Walter Meyerle, 200 Criminal Counts In Huge Child Serial Rapist Charges

                        test4Walter Meyerle

Bristol Township PA,Bucks County.This is a horrific story that is difficult to read, of a man with a long criminal history involving drugs and DWI’s convictions.This monster took advantage of friends,girlfriends and neighbors children.He would give some drugs. With his long criminal history and drug convictions it is most likely that he had been mandated by the judicial system to go to Narcotics Anonymous. It is pretty much a rubber stamp demand when people are arrested for DWI or drugs.

Also known sexual predators that are released from prison are often sentenced to AA or NA. The judges and probation officers know children and minors attend these AA/NA meetings. Yet they continue to send the likes of Walter Meyerle to mandated meetings.

Let your public officials know how you feel about this outragious practice.

Please dont send your teen to AA/NA!

5 thoughts on “Walter Meyerle, 200 Criminal Counts In Huge Child Serial Rapist Charges

  1. In the begining they stated that Mr. Meyerle Jr. was married, and they also stated that the wife, would befriended families with children so that her husband could, in other words satisfy his addiction. So where is that sicko now? She just dropped out of all this? She is as guilty as he is. And also be added to Megan’s List.

  2. Walter Meyerle planned to break out of jail,to avoid going to court on these sex abuse accusations.One of the largest sex abuse cases in history.Hopefully he will get life in prison,so he wont be sent to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings anymore.

    Meyerle was arrested in March and charged with more than 200 counts of sex-related crimes. His alleged victims include both boys and girls, some as young as 4 years old.

    The alleged assaults occurred in various locations in Bristol, Bristol Township and Bensalem. Police say Meyerle found some of his victims by dating their mothers, and he offered several teens tattoos in exchange for sex.
    He’s also accused of amassing a large collection of child pornography, including images of young children being forced to engage in sadistic sex acts.
    Meyerle was arrested again in July, following an investigation that began when an inmate at the county prison told investigators that he had heard Meyerle talking about plans to escape.

    rest of story-

    • But the Probation and Parole Dept. Demands that ALL AA’s & NA’s are to be placed together. So where is the help for the adolescent’s. They are all together with sicko’s like this.

  3. That is a good point about reading other traditions.
    In my area in Daytona,they are breaking their traditions left and right. NA
    willl say that they are only guidelines.But that is not true.The creators of
    them meant them to be followed.

  4. I just saw a video of this sick dude getting escorted into the courthouse and
    he was smiling.

    This is a good time to mention traditions in alcoholics anonymous. There should
    be one about conduct and saftey of member. Not a single one, I just read them.
    Their”primary purpose is to carry the message to the alcoholic that
    suffers”. What about, another tradition? The first one should be: Personal
    safety is very important to us. We allow no one in groups with a criminal past
    and unfortunately we can’t allow young people!

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