NA Members complain about security sign posted in the park to deter crime! The Next Step & More Will Be Revealed Group that meets in Sunrise Park, does not seem to care about the public interest,only about themselves.

Sunrise Park has had car break-ins and other serious crime recently. The citizens want to have a safe park.

Security cameras help deter crime,why do they prevent crime fighting measures?


  1. I heard they haven’t paid rent in the Pavillion for 17 years. How much do they
    owe? WHo do they think they are? They have threatened peoples lives.

    Children are not safe there.

  2. AA members having been abusing Sunrise Park in Holly Hill for years. I cant go
    there without hearing them cussing,talking about there drunkalogues,throwing
    their cigarette butts all over the park.

    If I am sitting in a pavilion they will walk up and say “we are having our
    AA meeting” or “are you here for the AA meeting?” They just
    start plopping their stuff down and totally ignore that I was sitting their
    enjoying the day.They act so entitled and arrogant.Refuse to pay rent as well.

    I know they had moved for awhile to a different location because of all the
    complaints AA and NA was recieving from people being harrassed by them in the
    park.But from what I hear,these groups came back and ignored other AA members
    that told them it was against their traditions to act like they were acting.

    Sunrise Park is going down the tubes because of all of this.Many people dont go
    there anymore out of fear from AA and NA members.I dont go there much anymore

  3. What is Narcotics Anonymous doing having meetings in a public park? Now they
    are stealing security signs? Who the hell are they to do that?
    NA is pathetic.Thats criminal,go figure!

  4. This makes me sick.Who do they think they are?
    Well if some child gets kidnapped or worse by a Daytona NA member,I hope they
    will see the pain they are causing to this community.What is it going to take?

    Because of their behavior I would never advise anyone to go to an AA/NA
    meeting.They have proven how selfish and dangerous they are.

    They continue to harass locals and intimidate them.

  5. I witnessed 2 NA members steal a security sign from Sunrise Park! A
    man from the NA meeting picked up the sign and gave it to a woman with long
    black hair and bangs driving a minivan with a child inside! This sign is there
    to protect the public and these scumbags stole it! Why?

    They refuse to pay rent and they steal! God only knows what else
    these people are capable of. Get a room!

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