Ottawa Narcotics Anonymous Member Arrested In Mass Marketing Fraud Against Seniors In Canada and the United States

Another financial scam by Narcotics Anonymous Members against vulnerable seniors.

Single Ottawa mom could face jail time for Narcotics Anonymous ‘grandparents scheme’

 By Chloé Fedio, OTTAWA CITIZEN June 14, 2013
OTTAWA — A judge told a single mother he was “very reluctant” to send her to jail for her role in a “grandparents scheme” that defrauded seniors in Canada and the United States out of $45,000.

But Carolyn Palmer must prove that she is making real efforts to pay that money back before he will rule it out.

“I need to see some action,” Ontario Justice Robert Fournier said Friday afternoon.

Palmer was depressed that she could not afford Christmas for her young son when she was approached by another member of Narcotics Anonymous to take part in a mass marketing fraud, her lawyer argued at her sentencing hearing. Continue reading

Woman Uses Pit Bull as Weapon Is Convicted Of Assault Then Mandated To AA Meetings

This Canadian woman is a real danger to society with a major drinking problem and mean streak, like her Pit Bull that she ordered to attack and kill people. Thank goodness no one actually died, but the Pit Bull left many seriously wounded. She was sentenced to 16 months in jail. Then after she gets out of jail, she is ordered to attend Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings! This is one crazy lady I would not want to be sitting next to at an AA Meeting…..

Continue reading

Thief Steals 190K From Military Mandated to Alcoholics Anonymous

This thief gets to leave home on conditional release to attend AA meetings! Continue reading

Convicted Killer Get Passes From Prison To Attend Canadian Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

Canadian NA Member Dana Melkerk, and convicted killer gets passes from jail to attend outside Narcotics Anonymous Meetings within the community. Anyone attending 12 step meetings please be careful, you could be sitting next to a killer! Continue reading