Serial Rapist and Alcoholics Anonymous Member Denied Parole

Here is one 12 stepper who will not be able to attend an outside AA meeting like his peers anytime soon.

Serial rapist to stay in prison, parole board rules

      June 4, 2012 – 4:12am              By FRANCES WILLICK Staff Reporter

A violent sexual offender who has spent most of his adult years behind bars has been denied parole. William Junior Bird, 54, is serving an indeterminate sentence for forcing a woman into her Dartmouth apartment at knifepoint in 2005 and raping her while he choked her.

The decision, released last week, states that Bird continues to pose a high risk to reoffend either violently or sexually and that his assessed level of risk hasn’t decreased since he began his sentence in 2007.

Bird, a native of Cumberland County, waived his right to a hearing when he was up for both day and full parole. The board made its decision in late April based on Bird’s extensive criminal history and several psychological reports. The document also notes that Bird has no support for release in the community and his risk to the public precludes any sort of conditional release.

Bird’s prison location has not been released publicly, but the parole board report says he works part time as a range cleaner, takes part in a special needs sex offender program and attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. He had already completed one sex offender program in 2000 before he committed his most recent offence.

Bird received a federal sentence of six years in 1985 after he raped a friend’s wife while her husband, who had suffered a heart attack, was in the hospital. Bird prevented his victim from leaving, and her husband died while she was confined. In 1994, he was sentenced to nine years for sexually assaulting an 83-year-old woman.

A psychological report issued in 2005 diagnoses Bird with adjustment disorder, impulse control disorder, sexual deviation, borderline intelligence, anti-social personality traits and some symptoms of sexual sadism.

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