Woman Pleads Guilty to Trying to Sell her Boyfriends 1 Month Old Baby is Mandated to Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

JULY 30, 2013

Woman pleads guilty to trying to sell baby in Hood County

073013 Heather Wall
A 25-year-old woman has pleaded guilty in a Hood County court and received a 10-year suspended sentence for her role in trying to sell her boyfriend’s 1-month-old child.Heather Janette Wall (right) of  Mabank, northwest of Athens, pled guilty to the third-degree felony on Monday. She must complete eight years of supervised probation, enter a substance abuse program and attend Narcotics Anonymous.

073013 Randall Bonneville

According to earlier reports, Wall and her boyfriend, Randall Bonneville (left), were was arrested after they took the then 1-month-old daughter from her biological mother and attempted to sell her to Wall’s uncle in Hood County.

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— Bill Miller

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Alcoholics Anonymous Will Not Qualify Under Bill H 813 Drug Treatment Requirement

Amazing, under this bill H 813, Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous would not qualify under this requirement for treatment. It looks like the government is realizing what a failure 12 step programs are.

Drug felon bill advances in Florida House
2:09 PM, Feb. 21, 2012

A measure to require drug felons to undergo treatment before receiving temporary cash assistance passed a House hurdle Tuesday on a party-line vote.

Sponsored by Rep. Jimmie Smith, R-Inverness, the measure (HB 813) would allow felons who have not undergone treatment to designate someone else to collect funds from Temporary Aid to Needy Families, a federal program administered by the state. Following public testimony and debate, the bill passed 12-6.

“Sometimes all people need to do the right thing is a bit of encouragement,” said Rep. Dennis Baxley, R-Ocala, who supported the measure, one of several recent efforts to keep federal tax dollars out of the hands of drug users.

The bill would require applicants who have been convicted of a felony drug possession or trafficking to certify that they had successfully completed an approved drug treatment program to be eligible for TANF benefits. Participation in Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous, treatment programs widely accessed in prisons, would not qualify.


Toddler Rapist / AA Member Is Now Released From Jail

Even though this child sex predator, Dexter Charles Williams was still considered to be a danger to children, he was granted his request to be released from prison. He got brownie points for attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and looks like that will continue now that he is released.

Release hope for toddler rapist
BELLE TAYLOR, The West Australian
Updated January 20, 2011, 9:15 am

A child protection advocate has attacked suggestions that a dangerous sex offender jailed indefinitely could be released, despite a psychiatrist saying he has a high risk of reoffending.Hetty Johnston, founder of the Brisbane-based child protection group Braveheart, said “a child will pay the price” if convicted rapist Dexter Charles Williams, 43, is released.

“This man is a repeat offender of the worst possible nature. There is no research anywhere in the world that says these people will be safe. No-one can say that,” Ms Johnston told 6PR radio this morning.

“The question is not if but when (he will reoffend). If he is a high risk of reoffending he should not be released. The only place he is safe is in jail.” Williams was locked up indefinitely after raping a two-year-old girl.

He is one of about a dozen WA criminals considered so dangerous they have no set release date, but Supreme Court Justice Eric Heenan said yesterday he might return him to the community if a suitable place for him to live could be found. “Release into the community under a strict supervision order may be tolerable but a number of factors need further investigation,” Justice Heenan said.


James McTaggart, from the Director of Public Prosecutions, said psychiatrist Mark Hall assessed that Williams had a high risk of reoffending but could be released under strict conditions.His report showed Williams made positive progress in the past year, including regularly attending Alcoholics Anonymous, though there were still serious “underlying issues of sexual deviancy”.

Williams was jailed for 11 years in 2000 after admitting the abduction, rape and bashing of the two-year-old girl in Esperance in 1998 and sexually assaulting a seven-year-old girl in Katanning in 1997.He was released in 2007 but was free only six weeks before breaching parole conditions when he failed to report to police and was found unsupervised with three children.

Looks Like he has conditions to continue AA Meetings-Update


AA Fails To Protect Minors From Predators They Invite To Meetings

Now this is rich, some AA members are actually showing concern for minors at meetings and wanting to do something about it. Yet they are shot down, because of liability concerns. If they admit there is a problem with minors not being safe at AA meetings, then you are looking at liability concerns. For anyone reading this in AA, let it be known that MANY people are aware of this problem including AA headquarters In New York City. We know you know! There is no way to pretend that you do not know. It is an outrageous statement to come back with. They put it all on the groups themselves. To protect minors in AA should be a priority that includes AA headquarters.  Of course anything each group decides to do to protect minors in meetings would be helpful.They can stop inviting minors, not allow mandated minors and stop having youth outreach campaigns to have minors come to adult AA meetings!  You need to look at what Alateen does to protect minors.

Here are some of the highlights presented by our Southeast Regional Trustee

The General Service Board received a request to develop a policy on making the rooms safe for young people who are coming to AA. They wanted to be sure minors are being protected. We received all kinds of background material as to why our rooms aren’t safe from predators. The idea was sent to the General Service Board, and the board sent it to a committee. The committee deliberated and said we want the rooms safe for everybody. The question is, is that just in the AA meeting room or is that outside the meeting room’ The Board had a discussion as to what do we do’ The decision was that it was the responsibility of each group. All that we could do as a Board is to say that it is the responsibility of each group. Part of that is because we have no authority to tell groups how they need to function or what they need to do. That’s the groups’ autonomy. The other part is that we may not know what the issues may be in your group or your community. We need to work hard to make sure the rooms are safe.

Question ‘ Would it be reasonable to have a service piece on the safety in the rooms of AA that might open the eyes of the fellowship’
Answer ‘ I am not an attorney but we have had counsel indicate that if you say there may be a problem and you don’t do something about it, and there is a problem, then you may be liable because you have said there may be a problem. The best way of saying it is, if we print anything that says there may be a problem then if there is a problem then we got a problem. We not only struggle with the spiritual responsibilities but the legal responsibilities in providing information. So the board decided to send people out, like me, and you to do something about it. If your Area feels like we need a written piece, then that is where the voice needs to come.


Level 3 Sexual Predator Mandated to Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

This man is a violent level 3 sexual predator mandated to attend Stearns County Minnesota Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous and have a sponsor. He must also participate in Domestic Violence Court. Is Judge Davick Halfen concerned at all that minors attend AA/NA meetings too !? He should be, as many courts mandate juveniles to 12 step programs with the blessings of GSO AA and NA World Services. When are the people that are in a position to protect minors going to start doing their JOB?!

Presley Harmon, 54, St. Cloud; third-degree criminal sexual conduct, Feb. 4, 2011; sentenced to 90 months in prison with execution stayed on 15 years probation and 105 days in jail, fined $50 plus surcharges or complete community service work in lieu of the fine, ordered to pay restitution as determined by the agent — left open until August 19, 2011, complete a psychosexual evaluation and follow recommendations, abstain from alcohol and nonprescribed mood-altering substances, undergo random urinalysis, register as a predatory offender, provide a DNA sample, attend Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous weekly and provide verification to agent as well as obtain a sponsor, have no contact with the victim, complete polygraph testing as directed by agent, not access or possess pornography, remain law abiding and participate in Domestic Violence Court and follow requirements. Judge: Davick-Halfen.




Alateen is a branch of Ala-non headquartered out of Virginia Beach VA. They have a safety guidelines brochure G-34 addressing the minors in their care. They speak many times about how each area should review their local laws and regulations in regard to teens, as they vary from state to state. Unfortunately it does not tell members what state agencies for them to contact to find out this information.

As many of you know Alateen and Ala-non are based on 12 step principles. Some how they have managed to put into place safety guidelines for Sponsors and teens for their program. They have implemented procedures that AA/NA Corporate offices state they cannot possibly do, because it would break traditions. This is what they hide behind to have no accountability. Yet Alateen follows the very same 12 step principles, and their safety precautions are mandatory. In fact if a group is not compying, they will remove them as a group pronto! Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous refuse to have any safety guidelines and are flying under the radar when it comes to protecting minors or other vulnerable members of society.

I assume Alateen has taken this step to satisfy Insurance Companies and themselves from liability. Yet we have AA and NA going into high schools, juvenile detentions centers, and have literature stating you are basically never too young to join the adults in AA/NA. Yet they follow zero safety guidelines. DCF seems to look the other way. Why is this obvious lack of accountability with minors being ignored?

Courts are mandating level 3 sexual predators, rapists, and other violent felons to Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous everyday through out this country. AA and NA are aware of minors being sexually assaulted by AA members, yet they have voted to do nothing about it. Except to solicit more minors to attend dangerous meetings.

Plus many women have been raped and others killed,stabbed and financially scammed by 12 step members they met at meetings. There needs to be safety measures put into place to protect people attending meetings.

Here is the start of Alateens G-34 phamphlet-

Alateens are members of the Al-Anon fellowship who have suffered because of the alcoholism of a loved one. They have come to Alateen seeking recovery. Before recovery can take place, an environment of trust and safety must exist. It is the responsibility of Al-Anon and Alateen as a whole to work together to maintain a healthy, loving, and supportive environment.

These guidelines offer procedures for insuring the safety of Alateen members, their Sponsors and Al-Anon/Alateen as a whole. All guidelines, including the Alateen Safety Guidelines, offer the shared experience of Al-Anon/Alateen members. Following these guidelines is not a substitute for knowing and obeying the law of your area as it relates to minors. Each state and province has its own way of regulating these issues, and it is important that each person involved with Alateen is aware of and follows local legal requirements.

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