Toddler Rapist / AA Member Is Now Released From Jail

Even though this child sex predator, Dexter Charles Williams was still considered to be a danger to children, he was granted his request to be released from prison. He got brownie points for attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and looks like that will continue now that he is released.

Release hope for toddler rapist
BELLE TAYLOR, The West Australian
Updated January 20, 2011, 9:15 am

A child protection advocate has attacked suggestions that a dangerous sex offender jailed indefinitely could be released, despite a psychiatrist saying he has a high risk of reoffending.Hetty Johnston, founder of the Brisbane-based child protection group Braveheart, said “a child will pay the price” if convicted rapist Dexter Charles Williams, 43, is released.

“This man is a repeat offender of the worst possible nature. There is no research anywhere in the world that says these people will be safe. No-one can say that,” Ms Johnston told 6PR radio this morning.

“The question is not if but when (he will reoffend). If he is a high risk of reoffending he should not be released. The only place he is safe is in jail.” Williams was locked up indefinitely after raping a two-year-old girl.

He is one of about a dozen WA criminals considered so dangerous they have no set release date, but Supreme Court Justice Eric Heenan said yesterday he might return him to the community if a suitable place for him to live could be found. “Release into the community under a strict supervision order may be tolerable but a number of factors need further investigation,” Justice Heenan said.


James McTaggart, from the Director of Public Prosecutions, said psychiatrist Mark Hall assessed that Williams had a high risk of reoffending but could be released under strict conditions.His report showed Williams made positive progress in the past year, including regularly attending Alcoholics Anonymous, though there were still serious “underlying issues of sexual deviancy”.

Williams was jailed for 11 years in 2000 after admitting the abduction, rape and bashing of the two-year-old girl in Esperance in 1998 and sexually assaulting a seven-year-old girl in Katanning in 1997.He was released in 2007 but was free only six weeks before breaching parole conditions when he failed to report to police and was found unsupervised with three children.

Looks Like he has conditions to continue AA Meetings-Update

Alcoholics Anonymous Sponsor Arrested For Sexual Assault

This recent arrest of Boulder Colorado AA Sponsor for sexual assault against his sponsee, is yet another example of the increasing sexual assaults being committed by Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous members. You cannot trust the sponsors. They are given way to much power and trust, considering many of them have criminal backgrounds and are still dealing with many unresolved drug and emotional problems.

This woman who was going to confess her sins to this low life, instead she says he sexually assaulted her! Confessing your sins in AA is a ridiculous practice. You do that if you are Catholic and go to confession, not to some stranger that has no training in dealing in the mental health field, or even training on a ministry level.

YouTube Link Below

Laureano Sifuentes

AA Sponsor Accused Of Sex Assault

Laureano Sifuentes Arrested On Suspicion Of Sexual Unlawful Sexual Contact

Posted by Kim Nguyen, Web Editor
POSTED: 3:56 pm MST February 10, 2012
UPDATED: 11:32 pm MST February 10, 2012

BOULDER, Colo. — A sponsor for an Alcoholics Anonymous group in Boulder is accused of sexually assaulting a member he had offered to help.
Longmont police arrested Laureano Sifuentes, 64, Wednesday night on suspicion of unlawful sexual contact. Sifuentes posted bond Thursday morning.
Boulder detectives have been investigating Sifuentes since November 2011 when a woman reported that Sifuentes had touched her inappropriately during a meeting that he had scheduled at a Boulder hotel.

The woman said he persuaded two women in the AA group that he would help them through one of the AA steps. That step is about disclosing information about past wrongs to one other person, and it’s usually done one-on-one in a private setting, Boulder police spokeswoman Kim Kobel said.
Sifuentes arranged a meeting at a hotel in Boulder and the victim, along with another female in the AA group, agreed to attend, Kobel said.
The victim said that during their meeting, Sifuentes touched her sexually. She fled the hotel and called to have someone pick her up at another location.

Sifuentes has previous arrests in 1998 and 2000 for driving under the influence of alcohol.
Anyone with information about this case is asked to call Detective Colleen Wilcox at 303-441-4483. Those who have information but wish to remain anonymous may contact the Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or 1-800-444-3776.
Tips can also be submitted through the Crime Stoppers website. Those submitting tips through Crime Stoppers that lead to the arrest and filing of charges on a suspect(s) may be eligible for a cash reward of up to $1,000 from Crime Stoppers.

YouTube Newscast On AA Sponsor’s Sexual Assault Against Sponsee-Please View!

Toronto AA Member Tortures And Sexually Assaults Fellow Alcoholics Anonymous Member

Warning: This story contains graphic material that may disturb some readers.
This poor man who was attending an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, had no idea how his life would change forever by befriending a man he met at the Toronto AA meeting. He invited John Siscoe back to his home to celebrate New Year’s Eve with his wife to share chips and pop. John Siscoe had a criminal record and drug and alcohol issues while attending AA. Probably court mandated no doubt. The horror that ensued is very hard to read. Let this be a wake-up call to those that think AA meetings are just a benevolent group, lovingly supporting one another. There is a very dark side to Alcoholics Anonymous that people need to be warned about. This man was tortured and nearly lost his life. It is considered one of the most heinous crimes in Toronto’s history! All by an Alcoholics Anonymous Member.
Update- It was Jan Foster and Robert Canavan that went to the police to report their concerns. Thank goodness they did!
John Michael Siscoe, 40, and the victim’s wife, 30, quietly pleaded guilty earlier this week in the Superior Court of Justice to a slew of charges, including endangering a life and sexual assault causing bodily harm.

Man brutally tortured by his wife and her boyfriend in Toronto apartment

Tortured mercilessly by his own wife and her new boyfriend, victim was too broken to escape

Toronto Star

Jayme Poisson, Liam Casey Fri Jan 13 2012

 John Michael Siscoe, 40, and the victim’s wife, 30, quietly pleaded guilty earlier this week in the Superior Court of Justice to a slew of charges, including endangering a life and sexual assault causing bodily harm.

It took 75 minutes Thursday for Crown Attorney Paul Leishman to read aloud in court the 25 pages detailing one of the most heinous crimes in Toronto’s history — one man, confined to a closet and brutally tortured, physically, sexually and psychologically, over the course of three months.

His body cut with razor blades and beaten with hammers and broom handles until they broke. Lighter fluid poured over his skin, and then set on fire. Cartilage ripped from his ears with a pair of pliers. Pins pierced through his lips, sealing his mouth. Bleeding wounds cauterized with hot knives or sewn up with a needle and thread.

Those responsible for the horrific abuse were the man’s own wife and her new boyfriend. The location was a cramped one-bedroom basement apartment in the city’s west end.

John Michael Siscoe, 40, and the victim’s wife, 30, quietly pleaded guilty earlier this week in the Superior Court of Justice to a slew of charges, including endangering a life and sexual assault causing bodily harm, from Oct. 31, 2009 until police rescued the man on Jan. 19, 2010.

Responding to a call from concerned area residents, they found the victim huddled in the dark bedroom closet, naked, shivering, malnourished and with grotesque wounds.

He had five fractured ribs, two collapsed lungs, facial fractures, abrasions and burns all over his body. Pictures taken after he was found show what resembles a man’s face, but black, blue and bloated to three times its normal size. His eyes were swollen shut as pus and plasma oozed from his wounds.

On Thursday afternoon, as the agreed-upon “horrible litany of facts” was read out, only a handful of people were in the courtroom at 361 University Ave.

They heard a story of a victim whose spirit was so broken that he never tried to escape and who, even when rescued, continued to protect his torturers.

The court ordered a ban on publication of anything that would tend to identify the victim, who is still legally married to the woman in the dock. At the time of the abuse all three were living together in Toronto and she was pregnant with Siscoe’s child.

The story started back in 2005, in a small town southeast of Vancouver. The victim and his wife married in a back yard civil ceremony. Pictures from a Facebook account reveal a smiling couple surrounded by family. They lived off disability insurance — she handled the bills while he cooked.

Starting in 2008, the relationship soured. She was unfaithful and took to the Internet to chat with other men. In December of that year, at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, the victim met Siscoe, a short, solid man with jet black hair, prior convictions and a history of drug and alcohol abuse. They became acquaintances and he invited Siscoe to spend New Year’s Eve with him and his wife.

Entire Story-–man-brutally-tortured-by-his-wife-and-her-boyfriend-in-toronto-apartment

Another article describing in horrific detail of the torture by Toronto AA Member-


Article discussing the possible psychological makeup of Siscoe–man-tortured-in-a-closet-raises-disturbing-questions?bn=1

Photo of closet where man was forced to live-This is the closet where a man was trapped for more than three months while enduring horrific assaults.

Picture of couples room with babies bassinet !

Mandated Daytona AA Member Rapes 9 Year Old Port Orange Girl

James Maxwell 43, a convicted violent felon was invited to a Christmas party in Port Orange by the girls parents. He later returned to abduct and rape the little 9 year old girl. They spent the night in a park. James Maxwell was on probation at the time and was attending mandated Daytona Narcotics Anonymous meetings and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. He has a long criminal history. He served 9 years for attempted murder in 1988 and 2 years for burglary in 1994. He is being held with no bail. This is horrible what happened to this little girl. The practice of mandating violent felons to meetings where minors are present needs to stop !

A 9-year-old Port Orange girl who was kidnapped and raped told police she woke up to find her neighbor, James Maxwell, sitting in a chair in her bedroom, according to court documents obtained Monday.

Maxwell, 43, who had been a holiday party guest at the girl’s parent’s house in the Brandy Hills neighborhood earlier Thursday night, then abducted the girl and raped her, police said. Reports say Maxwell told the child to take off her clothes. When she refused and resisted, Maxwell is accused of striking the child in the head.

When the mother reported her daughter missing, she told police she suspected Maxwell.

The mother’s reasons for concern about Maxwell, according to reports, was that “he was known to act strangely around children, he had a violent criminal past and left his residence early in the morning without explanation,” court records show.

According to reports filed in circuit court, authorities say Maxwell drove the child to a wooded area, raped her and took her to a park, where they stayed for the night.

Rest of Story-

Updated Orlando version

PORT ORANGE, Fla. — Newly released court documents paint a disturbing picture in the case of a Port Orange child who was taken from her own home last week. Police said 43-year-old James Maxwell — a neighbor of the victim — has been charged with kidnapping and sexual battery in the case.

Read more:

Sex Offenders Instructed to Attend AA or NA Halloween Night!

 Please dont drag your kids to AA/NA Halloween night! Actually anytime is pretty scary………….Halloween

Sex offenders on probation across the state received unannounced visits Halloween night from their Probation Officers to ensure that they did not open their doors to trick or treaters.

Probation Officers had taken a number of precautionary measures to prevent sex offenders on probation from coming into contact with children, 16 and under, this Halloween.

In addition to the unannounced visits Sunday evening, Probation Officers began warning sex offenders over the past two weeks to not answer their doors, turn on porch lights, or set-up Halloween decorations outside of their homes.

 Probation Officers have also instructed the offenders to attend an AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) or NA (Narcotics Anonymous) meeting during the peak trick or treating time period.

   Sex offender sign


Volusia County Fl Lead War on Internet Sexual Predators

Law enforcement agencies partnering with the Florida Sheriff’s Association have started carrying out online stings to catch sex offenders, said Sheriff Ben Johnson, president of the association.

“The Internet makes the world so small that people are targeting children everywhere,” Johnson said. “We are going to go wherever we can to get them off the streets.”

On Sept. 12, the Florida Sheriff’s Association announced it was “declaring war on the online predator epidemic by sharing its Cyber Sexual Predator Initiative with any Florida law enforcement organizations that would like to implement this program in their communities.”

Six days earlier, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office announced it arrested 15 men in an undercover Internet sting in Volusia.

“The sad thing is how quickly these offenders jumped on it,” Johnson said. “It makes you wonder how many times they have gone out and made a victim.”

What was alarming about the sting was how willing the sex offenders were to accept offers of children for sex from detectives posing as parents.’

Now if these sexual predators of children are convicted,and they have any sort of drug or alcohol problem-where do you think the courts send them to? Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, with no warning to the groups or the minors. Both AA/NA promote people and minors to come to these meetings when they are fully aware the dangerous demographic make-up of many AA/NA meetings. The Sheriffs Office should investigate how many sexual predators are attending meetings with children and teens present in Daytona Beach Florida and the rest of the state.Actually this is a national issue. The judicial system needs to stop mandating AA/NA attendance to sexual offenders and violent felons,especially with the judicial system and probation officers having full knowledge of this practice that puts minors in great danger.Many minors have been harmed and will continue to until this practice of mixing sexual offenders and minors together stops.



A Connecticut jury found Joshua Komisarjevsky guilty of 17 counts,including the murders of Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her daughters Hayley and Michaela Petit, nearly wrapping up the legal end of the horrific 2007 home invasion robbery-gone-wrong in Cheshire, Connecticut. Komisarjevsky now faces the death penalty in sentencing.

Steven Hayes who had already been convicted and was Komisarjevsky accomplice had met at Narcotics Anonymous meetings and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and also stayed at a halfway house together.                                    


John Thomas Nackab

John Thomas Nackab an AA member, met a woman at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in North Carolina. He was a registered sex offender. Because he does not have to disclose this information to anyone in AA, the woman had no warning of what horrific sexual abuse was going to happen. The two started dating a few weeks later. The man ended up raping the womans daughter and sexually abusing her other children. He was convicted of first degree rape.

He was not happy with the light sentence he got for raping and sodomizing a little girl and tried to appeal his sentence!

Keep in mind that AA/NA headquarters are fully aware of these crimes and still tell teens to come to meetings.They water down any concerns to parents as well.

John Thomas Nackab (“defendant”) appeals from judgments entered upon jury verdicts finding him guilty of first degree rape of a child, first degree sex offense with a child, and three counts of taking indecent liberties with a child. We find no error.

I. Background
In July 2006, defendant met a woman named Martha at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Defendant and Martha began dating a few weeks later. At that time, Martha lived with her five minor children: two boys and three girls, Catherine, Barbara, and Amanda (collectively “the victims”). While defendant and Martha were dating, defendant would frequently spend the night at Martha’s home. Catherine would sometimes sleep in the same bed with Martha and defendant. On several occasions while they were in bed together, defendant touched Catherine in her genital area over her clothing.On 19 November 2006, defendant and Amanda were alone together at defendant’s mother’s home. Defendant called Amanda into his room and told her to take her clothes off and lie on his bed.

The rest is just too graphic, but the Court report is here-

12 Step Psychologist Arrested On Attempted Rape Of 10 Year Old Boy

12 step AA/NA promoting Psychologist charged in attempting to rape a 10 year old boy.

AA turns a Blind Eye to Sexual Predators In Meetings

AA states clearly that they have problems with sexual predators within AA groups.Yet they have stated as an organization they have no responsibility to do doing anything to prevent or warn minors or other members about this danger.

This is disturbing that AA refuses to take any responsibility or accountability for the safety of members.If you feel this is wrong call AA headquarters in New York City.There phone number is 212-870-3400.

On top of this, AA encourages teens to come to meetings not warning them, knowing sexual predators are a growing problem, as the judicial system is adding this danger to members.

AA does not belong in parks and playgrounds where children are at risk.

NA Member In Washington State Rapes Two 15 Year-Old Boys

Robert Darrell Strickland gained the trust of the 15 year old boys who were dealing with drug and alcohol issues. He lured them to his house in Centralia, Washington where he raped them.This is a shocking account of another crime committed by an NA member against minors. NA headquarters in California are well aware of these crimes against children taking place.They have decided to do nothing about it as an organization. They feel it is a police matter, and they have no responsibility to put guidelines in place or warnings to protect minors.They are shameful organization that turn their back on the children.

AA ‘Dealing with ‘Predators’ In Their Meetings

In 2001 Austrailia discussed the problems with Predators in AA.They start right off the bat stating it is not at all common.Not true-very common!

“Barring someone(predator)from a meeting is an extreme step’ REALLY?

They want to handle this on a group level only, as there is no discussion as to do anything other than to have alcoholics handle it locally who have no training in dealing with sexual predators,mental illness or pedophiles.

Walter Meyerle, 200 Criminal Counts In Huge Child Serial Rapist Charges

                        test4Walter Meyerle

Bristol Township PA,Bucks County.This is a horrific story that is difficult to read, of a man with a long criminal history involving drugs and DWI’s convictions.This monster took advantage of friends,girlfriends and neighbors children.He would give some drugs. With his long criminal history and drug convictions it is most likely that he had been mandated by the judicial system to go to Narcotics Anonymous. It is pretty much a rubber stamp demand when people are arrested for DWI or drugs.

Also known sexual predators that are released from prison are often sentenced to AA or NA. The judges and probation officers know children and minors attend these AA/NA meetings. Yet they continue to send the likes of Walter Meyerle to mandated meetings.

Let your public officials know how you feel about this outragious practice.

Please dont send your teen to AA/NA!

Sexual Assaults Against Minors In Alcoholics Anonymous Continue

From what I can tell, Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous has not done what is needed to prevent the continuation of the sexual abuse that take place against minors or adults with the groups.What guidance are they getting from AA/NA headquarters? Until these 12 step organizations take responsibly and deal with this horrific situation,do not send your teens or bring your children to meetings. They are not safe! All members are at risk-but the most vulnerable are the children and teenagers. AA of Daytona Beach Fl, should stop having your meetings in playgrounds! In Hollyland and Sunrise Park Holly Hill Fl both groups thumb their nose at the safety of children and the community so they can smoke and not pay rent. It is a disgrace.
Here is an AA member that has tried to bring awareness to this tragedy.It does not appear anyone is listening about the crimes committed against children in both AA and NA worldwide. This is a global problem with these organization. They refuse to take responsibility for what is happening in the rooms or parks.

Washington D.C.AA Midtown Group Abuses Teens

Midtown Group In Washingtond D.C. is a classic example how AA has no accountability.Even though AA headquarters located in New York City was well aware of the financial and sexual abuses going on at the Midtown Group they continue to ignore and take no responsibility for the actions of it’s members that it takes money from to fatten it’s bank account to pay the executives in New York Big Bucks!

NA Daytona Beach/Holly Hill Fl ‘By Young Addicts For Young Addicts’

Here we go with NA promoting the attendance of teens with there own brochure just for youth. Read it and weep. Unbelievable.This should be against the law to treat minors without a substance abuse treatment license.

Here is a pathetic excerpt encouraging minors to talk to Narcotics Anonymous about their experiences with sex and orientation! NA has no business encouraging minors to speak to untrained and non professional members including sexual offenders and violent felons about their sex life. Sounds perverted.Cant believe NA has this in a printed booklet for minors.

Sex, Drugs, and . . .
As young members, coming to terms with our sexuality 
in recovery can be difficult. Our experiences with sex 
can include anything from our sexual orientation to 
break-ups, pregnancy, unmanageability, confusion, 
and shame or guilt about things we’ve done or things 
that happened to us. We’ll hear lots of opinions and 
suggestions about sex and relationships in recovery. 
We may not always listen to what others have to say, 
but we can make an effort to talk openly with our 
sponsor and other members we trust. Sometimes 
our feelings about sex and relationships make drugs 
start to seem like a solution again. Instead, we share 
what we’re going through and ask for guidance 
and support. Recovery will help us get through 
our feelings clean. When we share honestly about 
ourselves, we’re an example for others.

14 year old Morgan Bell Girl Dies of Oxycodone Overdose

Morgan Bell 14,youngest person to die in Brevard County from overdose.
Richard Keith Baily 48, arrested for molesting Morgan Bell. It is believed he also supplied her with the drugs that killed her. He had a criminal history.
Mixing minors and criminals do not mix.Now we have another 14 year-old dead.

Orlando man accused of molesting troubled 14-year-old girl before she died of drug overdose

Morgan Bell was the youngest person to die of a drug overdose in 2010 in Orange, Osceola counties.

May 04, 2011|By Walter Pacheco, Orlando Sentinel

A 48-year-old Orlando man faces a charge of molesting a troubled 14-year-old Brevard County girl who later died of an oxycodone overdose at an Orlando hospital in October.

Jail records show Orange County Sheriff’s Office deputies on Monday arrested Richard Keith Bailey on a felony charge of lewd and lascivious behavior. He left the Orange County jail that same day after posting $20,000 bail.

Washington NA Member Charged with Brutal Rape and Kidnapping

Narcotics Anonymous member John Alan Carter 51, charged with rape and kidnapping of woman he met at an NA meeting and lured her to a house he was staying at. Women-if you must go to a meeting-go to a womans only meeting!

John Alan Carter, 51, has been charged with first-degree rape and first-degree kidnapping in connection with the knifepoint sexual assault of an acquaintance he allegedly lured to a home he was house-siting in Covington on July 26. An arraignment date has not been scheduled.

According to court charging documents, Carter asked a 49-year-old woman he had met through Narcotics Anonymous to view the home. Once there, Carter punched the woman in her stomach, court charging documents said. When the woman fought back, Carter choked her until she lost consciousness and fell to the floor, charging papers said. Carter then threatened her with a knife, saying he would kill her and rape her daughter if she didn’t comply with his demands, charging papers said.

Carter then bound the woman’s ankles and wrists with plastic ties and raped her repeatedly for several hours, charging papers said.

Later, Carter ordered the woman to drive with him in her Jeep Liberty to an ATM so she could withdraw money for him. At the store, the woman was ordered to get out of her Jeep and go into a Renton 7-Eleven store and get him cash. Carter stayed in the Jeep, but told the woman that if she fled he would kill her and her daughter, charging papers said.

The woman withdrew $400 then told Carter to let her go. Carter ordered the woman to get into the vehicle, but she refused and he drove away. The Jeep was found a week ago in Medford, Ore.