Killers Probation Revoked For Missing Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings!

Now this is a tough one. What is a killer to do when he has missed too many Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and is sent back to the slammer ? Demand answers that is what you do! In 1991 Charles Doucette was convicted of killing a man execution style as well as a couple of home invasions. He received 7 life sentences. In a controversial decision, the Parole Board released him on parole in 2007. How does that happen with 7 life sentences? It looks like he missed one too many AA meetings along with other parole infractions though and got sent back to his cell.

January 12, 2012

Killer in custody wants answer from Parole Board

By Julie Manganis

 PEABODY — Lawyers for convicted killer Charles “Chucky” Doucette have gone to court, asking a judge to order the state Parole Board to make a decision one way or the other whether Doucette has violated his parole.

The complaint, filed Tuesday in Salem Superior Court, says Doucette, 51, has been waiting 71/2 months, since a hearing in July before two board members, on whether his arrest on domestic abuse charges — as well as allegations that he associated with someone with a criminal record, missed Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and fell behind on his parole fees — means the revocation of his parole.

Doucette was later cleared of the domestic abuse charges and is being held in custody while he awaits a Parole Board ruling.

Doucette pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the 1991 execution-style shooting of Raymond Bufalino of Salem, as well as a pair of home invasions while awaiting trial, and received seven life sentences.

The Parole Board, in a controversial, split decision, voted to release him on parole in 2007.

Doucette has twice faced new criminal charges — and both times, those cases were either dismissed or he was found not guilty. The first case was an allegation of sexual assault, which was presented to a grand jury that opted not to indict.

The second case was an arrest on Valentine’s Day last year, when he was accused of dragging his girlfriend with his vehicle during a domestic dispute outside his Beverly home. He was found not guilty of that allegation after a trial in May.

2 thoughts on “Killers Probation Revoked For Missing Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings!

  1. Really good question. How in the world is he to stay away from criminals when he is forced to be with criminals? Maybe they excluded AA criminals!

    This information on the pre-release contact program is eye opening. More confirmation with the affiliation AA has with the government. I still can’t get over that AA tells convicts to go to an AA meeting on their first day out of jail. This includes sexual predators and killers that are invited to the very same meetings as teenagers and young children.

    I have heard AA/NA felons in the park talking about there stay in prison. They are cussing and bragging within earshot of beautiful innocent little children at the playground 12 to 13 steps away. Also AA/NA members bring their children to the meetings to hear the horror stories.

  2. And how is Charles “Chucky” Doucette who at the age of 27, killed Salem resident, Raymond Bufalino, on Feb. 24, 1987 who worked for his father and then while on trial did two home burglaries, supposed to stay away from criminals and felons in Massachusetts Alcoholics Anonymous Area 30, when other felons and criminals are also mandated to those rooms?

    Eastern Massachusetts Area 30:

    “The Joint* Area 30/Boston Central Service Correctional Facilities Committee meets the 4th Thursday of the month at Central Service in Boston. Our responsibilities include working with the correctional facilities in Area 30 to assist in bringing the AA message behind the walls. We currently offer a service helping inmates who are being released from prison connect with AA members in their communities called the Prerelease Contact Program. AA’s who are interested in corresponding with an inmate by mail or being included on a 12-step call list to serve as contact points for those getting out of prison should contact Boston Central Service for particulars.

    We have available LIPS (Literature in Prisons Service) posters for any group in Eastern MA that wishes to collect conference approved literature which can be brought to Boston Central Service for redistribution to AA’s in prisons, where allowable. The poster will cover one side of a cardboard carton. Big Books, 12×12, Grapevines, pamphlets, or any other conference approved literature is always in great demand. ”

    Do they mandate pedophiles to Toys “R” Us also?

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