AA Killer Dies In Prison That Was Serving Life Sentence For Bludgeoning Death Of Woman He Met In Alcoholics Anonymous

AA Member Louis Ephraim Wilson III who was sentenced to life in prison for the brutal murder of Tracy Lynn Baldwin, that he met at an Alcoholics Anonymous  meeting. On December 19th 2012 he died in prison. Another woman murdered by a man she met at an AA meeting. How many rapes and murders by AA members do there have to be for somebody does something to put a stop to it?

Chatham Woman’s Killer Dies Two Years Into Life Sentence

WCHL News Reporting December 28th 2012

Louis Ephraim Wilson III, who was serving a life sentence for the 2007 murder of a Chatham County woman, has died in prison at age 34.

Wilson pleaded guilty in 2010 to the murder of Tracy Lynn Baldwin, who was raped and beaten to death in her home off of Mann’s Chapel Road.

Prosecutors said the two met at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and that Wilson stole her credit card to buy crack cocaine before the attack.

In his obituary, family members remember Wilson for his sense of humor and love of the outdoors.

Wilson was incarcerated at the Maury Correctional Institution at the time of his death. According to his obituary, he died in his sleep on December 19.

Here is an article when he was sentenced

Wilson gets life without parole

March 18, 2010 | Posted in: News | Comments closed

Louis Ephraim Wilson III was sentenced Friday to life without parole after being convicted of first-degree murder in the bludgeoning death of Tracey Baldwin in May 2007. Baldwin, 38, was attacked and brutally beaten in her home in Chatham Subdivision. An autopsy revealed she had been sexually assaulted, strangled, bound with fishing line and bludgeoned to death. An investigation by the Chatham County Sheriff’s office and the SBI produced DNA, phone records and fraudulent transactions with the victim’s credit cards that tied Wilson to the crime.


One thought on “AA Killer Dies In Prison That Was Serving Life Sentence For Bludgeoning Death Of Woman He Met In Alcoholics Anonymous

  1. Damn, this poor woman goes to AA to get help, where society including AA tells you it is a safe place. Instead she gets raped, strangled, bludgeoned to death. Well now she is on the growing list of women murdered by men they met in Alcoholics Anonymous.
    Hopefully Tracy Lynn Baldwin death will not be in vain. Her murder will help bring justice to all the victims of AA members and NA members, and start preventing these gruesome killings.

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