AA Sponsor Michael Skakel Wants Reduction In His Sentence For Martha Moxley Murder

michael Skakel is wanting the court to reduce his 20 year sentence, in part because he has helped a lot of people in Alcoholics Anonymous. Talk about AA being a ‘get out of jail card’, they were not kidding!

Michael Skakel joined AA when he was around 20 years old and had been an AA sponsor for along time. He even worked for AA as well. After killing Martha Moxley at the age of 15 with a golf club, he grew up to be An Alcoholics Anonymous Leader.

Here is an except from original trial- 2002

‘During two days of testimony last week, Dennis heard from two men who said Skakel in 1978 separately told them he murdered Moxley while attending the Elan School rehab center in Maine. The judge also heard evidence from Skakel’s childhood best friend, Andrew Pugh, who testified that years after the murder Skakel confided to being at the crime scene the night Moxley was slain with a golf club owned by the Skakel family.

Pugh testified that after a chance encounter at a 1991 Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Greenwich, Skakel told him he had climbed the tree under which Moxley’s body was found, and that he masturbated in the tree. One of the prosecution’s former Elan School residents, Gregory Coleman, testified Skakel confided he “drove in (Moxley’s) skull” with a golf club and later returned to the body to masturbate over it. Coleman also testified Skakel bragged he would get away with the crime because “he was related to the Kennedy family.” ‘

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel plans to seek a reduction in his sentence of 20 years to life in prison for the killing of his neighbor when they were teenagers in 1975.

Skakel, a nephew of Robert Kennedy’s widow, Ethel Kennedy, is scheduled to appear Tuesday before a three-judge panel in Middletown that reviews sentences.
Skakel was sentenced in 2002 after he was convicted of bludgeoning 15-year-old Martha Moxley to death with a golf club in wealthy Greenwich. Moxley’s brother and mother are expected to attend the hearing.Prosecutor Susann Gill said she would argue the sentence was appropriate.Skakel’s attorney, Hope Seeley, said she would focus on the fact he was only 15 at the time of the crime. She said he has helped a lot of people through Alcoholics Anonymous and the life he has lived shows the public doesn’t need to be protected from him.


Longtime AA Sponsor Sentenced To Death For Brutal Florida Murders

John Kalisz 57, who had over 20 years of sobriety in Alcoholics Anonymous, became a sponsor to many. Even after being in the program for so long he is sentenced to death for the brutal murders of his sister, her employee and a police officer. Also prior to this he was convicted of crimes involving his niece where he had to register as a sex offender.
His public defender actually asked the jurors their opinion of Alcoholics Anonymous and if they believed alcoholism was a disease.
‘During much of last week’s jury selection, public defender Alan Fanter focused his questions on alcoholism. He asked jurors for their opinions about Alcoholics Anonymous, if they knew any alcoholics and if they believed alcoholism was curable.’
Then they had a witness that said if his life was spared he would be an asset to the prison because of his AA experience.Are you serious?
‘Ron McAndrews, a former prison warden who advocates for an end to capital punishment, was the last witness called Thursday morning by the defense. He said Kalisz, if sentenced to life, would become an “asset” to a prison’s general population because of his experiences with AA.’
By TONY HOLT | Hernando Today
Published: January 26, 2012
Updated: January 26, 2012 – 6:04 PM
BROOKSVILLE –Death was the unanimous recommendation by jurors Thursday.John Kalisz, 57, convicted of slaying two women and seriously wounding two more during a Jan. 14, 2010 shooting spree, sat stone-faced when the advisory sentences were read.Jurors were sent shortly before 3 p.m. to the deliberation room to decide on a punishment recommendation for Kalisz. They reached it in less than an hour. The vote was 12-0.Prosecutor Pete Magrino said because of the “evilness” of the killings, the most appropriate punishment for Kalisz was death by lethal injection.Magrino called the slayings “cold, calculated and premeditated with no legal or moral justification.”Kalisz fatally shot his sister, Kathryn Donovan, 61, and her employee, Deborah Tillotson, 59, during a revenge-thirsty rampage. He also shot and wounded his niece, Manessa Donovan, 21, and another woman, Amy Green, 35.All four victims were at the elder Donovan’s home at 15303 Wilhelm Road near Brooksville. Kalisz, who used to live at the house, came in through a backdoor and shot the women 14 times.

Manessa Donovan was eight weeks pregnant when she was shot. Her fetus died during emergency surgery.

The defense tried for two days to paint Kalisz as a good-natured, selfless man who snapped under the weight of stress, desperation and emotional turmoil.

“He was always there when I needed him – any time with anything,” said a weeping Melissa Williams, a friend of Kalisz’s who testified Thursday morning via video feed.

She credited him with hiring her when she needed to earn money, comforting her when she needed a shoulder to cry on and counseling her as she toiled through a crumbling marriage.

Kalisz’s life since the early 1990s centered on Alcoholics Anonymous. He grew up in a household where abusive drinking was the norm, said defense attorney Devon Sharkey.

It wasn’t long before he was consumed by his own addictions. He spent much of his life homeless and estranged from his family.

He found sobriety and salvation through AA and he was committed to it, his friends and relatives said. He sponsored recovering alcoholics and guided them through the 12-step program.

“AA held him together pretty well for 20 years,” said Peter Bursten, a mental health expert hired by the defense. “He was viewed by others as a good person.”

Bursten said Kalisz’s life in AA boosted his self-esteem. It made him proud he could help people – even turn around their lives. He gleaned “almost a child-like” joy out of it.

“For many years, he didn’t feel what it was like to be a decent human being,” Bursten said, referring to Kalisz’s dark days of living under bridges and spending endless nights in jail for committing petty crimes.

In October 2009, Kalisz pleaded guilty in Hernando County Circuit Court to charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He was accused of exposing himself to Manessa Donovan while she was a juvenile and leaving a CD containing provocative photos under her mattress.

He also was accused of threatening Donovan’s boyfriend at the time with a knife. The confrontation was witnessed by family members.

Following his 2009 conviction, Kalisz was sentenced to probation and was required to register as a sex offender. It kept him away from Colorado, where he had hoped to return so he could resume his roofing career and be with those closest to him.

Two days before the fatal shootings in Brooksville and Cross City, Kalisz’s trailer in Spring Hill went up in flames following a propane explosion. What little he owned was lost.

“Not only did he lose his home in Colorado, he lost his home in Florida,” Bursten said. “He had lost his support system in Florida. At that point, he described to me he had nothing left … He was exceptionally (and) emotionally distraught.”

More than an hour after the Wilhelm Road shootings, Kalisz drove north through several counties along U.S. 19. He pulled into a gas station in Cross City, at which time several Dixie County Sheriff’s deputies surrounded him. Kalisz opened fire.

Capt. Chad Reed was shot and killed. Kalisz also was shot, but survived his injuries.

Last year, Kalisz pleaded guilty to murdering Reed and received a life sentence.

Jurors heard for the first time Wednesday evidence related to Reed’s death.

Magrino reminded jurors during his closing argument Thursday that Reed was gunned down in the line of duty.

He also reminded them the younger Donovan and Green survived their seven gunshot wounds during the Wilhelm Road shooting only after playing dead. Had they not, “we would have had a giant massacre here in Hernando County,” Magrino told jurors.

Both women gave emotional testimony last week. Both of them made a point to stare their attacker in the eyes.

Green’s testimony was especially trying for her. She lives in a neighboring county, but does her best to avoid driving into Hernando because the memories of the Wilhelm Road shootings still affect her, said Magrino.

“I had grave doubts whether she’d be able to testify,” he said.

Kalisz’s formal sentencing hearing is scheduled for March 6.

Relatives of Tillotson and Reed were ushered out of the courtroom moments after the sentencing recommendation was read Thursday. They didn’t speak to the media.

Kalisz’s relatives and friends also declined to comment.

Ron McAndrews, a former prison warden who advocates for an end to capital punishment, was the last witness called Thursday morning by the defense. He said Kalisz, if sentenced to life, would become an “asset” to a prison’s general population because of his experiences with AA.

Hours later, in an effort to poke holes into McAndrews’ testimony, Magrino told jurors during his closing arguments Kalisz was arrested in August 2011 for “bartering to get drugs” while in jail.


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Demi Moore’s AA Sponsor Pattsy Rugg Dies

Was Demi Moore’s AA sponsor’s death the trigger for her meltdown? New claims suggest the actress was left distraught after Pattsy Rugg’s passing 


Last updated at 4:50 PM on 27th January 2012

Actress replaced by Mary-Louise Parker in biopic Lovelace

The meltdown which saw Demi Moore rushed to hospital earlier this week could have been caused by the death of her AA sponsor, new claims have suggested.

According to reports, the 49-year-old actress was left so distraught following the death of Pattsy Rugg, who she previously introduced to friends as her ‘mom’, last year, that her passing may have triggered the star’s health scare which saw her seek treatment for anorexia and substance abuse issues.

Demi looked overcome with emotion as she left Rugg’s funeral held Christ the King Church in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, in December.

Trigger? New claims have suggested the death of Demi Moore's AA sponsor led to her meltdown. Here, the troubled actress is seen at Pattsy Rugg's funeral last December
Trigger? New claims have suggested the death of Demi Moore’s AA sponsor led to her meltdown. Here, the troubled actress is seen at Pattsy Rugg’s funeral last December
Passing: Drugs counsellor Rugg died last November
Passing: Drugs counsellor Rugg died last November

The new claims about the trigger of Demi’s issues have emerged as it has been reported the mother-of-three is addicted to prescription drug Adderall – one of the addictions that is thought to have led to her reported seizure on Monday night.

A source close to the actress told RadarOnline.com: ‘Demi has been taking Adderall and drinking energy drinks and starving herself and those are some of the serious causes that led her to collapse.

‘The pills and starvation destroyed Demi and this has been a problem for about a year.

‘She’s constantly jacked up on Adderall and combining that with not eating accounts for her loopy behavior and anorexic body frame.

‘She literally refuses to eat any food.’

Demi’s estranged husband Ashton Kutcher was last night seen arriving back in Los Angeles looking strained as he jumped behind the wheel of an awaiting SUV and sped off into the night after touching down at LAX airport.

The 33-year-old actor has been in Brazil for the last week where he has been busy attending a slew of events, including a Brazilian fashion show and a Florence And The Machine concert.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2092631/Demi-Moore-hospitalized-Did-AA-sponsor-Pattsy-Ruggs-death-trigger-actress-meltdown.html#ixzz1kiR20Vf0

Cocaine Anonymous Treasurer Sentenced To Death In Petit Connecticut Murders

Condemned: Joshua Komisarjevsky was sentenced to death today for the brutal murder and rape of a wife and her daughters in Connecticut

Steven Hayes and Joshua Komisarjevsky first crossed paths at a Hartford, Connecticut, drug treatment center in the summer of 2006, according to police.

Both men, career criminals, had been in and out of jail for similar non-violent crimes. Twice they had overlapping stays at the same halfway house or drug center, and the two attended Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings together and became friends, according to a detective’s report. NA Daytona Meetings in Holly Hill Florida.

They shared similar interests — often the downfall that led them into the criminal justice system — but nobody knew at the time that their friendship would result in what police and prosecutors say was one of the most brutal crimes in memory in the prosperous town of Cheshire, Connecticut.

Connecticut killer sentenced to die for “unimaginable horror”

Mary Ellen GodinReuters2:14 p.m. CST, January 27, 2012
NEW HAVEN, Connecticut (Reuters) – A judge ordered Joshua Komisarjevsky to be executed this summer for the 2007 murders of a mother and her two daughters during a brutal home invasion in Connecticut, saying on Friday that he committed a crime of “unimaginable horror.”Judge Jon Blue told Komisarjevsky, 31, that he alone was to blame for his new address on death row after the triple murders of Jennifer Hawke-Petit, 48, and her daughters Hayley Petit, 17, and Michaela Petit, 11, and beating of husband and father Dr. William Petit Jr.”This is a terrible sentence but one you have written for yourself,” Blue told Komisarjevsky in New Haven Superior Court.”Your crime was one of unimaginable horror and sadness,” the judge said. “Your fate is now in the hands of others. May God have mercy on your soul.”He set an execution date of July 20 pending an appeal, which could drag out the matter for years.Before the judge spoke, Komisarjevsky, dressed in an orange jumpsuit, denied he killed or raped anyone and blamed “the hurt I caused” on being a victim himself of sex abuse as a child, drug addiction, and his accomplice Steven Hayes, 48, already sentenced to death row.Hawke-Petit was strangled and the girls died of smoke inhalation after the home was set afire. Hawke-Petit was raped and Michaela Petit was sexually assaulted.Dr. Petit, who had been tied up and beaten unconscious, escaped as the home went up in flames.http://www.wqad.com/topic/sns-rt-us-crime-homeinvasiontre80q1iy-20120127,0,2603124.story

New Haven, Connecticut (CNN) — A judge in New Haven sentenced a 31-year-old man to death Friday for his role in a deadly home invasion that killed a woman and her two daughters in 2007.

Jurors convicted Joshua Komisarjevsky in October on six capital felony charges. The 12-member jury had recommended death by lethal injection on each of the counts.

“The task of sentencing another human being to death is the most sober and somber experience a judge can have,” said Superior Court Judge Jon Blue.

Komisarjevsky responded Friday, saying that he “came into this trial angry and defiant.”

It’s a “surreal experience to be condemned to die,” he said. “Our apathetic pursuits trampled the innocent.”

He said, “I did not rape. I did not pour that gas or light that fire.”

“I will never find peace again and my soul is torn,” Komisarjevsky added.

The family of his victims left the courtroom before Komisarjevsky spoke.

Richard Hawke, in a victim’s statement prior to the sentencing, said the killings of his daughter and granddaughters had left him “half-past dead.”

“They offered to give you everything you asked for, you didn’t have to take their lives,” he told Komisarjevsky. “You will from now on be known as a prison number in the book of death. You are now in God’s hands.”

The man convicted of being Komisarjevsky’s accomplice, Steven Hayes, was sentenced to death in 2010. Juries convicted the pair on charges that they beat and tied up Dr. William Petit Jr., raped and strangled his wife, molested one of their daughters and set the house on fire before trying to flee.


Photos of Petit Crime Scene-


July 18th 2013 Katie Couric Show with Mathew West and the Cheshire Murders-



PHOTO- Daytona Beach Narcotics Anonymous / Alcoholics Anonymous Member, Sunrise Park Holly Hill Florida    

The day was November 21st 2010 in Volusia County, Sunrise Park in Holly Hill Florida. The local community had rented the pavilion for a Thanksgiving celebration cookout. It was a beautiful Sunday morning, and there were ribbons around the pavilion to notify others it had been reserved. Law abiding, local business owners and well respected long time residents were preparing to cook a turkey. Steve who had recently run for the position of Mayor of Holly Hill and had been a long time Boy Scout Master was there to cook the turkey.

At around 11:00 a.m., when The Daytona Beach Area Narcotics Anonymous members were starting to arrive for their Sunday meeting, many NA members were quite upset that the citizens of Holly Hill had actually rented the pavilion. Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous continually refuse to pay rent to secure the pavilion for their scheduled meetings. It was available to rent for those that chose to pay the City of Holly Hill the required fees to reserve it for November 21st 2010.

We were unprepared and shocked for what happened next. A tall biker guy named Terrence, actually walked into the center of the pavilion and started to flex his muscles as if he were Hulk Hogan. He said the words from a beatles song that went,  ” Bang, Bang Maxwell silver hammer came down upon her head, Bang bang Maxwell silver hammer made sure she was dead ” while he continued to flex his muscles. Terrence then did a bow to those of us in the pavilion and said, ” I am feeling generous today and will allow you to live another day!”. Needless to say all of us were pretty shocked.

Pictures were taken of this man as he was leaving. He turned and flipped us the bird in a very menacing manner. He then went to his motorcycle and came BACK into the pavilion a 2nd time and told a local Holly Hill citizen, who was a court employee, that he could squash him like a bug. He took out his cell phone, got in our faces and started to take pictures of us. Then he walked over to the NA meeting that was taking place in another part of the park. The Holly Hill Police were called and 3 officers responded to the call. What a relief (we thought).

Little did we know that we would be revictimized again by the very police officers that were called to protect us. They started questioning us in a very hostile tone. Officer Thornton kept demanding to know why we were there. Puzzled by their hostile and odd behavior we kept explaining to her that we had rented the pavilion for a Thanksgiving cookout. We showed them the big Turkey that we were cooking as well. The police were asked by one of the victim’s “is there a problem with the citizens renting out the pavilion? ” Officer Thornton answered quickly, that she thought it was ” MALICIOUS” to rent the pavilion! This was one of many inappropriate and shocking comments coming from Officer Thornton and the other policeman. ( Formal complaints have been filed against Officer Thornton and The Holly Hill Police Department). Officer Angelo Alexogiannis stated that he used to work at The Stewart Marchman Rehab Center and sympathized with the NA members. They showed no concern or interest whatsoever for our safety, or in what had just happened. They exhibited a strong bias in favor of the NA group. They seemed to be joined at the hip. Later it started to make more sense as we learned of Officer Thornton’s own colorful background.

When we had identified the man who had harassed and threatened us, the police said that they knew who he was. They then went over to the large NA meeting taking place and talked and laughed with them a bit, including the member that threatened and harassed us. The officers came back and said to stay away from one another, and allowed this man to remain at the park! He was not arrested or trespassed from the park. One officer asked if their was anything else he could do. We asked if charges could be pressed for threatening us. They said no, there was nothing we could do. Could we fill out a report? No-we could not fill out a report.Then Officer Angelo Alexogiannis was asked if he would at least fill out a report stating what had happened. He promised he would indeed do that.

Well this initially put a damper on the festivities, we made the best out of it and enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings. It was enjoyed by many from the local community.

The following week the police report was requested from the Holly Hill PD. There was a report # given and the incident call, but no actual report. We were later told by staff that the officer decided not to do a report after all! This was  knowing that a report was requested and it had been promised. This appears to be an attempt to cover up the incident to protect the image of Daytona Narcotics Anonymous and the identity of Terrence, the long time NA member that harassed us.

To our complete surprise there were 2 incidents that day at the park. One had a report and the other did not. Both of them shocked us. Where local citizens were threatened there was no report, only a short statement in the incident log stating that the incident was caused by the victim who was threatened and called the police! Also, even though the police stated they knew who the perpetrator was and spoke to him, they did not put his name in the incident log. It’s a good thing citizens were wise enough to get the licence plate of the man,and were able to identify him, Terrence T. This was another rude awaking as to how the police were protecting the NA members, and what a cozy relationship they had with them. We knew then, that the Holly Hill PD and Chief Mark Barker were not going to protect the citizens and local business owners from the harassment and threats by NA members.

Then there was the 2nd report. A woman named Danielle went to the police station later in the afternoon on the day of the incident and filed a report stating that a woman was following her 8 year old daughter around the park with a video camera! At the time it was was not known, but it became clear in the following months that Danielle was the treasurer for the entire Daytona Area Narcotics Anonymous. No where in the report did she state any connection to the earlier incident or that she was affiliated with NA.This was a false report filed by Danielle. This is a crime. She said in her report that the person who she accused of filming her daughter was the lady who owned the store across the street. The owner of the store across the street just happened to be the same person that called the police on Terrence the NA member, and was part of the Thanksgiving party at the pavilion. The owner of the store did not own a video camera. No pictures were taken of her daughter, and certainly the owner was not following a child around taking pictures! This was an obvious attempt by Danielle to start her initial process of setting up the convenience store owner for retaliation. Diabolical indeed! Mark Barker went along with it hook line and sinker. This was the beginning of Danielle making multiple false accusations when calling police against the owner, along with lying to the the commissioners at a City Hall meeting, stating we were dumping cigarette butts on the ground, and blaming it on NA members was just one of the outlandish claims.

Citizens asked to fill out a report that November 21st day, we were denied this right. Yet Danielle was able to waltz into the police department later and file a false police report, which was very oddly written. Neither the police or Danielle were too worried about it, as no one ever came to talk to the owner of the store who was accused of following a child in the park and videotaping her. You would think that a concerned mother would ask the person themselves why they were taking pictures of their daughter, if it actually happened. Of course that was another lie. Danielle is not the mother of the child she was referring to to but her Aunt. She is the daughter of her brother who has a lengthy criminal background.

We soon realized the depth that Holly Hill PD would go to protect NA / AA members. NA members were fabricating stories and lying about the events of that day. Then Narcotics Anonymous World Services in California said that their policy was to do nothing about criminal matters by their own members. We then knew the extent of what we were up against. NAWS advice was to just call the police and that this was a police matter and has nothing to do with them. Well that was, and still is a joke as time would continue to demonstrate the bias of the Holly Hill PD. We knew then that a grass roots effort had to be initiated to expose this fiasco.

Photo of Daytona NA Member Terrence coming back into the pavilion a second time and threatening to squash a citizen like a bug. 

Narcotics Anonymous Member Breaks Protective Order Using 12 Step Program As Excuse

Mark Clark who has a lengthy criminal history dating back to 1995, broke the protective order against him by calling his victim from prison. He says it was all in the spirit of  the Narcotics Anonymous 12 step program and just wanted to say he was sorry. The victim was scared and did not appreciate the call. Considering this was his 4th protective order violation, the Judge was not impressed.

A Beatrice man was sentenced 20 to 36 months in prison for making a phone call to a woman who had a protection order against him.

Mark Clark was sentenced in Gage County District Court Wednesday afternoon by Judge Paul Korslund. The convicted offense was a subsequent offense, making it a felony.

Gage County Chief Deputy Attorney Rick Schreiner opened his statement by saying he appreciated how Clark has recently helped law enforcement by cooperating and informing them what he saw during two recent jail assaults at the Gage County Jail.

Schreiner said, however, that it doesn’t take away from the seriousness of the crime he committed and said more jail time is going to have to be served.

“I know there’s no violence and it was just a phone call,” Schreiner said, “but the state takes compliance with court orders very seriously. Based on what you have before you, which is a lengthy criminal history dating back to 1995, I don’t think anything other than the maximum sentence is appropriate.”

Schreiner also noted that the victim in this case has expressed fear about the possibility of Clark getting out of jail.

A sentence of 20 to 60 months was possible for Clark, which is a sentence that his attorney, Jeffrey Goltz, felt was a bit much for a phone call.

Goltz said Clark’s phone call to the victim was an attempt to apologize, which is part of a 12-step program in Narcotics Anonymous.

Read more: http://beatricedailysun.com/news/local/clark-gets-prison-time-for-protection-order-violation/article_e12d4c46-3744-11e1-bd39-0019bb2963f4.html#ixzz1js2DpaDQ

Killers Probation Revoked For Missing Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings!

Now this is a tough one. What is a killer to do when he has missed too many Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and is sent back to the slammer ? Demand answers that is what you do! In 1991 Charles Doucette was convicted of killing a man execution style as well as a couple of home invasions. He received 7 life sentences. In a controversial decision, the Parole Board released him on parole in 2007. How does that happen with 7 life sentences? It looks like he missed one too many AA meetings along with other parole infractions though and got sent back to his cell.

January 12, 2012

Killer in custody wants answer from Parole Board

By Julie Manganis

 PEABODY — Lawyers for convicted killer Charles “Chucky” Doucette have gone to court, asking a judge to order the state Parole Board to make a decision one way or the other whether Doucette has violated his parole.

The complaint, filed Tuesday in Salem Superior Court, says Doucette, 51, has been waiting 71/2 months, since a hearing in July before two board members, on whether his arrest on domestic abuse charges — as well as allegations that he associated with someone with a criminal record, missed Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and fell behind on his parole fees — means the revocation of his parole.

Doucette was later cleared of the domestic abuse charges and is being held in custody while he awaits a Parole Board ruling.

Doucette pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the 1991 execution-style shooting of Raymond Bufalino of Salem, as well as a pair of home invasions while awaiting trial, and received seven life sentences.

The Parole Board, in a controversial, split decision, voted to release him on parole in 2007.

Doucette has twice faced new criminal charges — and both times, those cases were either dismissed or he was found not guilty. The first case was an allegation of sexual assault, which was presented to a grand jury that opted not to indict.

The second case was an arrest on Valentine’s Day last year, when he was accused of dragging his girlfriend with his vehicle during a domestic dispute outside his Beverly home. He was found not guilty of that allegation after a trial in May.



Alcoholics Anonymous Treasurer Arrested for Swinging Machete At Fiance

A drunk UK Alcoholics Anonymous Treasurer was swinging a machete at his fiancee and her son. He then attacked the police car after it arrived and then chased the police car with his fiancee and her son in the cruiser! His attorney defended him in court stating he had stopped attending AA meetings. Look out for your local AA treasurer going off the wagon!

Kevin Breedon

  Peterborough, UK – Kevin Breedon, 34, had a bad night. Just after 2AM on October 30, UK police reportedly found the drunken Breedon waving an 18-inch machete at his fiancée and her 17-year-old son outside his home. It was not reported why.

For their safety, one of the responding officers immediately got the woman and her son into the back of his patrol car. According to court documents, Breedon responded by striking the vehicle repeatedly with the machete in a ‘frenzy of blows’ as the officer tried to drive away. The officer was able to drive away in an effort to get the subjects of Breedon’s ire to a local police station.

Court documents described that, after the patrol car had left, Breedon got into the woman’s Ford Focus to pursue them. In the chaos, though, Breedon had lost track of which patrol car his fiancée and her son were in and began pursuing the wrong police car.

Pursuing a police car…  Hmmm…

In court, prosecutors described Breedon chasing the police car driven by Pc Barry Gray through the streets of the town of St. Neots. A local news account stated that “police were forced to drive at 70mph in a 30mph zone as [Breedon] chased them” in the Ford Focus. Breedon then got on the A428 where he reached speeds of up to 100mph, the court heard.

Breedon was eventually stopped and arrested. He was charged with affray (really spooky assault), possession of an offensive weapon, common assault, dangerous driving, drunk driving and criminal damage. He pleaded guilty to all charges. …but then he had to face sentencing.

“At one point he was driving alongside Pc Gray at 80mph looking directly at him. The officer said he was frightened, but managed to divert him out of the town centre.” Prosecutor Jonathan Seely told the court when regaling them with the account of the officer’s bravery.

Breedon’s defense attorney – acutely aware of the most clever methods to sway a court in her client’s favor – countered with the fact that her client’s drinking had intensified after he had stopped attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

“This year [Breedon] had not been engaging with Alcoholics Anonymous and thought he could begin drinking socially,” defense attorney Elaine Havord said while apparently characterizing a drunken machete attack as ‘social drinking.’  She added, “[Breedon] had been appointed as treasurer of [his chapter of AA].” Impressive.

Unfortunately for Breedon, the presiding judge was unmoved by either Havord’s explanation or Breedon’s accolades from his peers.


Toronto AA Member Tortures And Sexually Assaults Fellow Alcoholics Anonymous Member

Warning: This story contains graphic material that may disturb some readers.
This poor man who was attending an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, had no idea how his life would change forever by befriending a man he met at the Toronto AA meeting. He invited John Siscoe back to his home to celebrate New Year’s Eve with his wife to share chips and pop. John Siscoe had a criminal record and drug and alcohol issues while attending AA. Probably court mandated no doubt. The horror that ensued is very hard to read. Let this be a wake-up call to those that think AA meetings are just a benevolent group, lovingly supporting one another. There is a very dark side to Alcoholics Anonymous that people need to be warned about. This man was tortured and nearly lost his life. It is considered one of the most heinous crimes in Toronto’s history! All by an Alcoholics Anonymous Member.
Update- It was Jan Foster and Robert Canavan that went to the police to report their concerns. Thank goodness they did!
John Michael Siscoe, 40, and the victim’s wife, 30, quietly pleaded guilty earlier this week in the Superior Court of Justice to a slew of charges, including endangering a life and sexual assault causing bodily harm.

Man brutally tortured by his wife and her boyfriend in Toronto apartment

Tortured mercilessly by his own wife and her new boyfriend, victim was too broken to escape

Toronto Star

Jayme Poisson, Liam Casey Fri Jan 13 2012

 John Michael Siscoe, 40, and the victim’s wife, 30, quietly pleaded guilty earlier this week in the Superior Court of Justice to a slew of charges, including endangering a life and sexual assault causing bodily harm.

It took 75 minutes Thursday for Crown Attorney Paul Leishman to read aloud in court the 25 pages detailing one of the most heinous crimes in Toronto’s history — one man, confined to a closet and brutally tortured, physically, sexually and psychologically, over the course of three months.

His body cut with razor blades and beaten with hammers and broom handles until they broke. Lighter fluid poured over his skin, and then set on fire. Cartilage ripped from his ears with a pair of pliers. Pins pierced through his lips, sealing his mouth. Bleeding wounds cauterized with hot knives or sewn up with a needle and thread.

Those responsible for the horrific abuse were the man’s own wife and her new boyfriend. The location was a cramped one-bedroom basement apartment in the city’s west end.

John Michael Siscoe, 40, and the victim’s wife, 30, quietly pleaded guilty earlier this week in the Superior Court of Justice to a slew of charges, including endangering a life and sexual assault causing bodily harm, from Oct. 31, 2009 until police rescued the man on Jan. 19, 2010.

Responding to a call from concerned area residents, they found the victim huddled in the dark bedroom closet, naked, shivering, malnourished and with grotesque wounds.

He had five fractured ribs, two collapsed lungs, facial fractures, abrasions and burns all over his body. Pictures taken after he was found show what resembles a man’s face, but black, blue and bloated to three times its normal size. His eyes were swollen shut as pus and plasma oozed from his wounds.

On Thursday afternoon, as the agreed-upon “horrible litany of facts” was read out, only a handful of people were in the courtroom at 361 University Ave.

They heard a story of a victim whose spirit was so broken that he never tried to escape and who, even when rescued, continued to protect his torturers.

The court ordered a ban on publication of anything that would tend to identify the victim, who is still legally married to the woman in the dock. At the time of the abuse all three were living together in Toronto and she was pregnant with Siscoe’s child.

The story started back in 2005, in a small town southeast of Vancouver. The victim and his wife married in a back yard civil ceremony. Pictures from a Facebook account reveal a smiling couple surrounded by family. They lived off disability insurance — she handled the bills while he cooked.

Starting in 2008, the relationship soured. She was unfaithful and took to the Internet to chat with other men. In December of that year, at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, the victim met Siscoe, a short, solid man with jet black hair, prior convictions and a history of drug and alcohol abuse. They became acquaintances and he invited Siscoe to spend New Year’s Eve with him and his wife.

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Photo of closet where man was forced to live-This is the closet where a man was trapped for more than three months while enduring horrific assaults.

Picture of couples room with babies bassinet !


On September 10th 2011 Hollyland Park, Holly Hill Florida, The Daytona Beach Narcotics Anonymous Area Group sponsored a softball tournament that included NA Groups from other Florida counties. There was a fight that broke out between two Daytona NA members, and one of the members responded by swinging an aluminum baseball bat at this person. According to an inside source that was a witness, if the guy would not have ducked when he saw the bat coming at him, it would have killed him. NA members broke up the fight. There were many witnesses, and the victim called the police. Now wouldn’t you know that Holly Hill PD did not get the name of the person who tried to kill this guy? No official report was written on this incident. No charges were filed.

When the Daytona Beach Narcotics Anonymous Group reserved the field they did not take out a special use permit for this very large event with over 100 people. This happened in Hollyland Park / Centennial Park right across the street from the Holly Hill PD. With an event that size  there should have been a special event form filled out, and police present at the event. Failing to hold this event according to Holly Hill’s special use permit guidelines almost cost someone their life! It could still cost someone their life in the future, because this nut is still on the loose and has already shown he is capable of trying to kill someone.

There were no arrests made. I would bet Daytona Beach Narcotics Anonymous members talked the victim out of pressing charges, as an attempt to keep bad press down and not to expose members identity. They already know that much has been written about their horrendous behavior in Holly Hill Parks. Some things are hard to keep a secret when you have a ton of witnesses. It’s a good thing this NA member lived to tell about this fight, not all Narcotics Anonymous members do. Hiding this just enables this sort of behavior, letting dangerous perpetrators hide behind anonymity.

Is the City of Holly Hill going to wait until someones’ head is bashed in before they try to make the parks a safer place?

Here is an article where an AA sponsor was killed when attacked with a baseball bat by his court mandated mentally ill AA sponsee.


AA Fails To Protect Minors From Predators They Invite To Meetings

Now this is rich, some AA members are actually showing concern for minors at meetings and wanting to do something about it. Yet they are shot down, because of liability concerns. If they admit there is a problem with minors not being safe at AA meetings, then you are looking at liability concerns. For anyone reading this in AA, let it be known that MANY people are aware of this problem including AA headquarters In New York City. We know you know! There is no way to pretend that you do not know. It is an outrageous statement to come back with. They put it all on the groups themselves. To protect minors in AA should be a priority that includes AA headquarters.  Of course anything each group decides to do to protect minors in meetings would be helpful.They can stop inviting minors, not allow mandated minors and stop having youth outreach campaigns to have minors come to adult AA meetings!  You need to look at what Alateen does to protect minors.

Here are some of the highlights presented by our Southeast Regional Trustee

The General Service Board received a request to develop a policy on making the rooms safe for young people who are coming to AA. They wanted to be sure minors are being protected. We received all kinds of background material as to why our rooms aren’t safe from predators. The idea was sent to the General Service Board, and the board sent it to a committee. The committee deliberated and said we want the rooms safe for everybody. The question is, is that just in the AA meeting room or is that outside the meeting room’ The Board had a discussion as to what do we do’ The decision was that it was the responsibility of each group. All that we could do as a Board is to say that it is the responsibility of each group. Part of that is because we have no authority to tell groups how they need to function or what they need to do. That’s the groups’ autonomy. The other part is that we may not know what the issues may be in your group or your community. We need to work hard to make sure the rooms are safe.

Question ‘ Would it be reasonable to have a service piece on the safety in the rooms of AA that might open the eyes of the fellowship’
Answer ‘ I am not an attorney but we have had counsel indicate that if you say there may be a problem and you don’t do something about it, and there is a problem, then you may be liable because you have said there may be a problem. The best way of saying it is, if we print anything that says there may be a problem then if there is a problem then we got a problem. We not only struggle with the spiritual responsibilities but the legal responsibilities in providing information. So the board decided to send people out, like me, and you to do something about it. If your Area feels like we need a written piece, then that is where the voice needs to come.


Killers On The Loose In Alcoholics Anonymous And Narcotics Anonymous

This is a global problem we have with killers on the loose that are court sanctioned to attend Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous and Sexaholics Anonymous.  Not only do we have sexual predators and violent felons mandated to attend 12 step programs, but killers are not excluded either. The powers that be think it is okay to promote children and teens to come to 12 step programs that have no safety guidelines at all?

Minimum security maximises the risk of killers on the loose

Behind bars … Trent Jennings will face court next week.

Behind bars ... Trent Jennings will face court next week.

 TRENT JENNINGS – a killer absolved of his crime because of the demons in his head – is not alone. Almost all the 385 forensic psychiatric patients found not guilty by reason of mental illness have committed acts of extreme violence and even killed.

Most are held in high-security facilities, but almost 100 live in relative freedom in the community through rehabilitation programs; others are housed with minimum security where they are often not directly supervised. Mr Jennings, 26, was one of these.

In the past two years, seven have absconded – four from Morisset Hospital, where he was housed.

He was free to travel unescorted to nearby Newcastle for TAFE classes, Narcotics Anonymous meetings, AA meetings, gay support groups, and even the gym.

When he didn’t show, the NA and AA meetings stayed true to their name and kept mum. So did the gym, giving Mr Jennings the freedom to stroll into government offices to apply for a passport and get a driver’s licence.

Killer AA member on the loose-


Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/national/minimum-security-maximises-the-risk-of-killers-on-the-loose-20120106-1pogf.html#ixzz1inYwtnn4

AA Meetings In Big Sandy Maximum Security Prison

Kentucky AA Area has AA meetings in maximum security prisons, highlighted with picnics with lots of children in attendance.

Where are these maximum security prisoners told to go on their 1st day of release from prison? An Alcoholics Anonymous  meetings where the youth outreach committees tell minors to go !

“District 9 — DCM: Buz T.

District 9 Corrections Chairperson, Bob G. has recovery in Eastern
Kentucky alive and well! Both prison meetings as well as both jail
meetings are well sponsored and have become well attended. Over the
years the incarcerated members of The Getting Straight at Big Sandy
Group in the Federal Maximum Security Prison have come to look
forward and cherish our weekly AA meetings. District 9 had one of
our biggest and best annual picnics ever. Many children along with
numerous out of town AA members, special guests from Louisville
District 10, Nick & Sally S. were visiting for the entire weekend.
A great deal of gratitude to Sally as our Lead Speaker at The Alano
Clubhouse for the ‘Saturday Night Live Group’ one of the most
professional and heart-felt stories ever experienced at our
clubhouse. Thanks to James H. and his whole gang who attended the
picnic from Lexington AA A very special thanks to Bruce L. and
Randy C. for making the trip on Saturday morning to the picnic from
Louisville AA Randy C. was a very inspiring lead speaker for the
picnic on Saturday afternoon. Long time Eastern Kentucky AA member,
the late Don T. was remembered by his widow Mrs. T., as she
presented District 9 Intergroup with an awesome display of Don’s AA
tokens from throughout the years. A very grateful and sincere
thanks to Mrs. T. ”


Michael Lohan Collapses At Court Ordered AA Meeting

Lindsay Lohan’s Dad Michael Lohan who has been in trouble for domestic violence, was mandated by the courts to Alcoholics Anonymous. I assume this is not his first go around at 12 step meetings with all of his past priors with battling addiction. Maybe, just maybe a different approach might help this man.

LINDSAY‘s recidivist dad, MICHAEL LOHAN collapsed at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting yesterday and was rushed to the E.R., star news has learned.

The 51-year-old Lothario, who’s currently in legal trouble for a domestic violence case filed against him by ex-girlfriend Kate Major, was attending court-sanctioned AA meetings when he suddenly collapsed and had to be taken to the hospital – the third time for Lohan in the last quarter of 2011, having injured his foot after jumping from a hotel balcony to evade the police in October, and having had surgery to unclog a blocked artery in his heart this month…

Read more: http://anythinghollywood.com/2011/12/michael-lohan-collapses-aa-meeting-rushed-er/#ixzz1ieMbecJZ


Level 3 Sexual Predator Mandated to Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

This man is a violent level 3 sexual predator mandated to attend Stearns County Minnesota Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous and have a sponsor. He must also participate in Domestic Violence Court. Is Judge Davick Halfen concerned at all that minors attend AA/NA meetings too !? He should be, as many courts mandate juveniles to 12 step programs with the blessings of GSO AA and NA World Services. When are the people that are in a position to protect minors going to start doing their JOB?!

Presley Harmon, 54, St. Cloud; third-degree criminal sexual conduct, Feb. 4, 2011; sentenced to 90 months in prison with execution stayed on 15 years probation and 105 days in jail, fined $50 plus surcharges or complete community service work in lieu of the fine, ordered to pay restitution as determined by the agent — left open until August 19, 2011, complete a psychosexual evaluation and follow recommendations, abstain from alcohol and nonprescribed mood-altering substances, undergo random urinalysis, register as a predatory offender, provide a DNA sample, attend Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous weekly and provide verification to agent as well as obtain a sponsor, have no contact with the victim, complete polygraph testing as directed by agent, not access or possess pornography, remain law abiding and participate in Domestic Violence Court and follow requirements. Judge: Davick-Halfen.



Corrupt Cop Attends Alcoholics Anonymous Awaiting Sentence

In a laundry list of corrupt police officers around the country, there was one in particular Scott David Burk, that was attending Iowa Alcoholics Anonymous while awaiting sentencing after stealing drugs and money from the Task Force room.

He was arrested August 28 th 2010. Amazing after reading the very long list of corrupt cops, how many of the offenses are drug related ! Interesting how often the police protect the anonymity of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous members. Some of this is starting to make sense……… 

In Muscatine, Iowa, a former Muscatine police officer was sentenced last Friday to five years in prison after being caught with cocaine and missing drug money. Scott David Burk, 48, went down after fellow officers in the Muscatine County Drug Task Force searched his home and vehicle and found the dope and currency missing from the task force evidence room. In May, Burk pleaded guilty to misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance, a drug tax stamp violation, and second-degree theft. The latter two counts are both felonies. Burk had been free on supervised release since pleading guilty, but was immediately taken into custody and delivered to the Iowa Department of Corrections in Oakdale. He had been undergoing drug treatment and attending Alcoholics Anonymous while awaiting sentencing.



Jess Brown Had 20 Drunk Driving Arrests While In Ohio Alcoholics Anonymous

Before Jess Brown’s last DUI he was awaiting trial for his 19th. He had been mandated to Alcoholics Anonymous for many years by the court system. he holds the record for the most DUI’s in Ohio’s history. How many AA members got in the car with this guy while he was still drinking? He also had convictions for domestic violence. In Jail he is continuing attending Alcoholics Anonymous. I wonder if he was given an option, other than a program that did not work for him before.


‘Brown was attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings when they met, Ress said. The stress of caring for his mother and worrying about a heart defect drove him back to drinking, she said.

Ress knew Brown had a problem but was shocked to learn about the high number of drunken-driving convictions. She was even more alarmed by his mug shot plastered across the media. His wild hair and disheveled appearance made him look like Charles Manson.

“It was horrible what they said about him,” Ress said.

Last DUI

Brown had bounced in and out of treatment and Alcoholics Anonymous but never took it seriously.

He was blatant in his disregard for authority. In 2002, after his 17th conviction, he showed up drunk to a court-ordered alcohol and drug test in Akron.

His final drunken-driving arrest came on Nov. 22, 2006, in Barberton after he crashed a vehicle into the car a Norton woman was driving on Interstate 277. She was not seriously injured.

For many, the timing was appalling. Brown was waiting to be sentenced for his 19th offense and was out on bond. And there he was, driving drunk and crashing into another vehicle.

Brown had been held up as a poster child in Ohio for harsher sentencing for serial drunken drivers. The crash cemented his reputation.

Years earlier, Summit County Prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh had used Brown — along with other repeat offenders — to lobby for tougher drunken-driving laws in Ohio. In 2004, the state responded, mandating prison time for chronic drunken drivers and allowing court officials to examine driving records going back 20 years.

Despite his lengthy record, Brown pleaded for leniency and court-imposed treatment instead of prison when he was sentenced in 2007.

Now-retired Common Pleas Judge Patricia Cosgrove ignored his request. She told Brown he had had plenty of opportunities for treatment after previous convictions and if he felt that strongly, he should have sought help on his own.

She imposed the harshest penalty she could, running the two drunken-driving and other traffic sentences consecutively for a longer prison term.

“Not only do you have the worst DUI record I’ve ever read, you apparently have the worst DUI record for anyone in the state of Ohio,” Cosgrove told Brown. “It’s only fair and fitting then that you receive the worst sentence.” ‘