 Year Old Teenager

Narcotics Anonymous members James Ayers and Nicole Okrzesik, are charged in the brutal murder of 19 year old Juliana Mensch. James Ayers was on pre-trial release on a drug charge when he murdered Juliana Mensch. Continue reading

Drug Court Participants Mandated To Narcotics Anonymous Sent To Prison

Many people do not realize with all the puff pieces on Drug Courts, how many participants actually fail in the program. Drug courts results are only based on the people who completed the entire program. These men who were sent to prison that were in the Drug Court program will not be counted, because they did not complete it in it’s entirety. This is not a proper way to see drug courts success or failure.

This article also points out that many people participating in Drug Court are still committing crimes and using drugs while in the program. They do not need to be mandated to Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings where many vulnerable members of society including minors attend. They end up in our parks and playgrounds in Holly Hill Fl.

Two who failed drug court sent to prison

Brett Ellis/Fremont Tribune | Posted: Tuesday, March 6, 2012 8:33 am

Two people who failed to complete drug court were sentenced to prison on Monday.
Judge Geoffrey Hall sentenced 29-year-old Ricardo Mendez of Fremont to 20 months to 5 years in prison for possession of methamphetamine, a Class IV felony.Mendez admitted to selling bath salts to fellow drug court participants and using synthetic marijuana while he was in the program.

“He turned drug court into a criminal enterprise,” Deputy Dodge County Attorney Mark Boyer said. “I can’t think of a much worse thing to do in drug court than trying to drag other people in the program down the drain.”
Mendez said he accepted responsibility for his actions but said the people he sold bath salts to chose to make those purchases.Hall, though, said Mendez was a “devious leader” who had a bad influence on other drug court participants.

“I believe your conduct in drug court is the worst kind possible because you took other people down with you,” Hall said. Hall also sentenced 20-year-old Zackery Carlstrom of Fremont to 20 months to 5 years in prison for terroristic threats, a Class IV felony. Boyer said Carlstrom reported using methamphetamine, cocaine, alcohol and marijuana while in drug court. Carlstrom also absconded twice from the program. “You had some successes,” Hall said. “However, the failures far outweigh those successes.” Hall also encouraged Carlstrom to use his talents in positive ways in the future. “Grow a backbone,” the judge said. “Do the hard right instead of the easy wrong.” Also on Monday, 26-year-old Anthony Martinez of Fremont was sentenced to 20 months to 5 years for terroristic threats and a year in prison for third-degree domestic assault, a Class I misdemeanor. The sentences will run consecutive to each other.

Martinez also was sentenced to 90 days in jail for criminal mischief, a Class II misdemeanor, and that will run concurrent with the other sentence. Hall also ordered Martinez to pay $400 in restitution.Chief Deputy Dodge County Attorney Stacey Hultquist asked for the maximum sentence based Martinez’s criminal history, which includes multiple arrests every year since 2004.

“This is a person who cannot be a productive person in our society and continues to get in trouble,” Hultquist said.
Martinez apologized to the female victim and her family. “That’s not how I was raised,” he said. “I know better than that.” Hall said probation was not an option for Martinez because of his criminal history.


Daytona Beach NA Member Busted For Meth Lab In Ormond Beach Florida

Ormond Beach Florida resident Christopher Greenbaum and Daytona Beach Narcotics Anonymous member was busted for having a meth lab at his house. Christopher Greenbaum is a convicted felon with previous arrests for drugs and DUI’s.
When he was busted this week they also found a firearm.

Just the kind of dangerous criminal that you want going to NA meetings in our Holly Hill Fl parks and playgrounds. It goes to show that many who attend NA/AA meetings, have not quit drugs or alcohol at all. This one carried firearms and had a meth lab.

Christopher Greenbaum

Ormond man charged with manufacturing, trafficking meth
February 22, 2012
An Ormond Beach man was arrested today on multiple drug-related charges after deputies found a methamphetamine lab in his home, a sheriff’s spokesman said.

Volusia County sheriff’s narcotics investigators along with agents with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration raided the home at 73 River Beach Drive about 2:30 p.m. after sheriff’s officials received a tip about possible drug activity in the home, sheriff’s spokesman Brandon Haught said.

When deputies entered the residence, Christopher Greenbaum, 35, was quickly taken into custody. He was the only person inside the home.

Haught said agents found a meth lab in the upstairs bathroom of the home, which required a specially trained cleanup team to safely secure the chemicals. Investigators also recovered 95 grams of meth oil as well as a firearm and ammunition, Haught said.

Greenbaum was charged with manufacture of meth, possession of listed chemicals, trafficking in meth, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and possession of ammunition by a convicted felon. He was taken to the Volusia County Branch Jail and is being held without bail.


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Community Youth Center Hosting Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

What in the world are these people thinking?! On top of hosting NA meetings at a youth center they plan on expanding to include ‘In addition to NA, the center next month will also begin hosting Reformers Unanimous meetings Friday nights. That faith-based program is geared toward people suffering from substance, gambling, sex and other addictions.’

They say the meetings do not overlap youth activities, yet the NA group is sponsoring an event for the minors. This is totally irresponsible by the youth center and Narcotics Anonymous.If you are a parent, I would not allow your child to go to this youth center! If you are concerned, complain to the youth center! Sex offenders and violent felons are mandated to Narcotics Anonymous meetings and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

LaGrange Community Youth Center hosting Narcotics Anonymous meetings, planning anti-drug day

Posted: Feb 21, 2012 9:14 AM EST
Updated: Feb 21, 2012 10:00 AM EST

Herald-Whig Staff Writer

LaGRANGE, Mo. — To tackle a mushrooming problem with drugs in the area, the LaGrange Community Youth Center is broadening its services.

The center will hold its annual anti-drug program Saturday afternoon. Since last summer, it also has played host to three meetings a week of Narcotics Anonymous.

The program, a recovery resource for abusers of drugs, alcohol and other substances, has grown since moving to the youth center in July after a fire at its original home, LaGrange’s First Baptist Church.

Wayne Gilliland, one of the chairmen of the NA meetings, said typically two or three people might have attended an evening meeting at the church. In the center, attendance has been averaging 10 or more, which he said is large for an NA meeting in the area.

Gilliland attributes that growth in part to the move. While he doesn’t believe the church was necessarily an intimidating setting for the meetings, he said a more neutral community space such as the youth center has proved more comfortable.

“They feel like they’re in a public place, unbiased,” said Gilliland, a former meth addict who has spoken publicly and at the youth center about its dangers. “There are no predetermined things they have to think when they walk in the door.”

The meetings are held at times when the center typically is closed to children — noon Mondays, and Monday and Friday nights.


Gilliland is coordinating the anti-drug day, but others who “have walked the walk and talk the talk” will speak to children and their parents, Bronestine said.

“This type of stuff, this is where the kids will listen,” she said. “These guys, when they’re talking, the kids know that they know what they’re talking about. … There’s a happy ending to these guys’ stories, but these guys have also experienced (friends’ stories) who did not have happy endings.”

In addition to NA, the center next month will also begin hosting Reformers Unanimous meetings Friday nights. That faith-based program is geared toward people suffering from substance, gambling, sex and other addictions.