Man who Stabbed and Slashed a Muslim Cabdriver in Attempted Murder allowed to Attend AA Meetings before 9 1/2 Year Sentence

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Like we keep saying, no one is too dangerous to attend AA meetings to get their AA get out of Jail card. AA Daytona Area Meetings and NA Daytona Area Meetings in Ormond Beach, Holly Hill, Port Orange, South Daytona and Daytona Beach Shores.

Man Sentenced to 9½ Years in ’10 Attack on Cabdriver

Michael Enright pleaded guilty to attempted murder and assault, both as hate crimes, in an attack on a Muslim taxi driver.


Published: June 25, 2013

Nearly three years ago, Michael Enright asked a taxi driver if he was a Muslim. When the driver answered yes, Mr. Enright yelled Muslim-based insults and lunged through the partition with a knife, stabbing and slashing away.

The attack shocked New York, drawing condemnations from Muslim groups and Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, who invited the cabby to visit him in City Hall.

For Mr. Enright, the vicious assault left only the prospect of a nine-and-a-half-year prison sentence, which he accepted on Tuesday as he offered his apologies.

“I failed in every aspect of my life during the active days of my alcoholism,” Mr. Enright, a former college film student, said. “Most importantly, on Aug. 24, 2010, the date of my last drink, I failed as a human being when I attacked an innocent man in an alcoholic blackout and nearly took his life.”

Mr. Enright, 24, hailed a taxi that night on East 24th Street. It was driven by Ahmed H. Sharif, who suffered stab and slash wounds to the throat, face, arms and hands Continue reading

Alcoholics Anonymous Member Paul Cox Brutally Murdered Couple He Thought Where His Parents In 1994

An archived article from People magazine in 1994 about an Alcoholics Anonymous member Paul Cox ,who brutally murdered a couple he thought where his parents. Even though his arrest came from a tip from an AA member, when asked to testify they balked! Yet the judge ordered the AA Members to testify. Wow, the New York AA members did not want to help convict a killer. Here is a snip from the article.

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Suicidal Alcoholics Anonymous Member Calls Veterans Crisis Line

Here is a suicide crisis line for veterans, and this one suicidal veteran states he has people in AA he can talk to. AA is not equipped to deal with suicidal, depressed veterans. Lack of real professional help for veterans and depending on 12 step programs is costing lives.

Veterans Crisis Line Seeks To Help Those Struggling With Civilian Life, Unemployment, Post-Combat Stress
Posted: 03/ 8/2012 12:06 pm
CANANDAIGUA, N.Y. — Hi, this is Tricia. Thank you for calling the Veterans Crisis Line. What’s going on tonight?

Tricia, a crisis line operator, is talking with someone we’ll call Steven. Her long black hair frames her face as she bends over her desk, eyes closed, listening and then replying softly.

Steven, will you take a few deep breaths for me, it’s really important that I understand what you are experiencing.

In a few cramped rooms inside a dark red brick veterans mental institution built here in the 1930s, Tricia Lucchesi, along with some two dozen mental health professionals and veterans, fields the calls that come in every minute through the Veterans Crisis Line.

Tricia is 52 and has years of experience in teaching and mental health care; her son is an enlisted airman in the Air Force. Her headset is decorated with blue sparkles. She listens, oblivious to the bustle and ringing phones around her. When she responds she speaks slowly, pouring warmth down the phone line.

What is it Steven, that is making you so desperate that the only way you can think of is to kill yourself?

Seventeen thousand times a month, at all hours of the day and night, the operators answer the callers, listening intently, absorbing the anger and despair, gently shifting them back toward life.

Okay, Steven, I hear that you want to kill yourself tonight and I want to be able to help you not feel that way.


The VA has made huge strides in providing services to the new and Vietnam-era veterans who are demanding medical and mental health help in record numbers. But its facilities, and especially mental health therapists and consultants, are often overwhelmed by the demand.

“Many of the veterans feel very frustrated when the system doesn’t work for them,” said a crisis line responder. “Our VA system is strained, a lot of times there’s not enough staffing. It’s a big job, and often there aren’t enough people to do it.”

Steven, do you have someone you can- … Okay, AA [Alcoholics Anonymous]? Oh, good, you have people in AA. How long have you been sober? Seven years! Good for you! And with everything that’s been going on with you, you haven’t picked up a drink for seven years? … You have a bottle of wine? … Was that today? … Have you been drinking today? … Okay, okay … All right, so you stayed sober for seven years and today you were in so much pain you felt you had to pick up a drink … Okay …. Sure … Sure … I hear you’re in a lot of pain and you want to die right now … We have ways to help you and make your life easier, but you need to work with me on this …

AA Fails To Protect Minors From Predators They Invite To Meetings

Now this is rich, some AA members are actually showing concern for minors at meetings and wanting to do something about it. Yet they are shot down, because of liability concerns. If they admit there is a problem with minors not being safe at AA meetings, then you are looking at liability concerns. For anyone reading this in AA, let it be known that MANY people are aware of this problem including AA headquarters In New York City. We know you know! There is no way to pretend that you do not know. It is an outrageous statement to come back with. They put it all on the groups themselves. To protect minors in AA should be a priority that includes AA headquarters.  Of course anything each group decides to do to protect minors in meetings would be helpful.They can stop inviting minors, not allow mandated minors and stop having youth outreach campaigns to have minors come to adult AA meetings!  You need to look at what Alateen does to protect minors.

Here are some of the highlights presented by our Southeast Regional Trustee

The General Service Board received a request to develop a policy on making the rooms safe for young people who are coming to AA. They wanted to be sure minors are being protected. We received all kinds of background material as to why our rooms aren’t safe from predators. The idea was sent to the General Service Board, and the board sent it to a committee. The committee deliberated and said we want the rooms safe for everybody. The question is, is that just in the AA meeting room or is that outside the meeting room’ The Board had a discussion as to what do we do’ The decision was that it was the responsibility of each group. All that we could do as a Board is to say that it is the responsibility of each group. Part of that is because we have no authority to tell groups how they need to function or what they need to do. That’s the groups’ autonomy. The other part is that we may not know what the issues may be in your group or your community. We need to work hard to make sure the rooms are safe.

Question ‘ Would it be reasonable to have a service piece on the safety in the rooms of AA that might open the eyes of the fellowship’
Answer ‘ I am not an attorney but we have had counsel indicate that if you say there may be a problem and you don’t do something about it, and there is a problem, then you may be liable because you have said there may be a problem. The best way of saying it is, if we print anything that says there may be a problem then if there is a problem then we got a problem. We not only struggle with the spiritual responsibilities but the legal responsibilities in providing information. So the board decided to send people out, like me, and you to do something about it. If your Area feels like we need a written piece, then that is where the voice needs to come.

Level 3 Sexual Predator Mandated to Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

This man is a violent level 3 sexual predator mandated to attend Stearns County Minnesota Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous and have a sponsor. He must also participate in Domestic Violence Court. Is Judge Davick Halfen concerned at all that minors attend AA/NA meetings too !? He should be, as many courts mandate juveniles to 12 step programs with the blessings of GSO AA and NA World Services. When are the people that are in a position to protect minors going to start doing their JOB?!

Presley Harmon, 54, St. Cloud; third-degree criminal sexual conduct, Feb. 4, 2011; sentenced to 90 months in prison with execution stayed on 15 years probation and 105 days in jail, fined $50 plus surcharges or complete community service work in lieu of the fine, ordered to pay restitution as determined by the agent — left open until August 19, 2011, complete a psychosexual evaluation and follow recommendations, abstain from alcohol and nonprescribed mood-altering substances, undergo random urinalysis, register as a predatory offender, provide a DNA sample, attend Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous weekly and provide verification to agent as well as obtain a sponsor, have no contact with the victim, complete polygraph testing as directed by agent, not access or possess pornography, remain law abiding and participate in Domestic Violence Court and follow requirements. Judge: Davick-Halfen.


This is actually the stepfather of the young girl who was convicted of sexually assaulting her.It is an unacceptable practice of mandating sexual offenders to AA/NA where children are often present along with underage teens. Also minors are actively encouraged by AA/NA themselves.They are even going into our high schools trying to expand their base !

Ravenna man jailed sex abuse of girl
  • By Kearney Hub
  • Posted: October 13, 2011 4:00 pm

KEARNEY — A Ravenna man is serving a 9-month jail sentence for sexually assaulting a girl.

The man was also placed on three years’ probation for a second charge of felony-attempted incest of the same girl. The man’s name is being withheld to protect the victim’s identify.

Under his probation, the man must complete intensive outpatient counseling, attend Alcoholic’s Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous three times a week and obtain his GED. Judge John Icenogle sentenced the man last week in Buffalo County District Court.

The man pleaded no contest to the charges in July. Both incidents happened in October 2009 in Ravenna and involved the same girl.

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Daniel Baldwins Wife Joanne Baldwin sent to AA by Judge

After threatening to kill her husband,it looks like the 12 step programs has failed Joanne Baldwin.Almost cost Daniel his life! If you need addiction help-get professional help.It does not work for the rich and famous either.If you have children like she does,do it for your children.Dont play around with a dangerous cult that can cost you your life.