NA Daytona Beach/Holly Hill Fl ‘By Young Addicts For Young Addicts’

Here we go with NA promoting the attendance of teens with there own brochure just for youth. Read it and weep. Unbelievable.This should be against the law to treat minors without a substance abuse treatment license.

Here is a pathetic excerpt encouraging minors to talk to Narcotics Anonymous about their experiences with sex and orientation! NA has no business encouraging minors to speak to untrained and non professional members including sexual offenders and violent felons about their sex life. Sounds perverted.Cant believe NA has this in a printed booklet for minors.

Sex, Drugs, and . . .
As young members, coming to terms with our sexuality 
in recovery can be difficult. Our experiences with sex 
can include anything from our sexual orientation to 
break-ups, pregnancy, unmanageability, confusion, 
and shame or guilt about things we’ve done or things 
that happened to us. We’ll hear lots of opinions and 
suggestions about sex and relationships in recovery. 
We may not always listen to what others have to say, 
but we can make an effort to talk openly with our 
sponsor and other members we trust. Sometimes 
our feelings about sex and relationships make drugs 
start to seem like a solution again. Instead, we share 
what we’re going through and ask for guidance 
and support. Recovery will help us get through 
our feelings clean. When we share honestly about 
ourselves, we’re an example for others.

5 thoughts on “NA Daytona Beach/Holly Hill Fl ‘By Young Addicts For Young Addicts’

  1. We should not forget the tragic story of Robert Darrell Strickland, a Sober
    House manager in CENTRALIA, Washington using Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings
    to meet his victims in 2008 that is also being quickly forgotten.

    Robert Darrell Strickland lived and managed the Lighthouse Community Home for
    recovering alcoholics and drug addicts at 1321 Crescent Ave. He used his
    contacts in NA meetings to meet and molest two 15 year old boys. He also
    appears to have been doing it again when they went to arrest him and they found
    another 17 year old boy hiding in his closet. Strickland gained the trust of
    his victims who he met who were dealing with problems about drugs and alcohol.
    He used this to lure his victims to his Sober House.

    This should be a warning to anyone who thinks that NA is a good place for your
    child to hang out.

    Read more at:

  2. Exactly! They know that people will tell your child that-which could cause
    grave consequences to the child.How does the child know that it is the
    members ‘personal opinion’vs NA opinion?
    They dont-exactly!How about the 90 meetings in 90 days suggestion followed by
    young people stating ‘being restricted from meetings can hurt their recovery
    process’. The brainwashing has already begun before the 1st meeting!
    JR-you have to read the pamphlet’young addicts for young addicts’ it is even

  3. It is amazing that NA is reaching out to parents and guardians looking for
    support and more people to join thier program. I especially like the part where
    NA has a disclaimer saying it is not their problem if someone tells your child
    to stop taking prescribed medication. It si entitled “IF YOUR CHILD IS
    TAKING MEDICATION”. While thier is a big controversy over the medicines
    given to children, is it wise to send them somewhere where they will be told to
    stop them? They know that this will happen, and even protect themselves from
    lawsuits with this disclaimer.

  4. It alarms me that NA would want young adults at these meetings. When picking a
    sponsor you have 2 choices. One that is your age, or someone much older. The
    older people in the group naturally have more power because of the amount of
    time they have been there and are actively promoted by all. The older people
    also usually have a much larger criminal background. There are no background
    checks except the internet in this case. I do sense a very tragic accident
    waiting to happen when older people are choosen.

  5. Narcotics Anonymous wants to expand their base
    period.They want people to put money in the hat and buy the big book. They are
    a very narcissistic corporation.They have done everything to prevent from
    having liability when these things crop up.Even though if they are challenged I
    dont know if they could escape it when they know for a fact that there is
    sexual predatory behavior in the rooms and they do nothing about it-other than
    to try to grow by PROMOTING NA to all, including the most vulnerable.

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