AA and NA Meeting Member Convicted of Selling 13 Year Old Niece in Sex For Cocaine Crime to Drug Dealer Wattsville, Virginia, Accomack County

 by JR Harris 

Kimberly Kenney, 38, of Wattsville, Virginia in Accomack County, according to court reports has been attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in General Service Area 71 (http://www.aavirginia.org/hp/) District 27 (http://aaeasternshoreva.org/) and Narcotics Anonymous meetings regularly. She is fighting her addiction and following a good program according to her lawyer and witnesses, however that didn’t stop her from trading her 13 year old niece for sex to get cocaine from her drug dealer on the VA shore.

Have no fear though, when Kimberly Kenney gets out of jail, she will most likely be met by members of Alcoholics Anonymous in District 27 on the East Shore of Virginia to “Bridge the Gap” and get her back into AA meetings as soon as possible upon release.

Warning: Contains graphic descriptions and may be objectionable to some.

VA SHORE: Woman who traded her 13-year-old niece’s sex for cocaine gets jail time

ACCOMAC — An Accomack County woman will spend five years in prison for trading her 13-year-old niece’s sex to a drug dealer in exchange for cocaine.

The victim now suffers from extreme anxiety and constantly worries for her safety, a prosecutor said. AA and NA Daytona Area Meetings in Holly Hill Sunrise Park.

Kimberly Kenney, 38, of Wattsville, also had been convicted of stealing a credit card from a woman standing next to her in a checkout line at Food Lion and stealing checks from another woman. Centennial Park Holly Hill Eagles.

Kenney blamed all her actions on her drug habit.

“This case demonstrates the effect of cocaine addiction,” said Circuit Judge W. Revell Lewis III. Eagle family nesting in Centennial Park Holly Hill.

“The aggravated sexual battery is one of the worst effects of addiction I have seen.”

Testimony at her trial showed Kenney forced her niece to have sex with her drug dealer in exchange for the drugs. The story came to light when the victim told her older sister what happened to her.  Continue reading


Donald Judge outside Manly Local Court


AA Member Donald Judge 69, was sentenced for possessing over  6690 images and 2382 videos of child porn with children as young as 5 years old. He was an AA Sponsor to others in Alcoholics Anonymous. I wonder how many sexual inventories did he take of minors in his care? Yes that is standard AA practice to get 12 step members, including teens to talk about their sex lives.  AA is NOT just about  drinking alcohol, they want to know all the dirt on every person who walks into the rooms. If you do not comply, then they tell you that you are not working the program and will fail.

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Sexual Assaults Against Minors In Alcoholics Anonymous Continue

From what I can tell, Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous has not done what is needed to prevent the continuation of the sexual abuse that take place against minors or adults with the groups.What guidance are they getting from AA/NA headquarters? Until these 12 step organizations take responsibly and deal with this horrific situation,do not send your teens or bring your children to meetings. They are not safe! All members are at risk-but the most vulnerable are the children and teenagers. AA of Daytona Beach Fl, should stop having your meetings in playgrounds! In Hollyland and Sunrise Park Holly Hill Fl both groups thumb their nose at the safety of children and the community so they can smoke and not pay rent. It is a disgrace.
Here is an AA member that has tried to bring awareness to this tragedy.It does not appear anyone is listening about the crimes committed against children in both AA and NA worldwide. This is a global problem with these organization. They refuse to take responsibility for what is happening in the rooms or parks.