John Thomas Nackab

John Thomas Nackab an AA member, met a woman at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in North Carolina. He was a registered sex offender. Because he does not have to disclose this information to anyone in AA, the woman had no warning of what horrific sexual abuse was going to happen. The two started dating a few weeks later. The man ended up raping the womans daughter and sexually abusing her other children. He was convicted of first degree rape.

He was not happy with the light sentence he got for raping and sodomizing a little girl and tried to appeal his sentence!

Keep in mind that AA/NA headquarters are fully aware of these crimes and still tell teens to come to meetings.They water down any concerns to parents as well.

John Thomas Nackab (“defendant”) appeals from judgments entered upon jury verdicts finding him guilty of first degree rape of a child, first degree sex offense with a child, and three counts of taking indecent liberties with a child. We find no error.

I. Background
In July 2006, defendant met a woman named Martha at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Defendant and Martha began dating a few weeks later. At that time, Martha lived with her five minor children: two boys and three girls, Catherine, Barbara, and Amanda (collectively “the victims”). While defendant and Martha were dating, defendant would frequently spend the night at Martha’s home. Catherine would sometimes sleep in the same bed with Martha and defendant. On several occasions while they were in bed together, defendant touched Catherine in her genital area over her clothing.On 19 November 2006, defendant and Amanda were alone together at defendant’s mother’s home. Defendant called Amanda into his room and told her to take her clothes off and lie on his bed.

The rest is just too graphic, but the Court report is here-




  1. Jane Doe- Its obvious by your comments that you have no compassion for children or women who are new and vulnerable in AA.

    It was these types of AA women that throughly disgusted me in the end to finally leave AA for good after decades in .. IT!!!

    The cold hearted response like ” it happens everywhere” made me ill. No it does not happen everywhere. AA was not always the cesspool it has become over the past 20 years. Judges and Lawyers are using AA for something it was never intended for. For heavens sake. AA couldn’t really help Bill Wilson . At some 20 years sober he was insane , badly depressed …so badly that he was taking LSD as an experiment to heal his depression. It did not work. He had one affair after another. He cheated on Lois over and over again and she stayed like a victim by his side.

    ANd the way you are putting it all on the mother to watch her kids. Thats right. GO ahead and be the AA B###### that you already sound like you are. So peaceful, so together…..how many years are you sober ? 25 ? 30? How kind are you? How many times have you done your steps over and over? Do you sound like a parrot in meetings? Do you think you are better then others cause you haven’t had a drink in so many years?

    We are not impressed.

    We are not intimated by your words and your “vibe”

    Regardless that we cant hear or see you….this is the internet. We can feel your vibes.

    And guess what miss AA…your vibes suck. Now go back to the dark halls of sex offender heaven still called AA and be the big shot you are so use to thinking you are!!!!

  2. All of you who are punishing AA for this incident are arrogant idiots. The mother should have been more responsible for the safety of her children. Everyone must be accountable for their own actions and this mother clearly isn’t. AA helps thousands of people HELP THEMSELVES.I have three children and attend aa regularly and am very young. I’m not dumb enough to take someone home who I don’t even know. AA is not to blame they simply support those who suffer from alcohol… People have sex registries readily available as well as public arrest information. Be accountable people.

    • No where ever was the blamed placed on AA I am still clean and sober and I owe it to AA that I praise everyday….this was a sick man. Mothet was newly clean and s ober.
      .mother was in the fog and thinking HE was trying to help but his sick mental health he was out to 13 step and fed on a vulnerable single mom who had what he wanted…sad that u put blame on a mom instead of the sick man who is a child molester

  3. Even since this story came out, among so many others, Alcoholics Anonymous refuses to take responsibility for the minors that they go looking for in High Schools and try to impress those in charge of minors like teacher’s, doctors and juvenile justice personnel to send them their way.

    Sadly many do, including therapist who never have even been to an AA meeting.
    Many professionals don’t even know that states mandate sexual offenders and violent felons. This includes adults known for child abuse of their own children, and have lost custody of them.

    I really, really do not know how these people in AA/NA sleep at night. When are the people in charge of protecting our children going to step up to the plate and stop this madness? Please if you feel you can help, email us info@nadaytona.org . If you know of any child advocacy groups that care enough to do something. Or our Representatives in office let us know-or you let them know about this abuse of innocent children and teens in 12 step programs.

  4. It is obvious that NA AA are far too willing to cover up the high-risk realities of attending their meetings. This, along with the total lack of accountability for anything that happens at their meetings, clearly demonstrates a fatal flaw in the basic structure of these organizations. This is very dangerous and the time now to promote safe, accountable options for these vulnerable people. There are professional and functional alternatives with good solid recovery success rates. To Check out just a few safe options go to the {12 step alternatives} section on the right-hand side of this site’s homepage. Simply click on one to check out their website !

  5. OKAY. This is just horrific. AA Headquarters needs to step up and make announcements at all meetings about safety. These poor children. Someone should have warned her there are sex Offenders being sent to meetings.

  6. This is so shocking that AA looks the other way and refuse to do nothing for these children that are raped and sexually assaulted by their own members.

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