Why AA/NA Is Not Working and NA/AA Members are Dying

In NA/AA Daytona,AA/NA Ormond Beach Fl,AA/NA Holly Hill Fl,NA/AA Palm Coast Fl, NA/AA Deland,NA/AA Deltona have thousands of people who fail the mandated AA/NA sentencing. They fail mandated AA/NA that Drug Court dictates and are thrown back in jail.

They fail the terms of mandated AA/NA of probation and get fined and thrown back in jail. Because of the high failure rate of AA/NA in Volusia County,citizens are at risk because dangerous felons and sexual predators are not getting the professional help that they need.

People who are suicidal are not receiving the professional help they need. 12 step members are not trained in mental health problems or members who are suicidal.

4 thoughts on “Why AA/NA Is Not Working and NA/AA Members are Dying

  1. Stanton Peele wrote an article about the connection between AA and suicide.

    ‘To illustrate, let me relate a story from one of my favorite research publications, the Star (April 6, 1999 — it is significant that this story would be unlikely to be featured on mainstream media). Robert Pastorelli is an actor best known for playing a house painter who never finishes painting the home of the title character on the TV series Murphy Brown (who was played as a successful Betty Ford Clinic graduate by Candice Bergen). His lover and the mother of his year-old child, Charemon Jonovich, shot herself in the head in front of Pastorelli.

    According to the Star, the two met at AA. “They frequently attended AA meetings together” where they “openly discussed their often volatile relationship.” (Think of the repercussions if the woman had killed herself while attending a controlled-drinking clinic!) The article described the dead woman as a high school athlete who didn’t “wear makeup, drink or go to parties” until she came to Los Angeles. She was 25 when she killed herself — Pastorelli was 44 — suggesting that she was not much older than 21 when she first attended AA and met her last lover.’


  2. I agree with the opinion that people are not getting the help they need in 12
    step programs.
    You state the reason the mandated ones are not getting the help,is because they
    are mandated.Good point on that.Yet both NA and AA as an organization accepts
    and even seeks out relationships with the courts knowing that people are
    mandated to attend. This goes against AA traditions.I have a major problem with
    the courts mandating people to a religious organization.The fact that AA
    encourages the mandating of prisoners and felons to be forced is horrible.It is
    why AA/NA are having a growing problem with sexual abuse against
    members,financial scams and the list goes on.

    Also there are many AA members who have worked the program for years and
    committed suicide in part because AA members tell people not to take their meds
    and discourage going to therapy. There is no policy in place to handle suicidal
    members,which there are many.

    I am glad to hear that you do not support telling members not to take meds and
    seek counseling for mental health issues.But it is well known that both
    organizations realize internally that this is a common practice by there own
    Yet they allow members to die because they refuse to do anything about putting
    policy in place to prevent this very common practice.

  3. The courts need to give quality mental health services and addiction treatment.
    AA has a failure rate of over 90%! Would you go to a doctor with that kind of
    failure rate? The courts are trying to pass the buck to AA/NA organizations to
    solve the problems of the criminally insane,prostitutes,drug addicts,
    violent felons and sexual offenders. AA/NA has proven that they cannot handle
    the masses being sent to them.On top of that AA has brochures telling parents
    not to worry,in fact they are told if you prevent your child from going to
    NA/AA you could stop them from overcoming addiction! Nothing like trying to
    give parents a guilt trip to send them to AA.

  4. I would like to ask that you do some research, before you go pointing fingers.
    First off the reason mandated people don’t get the help you think they aren’t
    getting in 12 step meetings is because they are “mandated” its called
    being rebellious, not ready to get clean, and so on. A person that is
    thoroughly ready to find a new way to live can and will succeed in a 12 step
    program AA and NA has been working miracles in peoples lives for many many
    years, 1000’s, yes 1000’s of people can’t be wrong. AA has been working since I
    believe 1934 and NA since 1953. The people that want the program to work, and
    are ready to get clean can and do change!

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