AA Member Sent to Jail in Suicide Pact With Wife Who Died

Rashell Langford committed Suicide After Husband Handed her loaded rifle.

Shaun Langford became an Alcoholics Anonymous member after he was arrested after  handing a rifle to his wife and she shot and killed herself. Prosecutors subsequently charged him with negligent homicide. AA got him off easy though……..

This guy could be 13 stepping your unsuspecting daughter at a local AA meeting. AA is not a safe place for women, teens or children. Men are being abused and killed as well.

Bluffdale man sentenced to jail, probation in suicide pact that left wife dead

Published: Monday, Nov. 5 2012 2:48 p.m. MST

SALT LAKE CITY — When Shaun Langford’s 33-year-old wife, Rashell, shot and killed herself with a rifle, the man paid for the bulk of the funeral costs.

Monday, he paid for her death in a different way, as he was escorted from a 3rd District courtroom to a holding cell.

Having previously pleaded guilty to reckless endangerment, a class A misdemeanor, in connection with the September 2011 death of his wife, he was sentenced Monday to 365 days in jail, with all but 180 days suspended, and 24 months probation by Judge Elizabeth Hruby-Mills.

It is not expected that Langford will serve the full time, as he was ordered to complete a drug and alcohol treatment program in the jail and can be released upon successful completion, according to the judge. He was also ordered to pay a $300 fine.

The man’s family cried and hugged one another in the hallway after the sentence was pronounced. Earlier, the man’s mother said her son was “tenderhearted” and had “never been in any trouble.”

“It was a terrible, sad mistake,” the man’s mother, Shauna Langford, said. “(One doctor) said it was just a tragic, drug-related accident, and that’s what it is.”

Shaun Langford spoke briefly in court Monday.

“I just want to let you know it was the worst day of my life,” he said through tears. “My whole family is here supporting me. I believe I can contribute to society and do community service and be a better person.”

Rashell Langford was found dead in the Bluffdale home the couple shared at 14463 S. Camp Williams Road (1700 West) on Sept. 5, 2011. A gray Remington bolt action rifle was found next to her body, according to charges. A spent shell casing was in the barrel.

Defense attorney Clayton Simms told the judge that the pair had purchased two 30-packs of beer and were using bath salts leading up to Rashell Langford’s death.

The woman’s blood alcohol level was .46; the legal limit in Utah is .08. It is believed the bath salts somehow counteracted the effects of the alcohol to allow for such a level of intoxication.

“(The substance use) affected Shaun’s perception of reality and certainly affected her perception of reality,” Simms said.

He said his client has been attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and grief counseling. Simms asked that Langford be ordered to perform 200 hours of community service.

“He’s still grieving for his wife,” the attorney said. “Shaun wants to provide something positive for the community out of this tragedy. The facts of this case is that he was the witness to a suicide.”

At a previous hearing, Simms said Shaun and Rashell Langford, both under the influence of alcohol, made a suicide pact, and Rashell Langford pulled the trigger first. Shaun Langford was “startled” by the gunshot, and instead of shooting himself, he called 911.

“It was a horrible thing that happened,” Shauna Langford said. “She loved Shaun. We were such a close family. … (Shaun’s) gone through hell.”


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One thought on “AA Member Sent to Jail in Suicide Pact With Wife Who Died

  1. It is stories like this that make me not leave AA alone!

    This piece was found at expose aa

    Find you own way & leave AA Alone?

    This is the standard aa reply to any complaints about any negative effect that aa may have on our society. In fact aa says they never engage in controversy – but this actual is simply the finest trojan horse ever devised by bending words – because this beneign sounding proclamation places aa beyond the realm of answering for its actions and their effects on the public citizenry of the society in which it operates. This is a prepoterous prior immunity clause that makes no sense under critical analysis. should society also approve that dow chemical will not engage in controversey so its name and operational effects may allows be drawn into public controversy – as a spiritual principle? God no!
    Whoa doggy – a drunkard’s dream if i ever did see one! AA wants to be incommunicado with the outside world ( the society it operates within and upon). Are they not of this worldly realm at all? They have devised a word spell that allows them to be deeply involved (almost a monopoly) in one of society’s most regulated industry (medical rehabilitation) with out being accountable to society for any criticism or liability of their actions? wow! just f%^king wow! That is a word spell that any stanic occultist could be proud of . was our society drunk when they agreed to this? or in serious denial? can anyone help unwravel this spooky paranormal activity (tbc)

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