DAYTONA NA member Darshawn Anthony Broadwater 19, charged with felony murder and armed robbery in the shooting death of Donnell Ellis at the Holly Hill Fl Motel Pilot Lodge. At the time of the shooting Darshawn Broadwater was classified as a ‘VIOLENT FELONY OFFENDER OF SPECIAL CONCERN’ He was on on ‘DRUG FELONY PROBATION’.He had been charged with home invasion robbery as well. The City of Holly Hill invites these criminals to our parks and playgrounds without any warning to parents or others. This is a serious public safety crisis that the city chooses to ignore-as well as  Daytona AA And Daytona NA themselves. As long as they have free rent and run of the park they are just fine with this.


Daytona NA Member Charged With First Degree Murder Of 14 year old

Ormond Beach police said Richard Newkirk, 32, is facing first-degree murder charges in connection with the death of Bryce Parson, 14. Investigators said Newkirk gave Bryce and another teen a mixture made with methadone hydrochloride.

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NA Daytona Member Richard Newkirk had been on Drug Offender Probation

Richard Newkirk 32, had a previous arrest for cocaine possession. He was on the drug offender program when he violated his probation agreement.He was sentenced to 90 days in jail and then no more probation. Then he met poor Bryce Parsons 14 who died of a methadone overdose after sharing Newkirks methadone concoction.

How does Daytona Beach/Holly Hill Narcotics Anonymous encourage children and teens to attend adult meetings when they know children have died and have been sexually abused at the hands of NA members that are violent felons and/or mentally ill. Their actions are criminal to continue this practice. They could be sued by the victims.NA/AA have been sued many times,but they they keep it quiet.