NA Member is Charged for Sexually Assaulting Woman at NA Meeting Parking Lot

Antonio Maldonado.

Antonio Maldonado

Metro recovery group responds to charges filed against  NA member
Jan 20, 2015
By: Thabie Sibanda, Fox 25 ReporterCONNECT

Members from a “Narcotics Anonymous” group are responding to sexual battery charges filed against NA Member.

The charges and the arrest warrant were issued against 62-year-old Antonio Maldonado Monday. He is accused of taking advantage of a woman recovering from addiction. According to court documents he promised he’d sign participation papers as long as she agreed to sleep with him.

Police say Maldonado sexually assaulted a woman outside of a meeting in south Oklahoma City. Something members say has nothing to do with the good the program does. Sunrise Park Holly Hill has dangerous felons at AA and NA Daytona meetings.

“If that’s something that happened on the inside we would have called the police and had him arrested ourselves,” said member Rickey Nickelberry.

Police say it was back on October 14th when he followed a woman into the parking lot. She was taking a smoke break when Maldonado allegedly pinned her against a truck, groped her and tried to assault her. A group leader happened to be walking out and yelled for him to stop. The victim says Maldonado offered to sign her meeting papers if she agreed to sleep with him. Holly Hill Parks have mandated felons in AA and NA Daytona.

“She also said she believed there were several more victims who basically had been taken advantage of in the same way,” said SSgt. Jennifer Wardlow.

Nickelberry tells Fox 25 there’s a board of people who chair the meetings. Although Maldonado was a chair person in the past he was not at the time.

“So he was not placed in a position from the committee to sign any paper at that particular time,” said Nickelberry. “So if he did say that then he was probably lying at the time.”

Nickelberry is a recovering addict and was sent there by a court order.

“They realized that there is a program that works,” said Nickelberry. “I mean we have an 87% success rate.”

He’s been clean for almost eleven years and he says the group is a sanctuary for addicts.

“It offered hope and the promise of freedom,” said Nickelberry.

He wants to make sure Maldonado’s alleged offenses don’t take away from the work the group does. Sex Offenders and rapists sent to AA Daytona and NA Daytona meetings.

The group says they have no tolerance for that kind of behavior and they tell us Maldonado has since been banned. An arrest warrant has been issued for him so if you know where he is call police. Violent felons mandated to AA and NA Daytona meetings.

Woman Pleads Guilty to Trying to Sell her Boyfriends 1 Month Old Baby is Mandated to Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

JULY 30, 2013

Woman pleads guilty to trying to sell baby in Hood County

073013 Heather Wall
A 25-year-old woman has pleaded guilty in a Hood County court and received a 10-year suspended sentence for her role in trying to sell her boyfriend’s 1-month-old child.Heather Janette Wall (right) of  Mabank, northwest of Athens, pled guilty to the third-degree felony on Monday. She must complete eight years of supervised probation, enter a substance abuse program and attend Narcotics Anonymous.

073013 Randall Bonneville

According to earlier reports, Wall and her boyfriend, Randall Bonneville (left), were was arrested after they took the then 1-month-old daughter from her biological mother and attempted to sell her to Wall’s uncle in Hood County.

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— Bill Miller

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After Coastal Crime Spree Long-Term Drug Addict Freed to Attend Narcotics Anonymous

Another criminal gets the NA get out of jail card. He had over 40 charges and 20 years behind bars. Just a slap on the wrist and going to NA meetings to sit next to vulnerable women and minors. 

Long-term drug addict freed despite coastal crime spree

13th Apr 2013 6:00 AM

A SERIAL criminal picked up $23,000 from an unlocked pub safe and blew it on a five-day drug binge during a prolonged crime spree on the Sunshine and Fraser Coasts.

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NA Member Arrested for Driving on Drugs Was Running Late to a Narcotics Anonymous Meeting

Sounds like the perfect guy you would want your daughter sitting next to at a NA Meeting! The cops also found heroin hidden in his socks.

Man on his way to narcotics anonymous meeting arrested for driving while on drugs

March 05, 2013|By Veronica Rocha,

A 30-year-old man was arrested Sunday on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs on his way to a narcotics anonymous meeting, officials said.

Officers stopped Arsen Galstyan after they spotted him driving erratically on the Foothill (210) and Glendale (2) freeways, according to Glendale police. He reportedly apologized for his driving, claiming he was using his cellphone and dropped it.

Galstyan, who reportedly admitted to a past arrest for drug use, added that he and his passenger were running late to a narcotics anonymous meeting.

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Man Arrested For Shooting Up Neighbors Cabin Then Bonds Out and Goes To AA Meetings


 AA Member  David R. Willer 66, is found guilty of felony endangering safety by reckless use of a firearm. This after he fired into a neighbors cabin. Now this guy is crazy! You have got to read this article. The court did an evaluation on him saying he had a narcissistic personality disorder and characteristics of a sociopath. In jail he threatened to kill the jailers, the SWAT team that arrested him and stack them like a cord of wood. The SWAT team found 14 firearms at his house. He had previously threatened to kill his own wife and burn a house down.

After the arrest, he gets out on bond and goes to a 12 step Rehab at Resurrection Behavioral Health in Chicago. Then he goes to AA meetings! Yes! Just the kind of man you would want to hold hands with in AA, right?

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