Feds: Alcoholics Anonymous Host Sold Drugs at AA meetings


Alcoholics Anonymous host allegedly sold drugs at meetings

By Michael Harthorne Published: Mar 13, 2013

CBS/AP) SEATTLE – Michael Martin Shepard, the owner of a South Seattle nonprofit club that regularly hosted Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, was arrested Monday for allegedly selling oxycodone before and after meetings,CBS affiliate KIMA reports.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the Seattle Police Department was alerted in November that Shepard, the owner of Nomadian Community Resource Center, was dealing illegal drugs.

“We took a closer look and realized what we had here was a pretty significant drug operation,” Sgt. Sean Whitcomb, of the Seattle Police Department, said. Continue reading

Washington NA Member Charged with Brutal Rape and Kidnapping

Narcotics Anonymous member John Alan Carter 51, charged with rape and kidnapping of woman he met at an NA meeting and lured her to a house he was staying at. Women-if you must go to a meeting-go to a womans only meeting!

John Alan Carter, 51, has been charged with first-degree rape and first-degree kidnapping in connection with the knifepoint sexual assault of an acquaintance he allegedly lured to a home he was house-siting in Covington on July 26. An arraignment date has not been scheduled.

According to court charging documents, Carter asked a 49-year-old woman he had met through Narcotics Anonymous to view the home. Once there, Carter punched the woman in her stomach, court charging documents said. When the woman fought back, Carter choked her until she lost consciousness and fell to the floor, charging papers said. Carter then threatened her with a knife, saying he would kill her and rape her daughter if she didn’t comply with his demands, charging papers said.

Carter then bound the woman’s ankles and wrists with plastic ties and raped her repeatedly for several hours, charging papers said.

Later, Carter ordered the woman to drive with him in her Jeep Liberty to an ATM so she could withdraw money for him. At the store, the woman was ordered to get out of her Jeep and go into a Renton 7-Eleven store and get him cash. Carter stayed in the Jeep, but told the woman that if she fled he would kill her and her daughter, charging papers said.

The woman withdrew $400 then told Carter to let her go. Carter ordered the woman to get into the vehicle, but she refused and he drove away. The Jeep was found a week ago in Medford, Ore.