Father Guilty of Felony Child Abuse of Son With 4 Broken Limbs Attends AA Meetings Prior To Sentencing

AA Member Leonard Dorame only gets one year in prison and probation after pleading guilty to abusing his 4 month old son who was found to have 4 broken limbs after he was in his care? Also the boy is permanently disabled now because of brain trauma from the injuries. He did not admit to beating his son, but only that he failed to take him to the hospital! What kind of justice is this? He is now not allowed around children under 15 years of age.

He also attended anger management classes and domestic violence classes along with AA Meetings. Yet he is allowed at AA Meetings where there are children?! He even eluded police afterwards for weeks before he was captured.The good ol’ Alcoholics Anonymous get out of jail card working it’s magic once again in our judicial system.

Sickening isn’t it?


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AA Member Steals Car From AA Buddy And Charged With Child Abuse In Red Lobster Incident

AA Member Steven Vigil steals car from AA Member and then gets arrested for Child Abuse and Stealing a car.

Steven & Linda Vigil Passed Out at Red Lobster With 5-Month-Old Daughter

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