AA Killer Dies In Prison That Was Serving Life Sentence For Bludgeoning Death Of Woman He Met In Alcoholics Anonymous

AA Member Louis Ephraim Wilson III who was sentenced to life in prison for the brutal murder of Tracy Lynn Baldwin, that he met at an Alcoholics Anonymous  meeting. On December 19th 2012 he died in prison. Another woman murdered by a man she met at an AA meeting. How many rapes and murders by AA members do there have to be for somebody does something to put a stop to it?

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AA Member Pleads Guilty To Manslaughter and Endangering the Welfare of a Child

Erin Robyn Lottmann, of St. Charles County, was sentenced Nov. 5, 2012, to 12 years in prison for allowing her 15-month old nephew to drown.

 AA Member Erin Lottmann did not only go to AA meetings before this tragedy occurred, but had become an AA Meeting Group Leader! She still got 12 years. So we have a woman pleading guilty to felony counts of involuntary manslaughter and endangering the welfare of a child she let drown in her presence, and  she had been leading AA meetings and sponsoring people! Just another example of the insanity of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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Alcoholics Anonymous Member Commits Double Murder Suicide In Hawaii

AA Member commits double murder suicide in Hawaii, killing his x-girlfriend, her daughter and himself. This man was very dangerous and was a member of Alcoholics Anonymous. Such a tragic story.

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Montreal Killer Goes To Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

Patrick Belanger who killed Leonard Wells gets to leave prison early for being an Alcoholics Anonymous member before sentencing. I feel for the other members who attended the same meetings !

Day parole for man who killed convicted pedophile
Posted By: Shuyee Lee slee@astral.com · 11/28/2011 2:03:00 PM

A 28-year-old Montreal man is getting out on day parole, after serving a third of his sentence for killing his neighbour who was a convicted pedophile.

Patrick Bélanger heaved a sigh of relief as the parole board announced its decision after half an hour of deliberation, Bélanger later giving his dad a big hug outside the hearing room.

Bélanger had 25 months left to serve of his three year sentence for manslaughter, less time served in detention. He was drunk and severely beat Leonard Wells after finding kiddie porn on his computer in July 2009. Wells died later in hospital.


Bélanger told the board his first goal was to stay sober and to get his life back on track after a vicious circle of alcohol and drugs such as cocaine and heroin starting at age 11, calling it a sad and disgusting lifestyle. Bélanger said it helped fill a void left by an absent father and a mother who also dealt with drug and alcohol problems.

The parole board granted him day parole, citing Belanger’s low risk of being a repeat offender and his exemplary behaviour at the Ste-Anne-des-Plaines prison. The board said the most striking thing was that Bélanger initiated the process of change even before being incarcerated, such as starting therapy, going to AA meetings and going back to school to study welding.

Belanger will stay in a halfway house, can’t touch drugs or alcohol or be anywhere near a place or people that deal with the substances, and must continue psychological counselling.


Idaho AA Member Jon Anderson Commits Murder-Suicide

Former Mayor Jon Anderson, who was an AA member shot his x-wife and then killed himself in a murder-suicide.

Maybe Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous should reconsider their laid back attitude on allowing their members to discourage professional therapy and meds.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Autopsy results confirm murder-suicide theory
Police say former mayor was shooter

Express Staff Writer

Mayor Jon Anderson

Preliminary autopsy results confirm earlier suspicions that former Bellevue Mayor Jon Anderson and his ex-wife, Linda Vaughan, were the victims last week of a murder-suicide perpetrated by Anderson.
“The autopsy made it clear that he was the person that committed the act and she was the victim,” Blaine County Coroner Russell Mikel said Monday. “The indication is that it was a murder-suicide.”
Mikel said both Anderson, 55, and Vaughan, 58, died from gunshot wounds to the head.


Anderson was on probation at the time of his death for a felony DUI conviction. He pleaded guilty to the crime in July and was sentenced by 5th District Court Judge Robert J. Elgee in August.
Elgee gave Anderson the minimum punishment of 30 days in jail, but suspended execution of the sentence pending the outcome of an appeal filed by Anderson’s attorney, Douglas Nelson.
Anderson was also given a suspended five-year prison sentence, placed on probation for three years, fined $1,500, had his driver’s license suspended for one year and was ordered to continue attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings for at least eight months.

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