AA Member Strangles His Wife Months After Being Mandated To AA Meetings For Felony Domestic Violence

Kenneth Booker

 AA member Kenneth Booker has been arrested in the murder of his estranged wife.

Police records say he had also been arrested March 22, 2013 after this AA member threatened to shoot her with a .22-caliber handgun.

On Nov. 22 Booker completed the county’s treatment program and he was mandated to attend Alcoholic Anonymous meetings three times per week! This man had a violent history going back to 1989 which eventually ended in murder. The judges will send anyone to AA meetings, no matter what their crimes are.

Prosecutors: East Cleveland woman, 59, strangled by estranged husband

on January 23, 2014

EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio— Authorities said on Thursday that a 59-year-old woman was strangled inside her apartment and prosecutors have charged her estranged husband in connection with her death.

Kenneth Booker, 54, was charged Thursday with aggravated murder in East Cleveland Municipal Court. Judge William L. Dawson set bond at $1 million and his case was bound over to a Cuyahoga County grand jury to decide how the case will proceed.

Prosecutors on Thursday said Booker is accused of strangling to death Carolyn Blair, 59, of East Cleveland  inside her apartment. The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner has not yet officially ruled on the death.

East Cleveland Prosecutor Willa Hemmons said in court and in an interview with the Northeast Ohio Media Group that she observed Booker and Blair walking out of the Cuyahoga County Justice Center about 12:30 p.m. Tuesday, some four hours before Blair was found dead.

Hemmons said Booker loudly cursed at Blair from the time they left the justice center to Tower City.

“They were right in front of me and I heard him yelling at her,” Hemmons said. “So I lagged behind to make sure nothing happened. I was kind of afraid something might.”

Hemmons said she overheard Booker telling a relative he was planning to visit the relative’s home later in the day, which is where police eventually arrested Booker on suspicion of murder.

Booker, according to detectives, Hemmons and a search of court records, has been convicted of domestic violence five times since 1989.

He was convicted of domestic violence against Blair twice, once in 2001 and once in 2013.

Booker pleaded guilty to fourth-degree felony domestic violence in the 2013 case was sentenced to two years probation.

Police records say Booker was arrested March 22, 2013 after Booker threatened to shoot her with a .22-caliber handgun, which reports say they confiscated after the arrest.

Booker on Nov. 22 completed the county’s treatment program and was ordered that he attend Alcoholic Anonymous meetings three times per week.


After Blinding a Man With a Beer Bottle This Women Goes to AA Meetings

In a gruesome violent brutal attack this women joined in and committed more horrible vicious crimes against the victim. She went to AA after blinding this man for life and received a slap on the wrist by the court. No one is to dangerous or sick for AA or NA meetings. Beware- this is difficult to read.

“As the attack continued, Clause reached into the vehicle with a broken, jagged beer bottle and shoved it into Martin’s right eye, twisting and dragging it down his cheek. He is now permanently blind in that eye.”

“She said was trying to turn her life around by attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and receiving counselling. She said she wants to get her Grade 12 diploma and possibly go to college.”


Woman jailed in beer bottle attack

A 26-year-old woman, who blinded a man with a broken beer bottle during a vicious attack at a 2010 party, was sentenced Thursday to 2 ½ years in custody less time served. NA Daytona Area Meetings in Holly Hill, Ormond Beach and Port Orange.

Kelli Lynn Clause was credited with 12 months for time spent behind bars, leaving 18 months yet to be served. Volusia County Drug Court and AA and NA Meetings.

Clause was convicted by a jury of aggravated assault after a three-week trial held in Cayuga in April 2013. Continue reading

Man Who Murdered His Elderly Mother Denied Parole to Attend Outside AA Meetings

They called this Alcohol counseling going to AA meetings? This just goes to show how much ignorance there is about what AA is and what it is not. There are no professionals or trained leaders in AA or NA. Just how many killers are allowed to go on the day leave to go to outside AA meetings in the community to sit next next to your daughter, wife or brother? This practice is just outrageous!

Convicted murderer denied parole for AA meetings

 A Calgary man serving a life sentence for murdering his mother has been denied leave from jail to attend alcohol counselling.

Gregory Hetrick was convicted of second-degree murder in the 2007 death of his mother Margaret Hetrick, then 79. The Orange Papers AA Criticism.

He applied this month for an escorted temporary absence from jail to go to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. NA DAytona and AA Daytona in Deland, Orange City and Deltona.

The Parole Board of Canada (PBC) found while there would be some benefit to Hetrick, a recovering alcoholic, leaving jail to go to the meetings, the move would be premature.

“You need to gain insight into your offending, use of violence and substance abuse previous to a release,” the decision read.

Hetrick attended a substance abuse support group in jail and off-site AA meetings would be “a duplication of support,” the board found. Holly Hill AA and NA Meetings.

It also outlined concerns over the extent of Hetrick’s accountability for his crime and his “somewhat clinical and detached” description of stabbing and strangling his mother. Continue reading

AA Member Ozzy Osborne Black Sabbath Star is a Regular at AA Religous Cult Meetings

OMG Ozzy Osborne has drank the AA Kool Aid. He says if he has a drink he is dead. He goes to as many AA meetings as he can. I do not think this is his first time in AA and the 12 step cult has failed him miserably. With this man’s money he can afford professional non 12 step help!

Ozzy Osbourne is a regular guy in AA meetings

by BANG Showbiz – Story: 105045
Dec 18, 2013 / 6:21 pm
Ozzy Osbourne is a regualr guy in AA meetings

Ozzy Osbourne refuses to be treated like a celebrity when he attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. NA and AA Daytona Meetings Ormond Beach Area.

The 65-year-old rocker relapsed into drug and alcohol abuse earlier this year after seven years of sobriety, but he is now once again clean and attends as many AA meetings as he can to help him stay on the wagon.

However, Ozzy admits it’s difficult to attend the support group meet-ups because he is recognized by many other recovering addicts.

He said: “I went to one and this guy came up and said, ‘I’ve always wanted to be at a meeting with Ozzy Osbourne.’ So I said to him, ‘Hey, when I’m in this room I’m no better than you, because if we go out and have a drink, we’re f**king both dead, so let’s leave it at that.’ ”

The Black Sabbath star also refuses to take photographs with fellow attendees who happen to be fans because he feels it would inappropriate.

In an interview with NME magazine, Ozzy explained: “If someone asks for a photograph I’ll say no, because I’m not there to do photographs – I’m there to save my f**king life! I feel like an a*****e but if you do one, you’ve got to do 15. It’s not my ego, it’s my life.”

Ozzy’s wife Sharon, 61, was furious when she discovered the extent of his relapse – which included drinking and abusing amphetamines, Ritalin, valium and sleeping pills – and threatened to end their 32-year marriage if he didn’t get clean.

The rock legend, who briefly lived apart from Sharon earlier this year as he battled his demons, says he totally agreed with her drastic ultimatum.

Ozzy – who has three children, Aimee, Kelly and Jack, with Sharon – said: “I thought I was gonna lose my family at one point. Daytona NA and NA Meetings Port Orange.

“She just said, ‘Look, I’ve got my own thing going on and I can’t deal with you anymore. Get the f**k out, sort yourself out, then we’ll talk.’ I don’t blame her in the slightest.”


Man That Broke Wife’s Hip and Hit Daughter in Face Goes to AA Meetings Before Court Sentencing

Teesside Crown Court

Teesside Crown Court
This AA member got a very light sentence for the violent assault against his own wife and daughter. 
Recovering alcoholic banned from contacting estranged wife after assault left her with broken hip

David Adamson, 47, admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm, assault and drink-driving and was given a five-year restraining order

A recovering alcoholic has been banned from contacting his estranged wife after he assaulted her, causing her a broken hip.

David Adamson was challenged by his adult daughter about his behaviour after his wife said she couldn’t cope with him anymore.

He was foul-mouthed and abusive to his daughter for waking him up at about 2am, Teesside Crown Court heard. NA Daytona Meetings in Holly Hill and Port Orange.

His daughter went downstairs and picked up a breadknife to protect herself from what might happen, said prosecutor David Crook yesterday.

She said she had no intention of using it, just to scare him.

Adamson, 47, threw a chair at his daughter and tried to punch her, but did not hit her, the court was told. AA Daytona Sunrise Group Volusia County Intergroup.

He walked to the front door and when his wife followed him, he pushed her, it was said. She fell to the floor unconscious, fracturing her hip.

Then he walked upstairs where he punched another adult daughter in the face. Continue reading

AA Member John Michael Siscoe Declared a Dangerous Offender and Sentenced in the Worst Case of Torture In Canada

John Michael Siscoe.John Michael Siscoe

This is one of the case of torture in Canada. John Siscoe met his victim in an AA meeting. This one an extremely sick twisted dangerous man who was a 12 stepper looking for another victim to brutally attack. 

A dangerous offender designation is reserved for only the worst of Canadian criminals — and an indeterminate sentence is the harshest possible penalty.

News / Crime

John Michale Siscoe: ‘Sick and deviant’ abuser’s dark, cruel history revealed in court

An abused child turned “horrific” abuser, who confined and tortured a friend in his home for nearly three months, was declared a dangerous offender  Friday.

By:  GTA,  News reporter, Published on Fri Dec 06 2013

Warning: extremely graphic content.

 For nearly three months John Michael Siscoe confined and tortured his lover’s husband in a Toronto apartment. John Siscoe met him at an AA meeting.

When the man was not kept in a tiny bloodstained closet, Siscoe beat him with broomsticks and hammers, poured lighter fluid all over his body and set it alight, cut him with razor blades, stuck him with pins, viciously sexually assaulted him and threatened to kill both him and his parents. Orange Papers does AA work?

Often the man’s wife, then pregnant with Siscoe’s child, watched. The woman, who like both her husband and Siscoe is developmentally delayed, was sentenced to eight years in prison in May. NA and AA Daytona meetings in Port Orange, Holly Hill and Ormond Beach.

By the end, the man was so battered and broken that if the police hadn’t found him on Jan. 19, 2010, he would be dead, said Justice John McMahon.

On Friday McMahon declared Siscoe a dangerous offender and sentenced him to indefinite incarceration. McMahon called him a “sick and deviant individual” capable of “human depravity of such a nature that it shocks the conscience.” Continue reading

Woman Who Sexually Assaulted Teen Son Mandated to AA Meetings

Another sex abuser mandated to AA meetings. The rooms are not safe plain and simple.

Sask. woman sentenced for sexually assaulting son

‘She should have known better’: Crown
Reported by Bre McAdam
First Posted: Nov 28, 2013

A Saskatchewan woman has been sentenced for participating in sexual acts with her son, who is in the care of the Ministry of Social Services. NA Daytona meeting schedule.

The 41-year-old woman from La Ronge cannot be named because it could reveal the identity of her teenage son, whose name is banned from publication.

Judge Marilyn Gray accepted the joint-submission of 120 days time served followed by 18 months of probation for sexual assault and sexual interference.

Court heard the charges stem from 2011. The boy, who lives at a Ranch Ehrlo group home, said he would be forced to “hump” his mother while she sat in a chair, demonstrating several other sexual positions the two had engaged in. He also said his mother would stroke his genitals over top of his clothing.

Despite coming forward, the Crown said he was still worried his mother would get in trouble. Even if the boy had seemingly participated willingly, “she should have known better,” according to the Crown. St. Johns County Florida Drug Court AA Meetings.

Defence lawyer Wanda Towstego told the court the woman has struggled with addiction for most of her life, and is ready to deal with her issues.

Social service workers described the interactions they saw between the accused and her son as “appropriate” and were unaware of the incestuous nature of their relationship, she said. Volusia County Drug Court forces religious AA and NA meetings.

As part of her probation conditions, the woman must attend any required counselling sessions, including sex offender treatment and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

She’s also banned from having contact with her son unless supervised by a family service worker.