Washington D.C.AA Midtown Group Abuses Teens

Midtown Group In Washingtond D.C. is a classic example how AA has no accountability.Even though AA headquarters located in New York City was well aware of the financial and sexual abuses going on at the Midtown Group they continue to ignore and take no responsibility for the actions of it’s members that it takes money from to fatten it’s bank account to pay the executives in New York Big Bucks!


One thought on “Washington D.C.AA Midtown Group Abuses Teens

  1. This is truly an eye-opener! Even with such a highly publicized case of clear
    abuse no one is accountable in this anonymous bubble. How low can they go and
    still be considered legitimate by their organization? Knowing this, now picture
    courts all around the world giving thousands of felons the option of jail or
    attending AA and NA meetings to comply with parole and probation requirements.
    Where is the accountability with the court system in offering a totally
    unsupervised, unprofessional clandestine organization as a valid option for
    probation compliance? Sound like a recipe for disaster? What about common sense and public safety?

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