On September 10th 2011 Hollyland Park, Holly Hill Florida, The Daytona Beach Narcotics Anonymous Area Group sponsored a softball tournament that included NA Groups from other Florida counties. There was a fight that broke out between two Daytona NA members, and one of the members responded by swinging an aluminum baseball bat at this person. According to an inside source that was a witness, if the guy would not have ducked when he saw the bat coming at him, it would have killed him. NA members broke up the fight. There were many witnesses, and the victim called the police. Now wouldn’t you know that Holly Hill PD did not get the name of the person who tried to kill this guy? No official report was written on this incident. No charges were filed.

When the Daytona Beach Narcotics Anonymous Group reserved the field they did not take out a special use permit for this very large event with over 100 people. This happened in Hollyland Park / Centennial Park right across the street from the Holly Hill PD. With an event that size  there should have been a special event form filled out, and police present at the event. Failing to hold this event according to Holly Hill’s special use permit guidelines almost cost someone their life! It could still cost someone their life in the future, because this nut is still on the loose and has already shown he is capable of trying to kill someone.

There were no arrests made. I would bet Daytona Beach Narcotics Anonymous members talked the victim out of pressing charges, as an attempt to keep bad press down and not to expose members identity. They already know that much has been written about their horrendous behavior in Holly Hill Parks. Some things are hard to keep a secret when you have a ton of witnesses. It’s a good thing this NA member lived to tell about this fight, not all Narcotics Anonymous members do. Hiding this just enables this sort of behavior, letting dangerous perpetrators hide behind anonymity.

Is the City of Holly Hill going to wait until someones’ head is bashed in before they try to make the parks a safer place?

Here is an article where an AA sponsor was killed when attacked with a baseball bat by his court mandated mentally ill AA sponsee.


  1. Last Sunday, right after the Daytona Beach N/A group JUST FOR TODAY finished their weekly business and members were hanging around, a citizen was harassed by an aggressive man in a tan, four-door diesel truck. This post and comments are being brought back to shed a light on the high-risk AA/NA groups that use the parks/ playgrounds as their FREE , advertised weekly business meeting places.

    Just consider the facts and look up the criminal backgrounds of the NA/AA members, WHO COME IN LARGE GROUPS every week to Holly Hill city parks. Many of them have been in the Volusia County jail numerous times…. and that’s just Volusia County. This can easily verified on the Volusia County website under “inmate lookup”.

    For years, citizens have brought their concerns to Holly Hill city officials, by reporting repeated incidents of inappropriate, illegal and threatening behavior from AA/NA members who advertise and conduct weekly business meetings in the parks! These weekly organizational takeovers of the park, pose a high potential for risk to children and citizens in the park! This also puts the city of Holly Hill Florida at higher risk in regard to insurance and liability.

    Why doesn’t Daytona AA/NA meet in Daytona parks? Because Daytona does not allow businesses to operate in their parks this way!

    The simple fact about the organizations who are currently using Holly Hill Parks as their place of business, is that many AA/ NA members are sex offenders and violent repeat offenders! Why would this organization choose a park/ playground as an appropriate place to invite all these people, many who are fresh out of jail? Certainly not because they were being considerate about the safety of children and citizens in the park!

    The answer is to avoid paying rent, even though their organization’s traditions ask them to pay their own way! Smoking was a big part of it also!!
    What do they do with all the money that they collect in the park at the meetings every week…? Some of that money traditionally goes towards paying for rent for an appropriate place to conduct their business!

    These Park groups, from the unsupervised, non-accountable AA/NA organizations, are non-traditional…. (7th tradition )…. even by their own organization standards!

  2. Holly Hill notice-Saturday, June 9th . 11:00am – 3:00pm Where Hollyland Park
    (Across from Holly Hill City Hall) 1082 Ridgewood Ave Holly Hill, FL

    Mayor Roy Johnson cordially invites you to attend the 2nd birthday
    party for his grandson, Dallas! This event is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC on Saturday June 9th, at Hollyland Park in Holly Hill. There will be FREE Games, Music, Painting, Balloons, Pizza, Drinks, Cake, Popcorn, and more!!

    Last year, only the VIP’s could sit at the large pavilion at Sunrise Park. They had it roped off!

    Well Happy Birthday Dallas!

    Hope they fare better than the poor Narcotics Anonymous guy that nearly got killed by a baseball bat thanks to another NA member at Hollyland Park. That large baseball event was not monitored by police.

  3. Article by AA Cult Watch-Is AA the Only Way?

    Group’s spiritual element troubles atheists, agnostics.

    By Melissa Fletcher Stoeltje,

    Michael is a recovering alcoholic. Though he attends Alcoholics Anonymous, Michael struggles with the program’s spiritual element. He would prefer to join a support group without the religious overtones but one does not seem to exist in San Antonio.
    As is tradition on this day, people are busy forming resolutions to make 2012 better than the year now receding in the rearview mirror.

    For people with alcohol and drug problems, this might entail joining a group like Alcoholics Anonymous. According to AA doctrine and its 12-step program, redemption from the disease comes not from willpower but from reliance on a “higher power” — as Step Three puts it, “God as we understood him.”

    This is where things get dicey for some alcoholics and addicts who are atheist or agnostic, especially if they’ve been mandated to attend 12-step groups by the courts. Why should they be forced to sit through meetings that violate their own secular beliefs?

    In recent decades, mutual-help groups such as Smart Recovery, LifeRing and Secular Organization for Sobriety have formed across the nation to offer support without spiritual concepts, but they’ve yet to make their way to San Antonio.

    Members of AA say their program isn’t religious — it’s spiritual. A member’s higher power can be anything they choose — God, Jesus, Buddha, the power of love, even AA membership itself, which exceeds more than 1 million people in the U.S. alone.

    At free meetings throughout San Antonio each week, there are generally no sectarian references, which are considered taboo since it violates AA’s big-tent approach. Still, most meetings end with a group recitation of the Lord’s Prayer, the provenance of which is Christian.

    This practice alienates some nonreligious members and potential members, as does the whole higher-power concept and what can sometimes be a preponderance of generic “God talk” at meetings.

  4. This is crazy. Shows the violence that is not uncommon at meetings and events.
    NA actually has a brochure about handling violence at meetings. Very simplistic.
    Here these guys did not even say the guys name who tried to kill the other NA member with a baseball bat. Now he is free to try again.

    • These Daytona NA groups don’t think the laws apply to them. The City of Holly Hill and Narcotics Anonymous World Services enables this distorted thinking.NA members that commit crimes against their local NA Area Group, like embezzlement from treasurers, think anonymity should protect them from being investigated and prosecuted.

    • For sure! I think there are more then one AA / NA member in the Holly Hill PD, as well as the Commissioners too.
      There are laws for regular folks and then there are laws for Daytona NA / AA members…..or lack of laws…….

      • Well, next time ask them in front of everyone if they are a member. They have to answer. Then you can tell them they are biased and you will be needing someone else to preside over that hearing etc.

        Expect they are hiding everywhere. Cause they are…

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