AA Member Sent to Jail in Suicide Pact With Wife Who Died

Rashell Langford committed Suicide After Husband Handed her loaded rifle.

Shaun Langford became an Alcoholics Anonymous member after he was arrested after  handing a rifle to his wife and she shot and killed herself. Prosecutors subsequently charged him with negligent homicide. AA got him off easy though……..

This guy could be 13 stepping your unsuspecting daughter at a local AA meeting. AA is not a safe place for women, teens or children. Men are being abused and killed as well.

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Why AA/NA Is Not Working and NA/AA Members are Dying

In NA/AA Daytona,AA/NA Ormond Beach Fl,AA/NA Holly Hill Fl,NA/AA Palm Coast Fl, NA/AA Deland,NA/AA Deltona have thousands of people who fail the mandated AA/NA sentencing. They fail mandated AA/NA that Drug Court dictates and are thrown back in jail.

They fail the terms of mandated AA/NA of probation and get fined and thrown back in jail. Because of the high failure rate of AA/NA in Volusia County,citizens are at risk because dangerous felons and sexual predators are not getting the professional help that they need.

People who are suicidal are not receiving the professional help they need. 12 step members are not trained in mental health problems or members who are suicidal.