NA Member In Washington State Rapes Two 15 Year-Old Boys

Robert Darrell Strickland gained the trust of the 15 year old boys who were dealing with drug and alcohol issues. He lured them to his house in Centralia, Washington where he raped them.This is a shocking account of another crime committed by an NA member against minors. NA headquarters in California are well aware of these crimes against children taking place.They have decided to do nothing about it as an organization. They feel it is a police matter, and they have no responsibility to put guidelines in place or warnings to protect minors.They are shameful organization that turn their back on the children.

6 thoughts on “NA Member In Washington State Rapes Two 15 Year-Old Boys

  1. Would common sense tell you that there might be a more appropriate place to organize these anonymous, nonprofessional, non-supervised, non-accountable probation sessions than at a park/playground?

    There are a lot of great articles archived as older posts in back pages at the bottom of each page!

    To get an understanding of what we’ve been through checkout, “THE RUDE AWAKENING,” and AA/NA PHOTOS IN PUBLIC PARKS AND CHILDREN’S PLAYGROUNDS!

  2. NA member- you knew the family? How are the boys and parents holding up after
    this horrid incident?
    How did the local NA handle this situation afterwards?

    I think Narcotics Anonymous should have background checks done on anyone
    dealing with children and have other protective measures like Alateen does.
    This would not have happened had those safeguards been in place. If NA wants
    minors in meetings then they need to create meetings for minors only.
    It is dangerous to mix minors with felons and much older addicts.Even though
    you state you know teens who have been helped by NA,there has been many that
    have been sexually abused and even killed by their sponsor.I really feel for
    those 2 teenage boys that were raped by the NA member.A wake-up call to
    parents everywhere.

  3. This is disgusting! These parents trusted this man with their sons who where
    having problems as well as the parents. Robert Strickland is going to make a
    bad situation worse and ruin their lives with his sick behavior? Why does NA
    let teenagers at meetings when they are aware of accounts like this happens all
    the time?

    If I were the parents I would sue the hell out Narcotics Anonymous!

  4. Both AA and NA are interested in selling literature and expanding their base at
    any cost. When something happens in our area they just say call the police.
    They know that they dont do anything.Its all about the money and the name.But
    with the help of websites like this one we will get the word out what the press
    wont print.

  5. I dont understand what you think is an unfair statement.It is a FACT-according
    to the article that he met these teens through Narcotics Anonymous.He is an NA
    member.Because he met these two minors through NA, was able to befriend
    them,and then rape is common in both AA and NA that predatory behavior
    is a major problem.
    I would not think taking any children or any teenagers to NA meetings a wise
    For you to say that a NA meeting is as safe as the mall or the park is really
    just silly.

    It is a fact that sexual predators,violent felons,prostitutes and the mentally
    ill are mandated by the court system to NA/AA meetings in droves!The courts do
    not mandate them to the mall.
    It is like saying that prisons are just as safe as the mall and parks. These
    are very dangerous people.The man that raped the 2 15year olds is according to
    your words “a slimeball”. Well we agree on that! You can add him to
    the many other slimeballs that are mandated to meetings by the courts.

  6. I doubt this comment will make it to your site, but feel like I need to comment
    on your claims. I know the people involved in this tragedy. I also am a member
    of Narcotic Anonymous and a mother. I think that your claims are unfair, and
    are like blaming the playgrounds for the children that get abducted from them.
    Or blaming the county street crew for the children that are abducted walking
    along the street.
    What I know is that these childrens parents have a responsibility to keep their
    children safe and made the decision to allow this slime ball to be around their
    children despite that gut feeling they ignored.
    I have a child and take him to meetings. I also watch his every move as I do
    every other moment we are in public. I do not feel like NA is any more unsafe
    than the public park or the mall.
    Thats just my 2 cents. By the way, i have seen many teens get clean and stay
    clean in this program.

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