Florida AA Member Arrested For Attempted Child Kidnapping

Gainsville Florida-Aniball Baris arrested at Florida AA meeting for attempted child kidnapping of a 3 year old child ! Baris was located in a Florida Church attending an AA meeting when arrested.Churches need to consider the safety of their congregation when renting space to 12 step programs.

How can the judicial system continue to mandate sexual predators to AA when they know minors attend meetings and other vulnerable members of society.

Why does both NA Daytona, AA Daytona and their parent Organization think it is okay to encourage minors of any age to attend their meetings? It unethical and shows total disregard for the safety of their members.


3 thoughts on “Florida AA Member Arrested For Attempted Child Kidnapping

  1. Accused of kidnap attempt, sex offender caught at AA meeting

    Sex offender charged with trying to take neighbor’s child.

    By Cindy Swirko & Karen Voyles
    Staff writers
    Published: Tuesday, August 23, 2011 at 10:06 a.m.
    Last Modified: Tuesday, August 23, 2011 at 10:23 p.m.
    A Lake City registered sex offender was arrested Tuesday at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Gainesville and charged with attempting to kidnap a neighbor’s pre-schooler.

    According to the Lake City Police Department and the Florida Regional Task Force of the U.S. Marshal’s Office, Aniball Barris, 51, of 619 S. Marion Ave. in Lake City, was arrested Tuesday.

    In a news release, police Capt. John Blanchard stated the Aug. 9 kidnapping attempt was reported by the father of the 3-year-old involved.

    A family friend and a neighbor saw a man pick up the child and place his hand over the child’s mouth, according to police. The man let go of the child and ran when the friend yelled at him, Blanchard said.

    Officers got a description of the man, but he was not found at the time. Investigator David Greear developed Barris as a suspect and showed a photo lineup to the witness, who immediately identified Barris as the suspect, police reported.

    Task force members said the U.S. Marshal’s Office got involved because of Barris’ lengthy history of sex offender-related crimes, which includes arrests in North Carolina, New York and Florida.

    A spokesman for the task force said the search for Barris began in area hospitals because investigators got information that he may have been seeking care for an unspecified condition.

    After a search of hospitals, investigators then began looking for Barris in AA meetings, ultimately finding him at a meeting in a church on Northwest 13th Street, authorities said.

    Witnesses said Barris was called out of the meeting room before being handcuffed, and the meeting continued.

    Those involved in the arrest said Barris was very suprised when he was located and arrested.

    Bond for Barris was set at $300,000.


  2. This is a prime example why having NA/AA Daytona having meetings in parks is a
    dangerous mix. Is it going to take a child being kidnapped in Holly Hill Fl for
    Holly Hill City Commissioners,City Manager and Police Department to provide
    safe parks for their citizens?

  3. Why would anybody think that it’s responsible or appropriate to hold mass
    probation compliance meetings by nonprofessional, non-accountable anonymous
    groups in the playground? It’s pretty obvious that these groups really don’t
    care about the risk that they pose to citizens and children as long as they can
    smoke and the rent is free!

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