Man Who Murdered His Elderly Mother Denied Parole to Attend Outside AA Meetings

They called this Alcohol counseling going to AA meetings? This just goes to show how much ignorance there is about what AA is and what it is not. There are no professionals or trained leaders in AA or NA. Just how many killers are allowed to go on the day leave to go to outside AA meetings in the community to sit next next to your daughter, wife or brother? This practice is just outrageous!

Convicted murderer denied parole for AA meetings

 A Calgary man serving a life sentence for murdering his mother has been denied leave from jail to attend alcohol counselling.

Gregory Hetrick was convicted of second-degree murder in the 2007 death of his mother Margaret Hetrick, then 79. The Orange Papers AA Criticism.

He applied this month for an escorted temporary absence from jail to go to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. NA DAytona and AA Daytona in Deland, Orange City and Deltona.

The Parole Board of Canada (PBC) found while there would be some benefit to Hetrick, a recovering alcoholic, leaving jail to go to the meetings, the move would be premature.

“You need to gain insight into your offending, use of violence and substance abuse previous to a release,” the decision read.

Hetrick attended a substance abuse support group in jail and off-site AA meetings would be “a duplication of support,” the board found. Holly Hill AA and NA Meetings.

It also outlined concerns over the extent of Hetrick’s accountability for his crime and his “somewhat clinical and detached” description of stabbing and strangling his mother. Continue reading

Julia Franzen Covered In Blood Arrested For Stabbing Her AA Member Mother Nancy Franzen

AA member Nancy Franzen’s daughter Julia Franzen has been arrested in her murder. Julia Franzen had a history of arrests and mental problems. This is such a tragic story. Even though I do not know if Julia Franzen was mandated to AA for her arrests, I do know that her Mother was very involved in Alcoholics Anonymous. After reading this story I could not help but wonder what led up to this? True the daughter was very troubled indeed. Did her Mom being an AA member impact this very volatile situation in a positive or negative way? AA is known for telling people not to take their meds, and look poorly on the professional mental health community. They also are known for encouraging people to look at their part in it, and going through confessions.

Did the fact that Nancy Franzen was an AA member help or hurt her and her family in the end? R.I.P. Nancy Franzer.

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Mandated AA Member Kills Dad With Baseball Bat after Plotting to Murder His Family According to Arrest Report


Social media offers peek into Tucker Cipriano’s life before attack

June 1, 2012  |

 Nearly two months before he was accused of attacking his family, Tucker Cipriano asked friends on Facebook whether anyone went to local Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

According to police reports, Cipriano was known to use synthetic marijuana and was said to have stolen from his parents.

Social media has offered a glimpse into the life of Cipriano, 19, who is accused along with a friend of breaking into his parents’ home on April 16, beating his father to death with an aluminum bat and nearly killing his mother and one of his brothers.

A Feb. 26 message on Cipriano’s Facebook page — he posted under the name Johnathen Kodiak Hammond — asked: “anyone go to any A.A. meetings around farmington?” A later message, responding to someone giving a meeting location, said: “u go? i need someone to go with.”

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Killers Probation Revoked For Missing Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings!

Now this is a tough one. What is a killer to do when he has missed too many Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and is sent back to the slammer ? Demand answers that is what you do! In 1991 Charles Doucette was convicted of killing a man execution style as well as a couple of home invasions. He received 7 life sentences. In a controversial decision, the Parole Board released him on parole in 2007. How does that happen with 7 life sentences? It looks like he missed one too many AA meetings along with other parole infractions though and got sent back to his cell.

January 12, 2012

Killer in custody wants answer from Parole Board

By Julie Manganis

 PEABODY — Lawyers for convicted killer Charles “Chucky” Doucette have gone to court, asking a judge to order the state Parole Board to make a decision one way or the other whether Doucette has violated his parole.

The complaint, filed Tuesday in Salem Superior Court, says Doucette, 51, has been waiting 71/2 months, since a hearing in July before two board members, on whether his arrest on domestic abuse charges — as well as allegations that he associated with someone with a criminal record, missed Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and fell behind on his parole fees — means the revocation of his parole.

Doucette was later cleared of the domestic abuse charges and is being held in custody while he awaits a Parole Board ruling.

Doucette pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the 1991 execution-style shooting of Raymond Bufalino of Salem, as well as a pair of home invasions while awaiting trial, and received seven life sentences.

The Parole Board, in a controversial, split decision, voted to release him on parole in 2007.

Doucette has twice faced new criminal charges — and both times, those cases were either dismissed or he was found not guilty. The first case was an allegation of sexual assault, which was presented to a grand jury that opted not to indict.

The second case was an arrest on Valentine’s Day last year, when he was accused of dragging his girlfriend with his vehicle during a domestic dispute outside his Beverly home. He was found not guilty of that allegation after a trial in May.

AA Fails To Protect Minors From Predators They Invite To Meetings

Now this is rich, some AA members are actually showing concern for minors at meetings and wanting to do something about it. Yet they are shot down, because of liability concerns. If they admit there is a problem with minors not being safe at AA meetings, then you are looking at liability concerns. For anyone reading this in AA, let it be known that MANY people are aware of this problem including AA headquarters In New York City. We know you know! There is no way to pretend that you do not know. It is an outrageous statement to come back with. They put it all on the groups themselves. To protect minors in AA should be a priority that includes AA headquarters.  Of course anything each group decides to do to protect minors in meetings would be helpful.They can stop inviting minors, not allow mandated minors and stop having youth outreach campaigns to have minors come to adult AA meetings!  You need to look at what Alateen does to protect minors.

Here are some of the highlights presented by our Southeast Regional Trustee

The General Service Board received a request to develop a policy on making the rooms safe for young people who are coming to AA. They wanted to be sure minors are being protected. We received all kinds of background material as to why our rooms aren’t safe from predators. The idea was sent to the General Service Board, and the board sent it to a committee. The committee deliberated and said we want the rooms safe for everybody. The question is, is that just in the AA meeting room or is that outside the meeting room’ The Board had a discussion as to what do we do’ The decision was that it was the responsibility of each group. All that we could do as a Board is to say that it is the responsibility of each group. Part of that is because we have no authority to tell groups how they need to function or what they need to do. That’s the groups’ autonomy. The other part is that we may not know what the issues may be in your group or your community. We need to work hard to make sure the rooms are safe.

Question ‘ Would it be reasonable to have a service piece on the safety in the rooms of AA that might open the eyes of the fellowship’
Answer ‘ I am not an attorney but we have had counsel indicate that if you say there may be a problem and you don’t do something about it, and there is a problem, then you may be liable because you have said there may be a problem. The best way of saying it is, if we print anything that says there may be a problem then if there is a problem then we got a problem. We not only struggle with the spiritual responsibilities but the legal responsibilities in providing information. So the board decided to send people out, like me, and you to do something about it. If your Area feels like we need a written piece, then that is where the voice needs to come.

Killers On The Loose In Alcoholics Anonymous And Narcotics Anonymous

This is a global problem we have with killers on the loose that are court sanctioned to attend Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous and Sexaholics Anonymous.  Not only do we have sexual predators and violent felons mandated to attend 12 step programs, but killers are not excluded either. The powers that be think it is okay to promote children and teens to come to 12 step programs that have no safety guidelines at all?

Minimum security maximises the risk of killers on the loose

Behind bars … Trent Jennings will face court next week.

Behind bars ... Trent Jennings will face court next week.

 TRENT JENNINGS – a killer absolved of his crime because of the demons in his head – is not alone. Almost all the 385 forensic psychiatric patients found not guilty by reason of mental illness have committed acts of extreme violence and even killed.

Most are held in high-security facilities, but almost 100 live in relative freedom in the community through rehabilitation programs; others are housed with minimum security where they are often not directly supervised. Mr Jennings, 26, was one of these.

In the past two years, seven have absconded – four from Morisset Hospital, where he was housed.

He was free to travel unescorted to nearby Newcastle for TAFE classes, Narcotics Anonymous meetings, AA meetings, gay support groups, and even the gym.

When he didn’t show, the NA and AA meetings stayed true to their name and kept mum. So did the gym, giving Mr Jennings the freedom to stroll into government offices to apply for a passport and get a driver’s licence.

Killer AA member on the loose-

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