Alcoholics Anonymous Member Beat Sponsor To Death With a Baseball Bat

A court mandated mentally ill felon has murdered his sponsor in a horrific violent act using a baseball bat. Leslie Haun was considered to be schizophrenic among having other serious mental health issues. The courts will send any level of criminal to AA/NA meetings, regardless of the dangers it imposes on other members. But it is free to the courts, and it keeps AA growing with lots of Big Books to sell to the newly released prisoners. AA solicits the courts as well as the prisoners to attend these felon filled AA meetings.

COVINGTON – Shain Pierce returned to his apartment after having a toe amputated and found the man he was sponsoring in Alcoholics Anonymous drinking alcohol inside.

When Pierce tried to kick Leslie Haun and his son Robert Haun out of the Scott Street apartment, the elder Haun beat him with an aluminum baseball bat and table leg until he died, a Covington Detective testified Tuesday in Kenton District Court.

Leslie Haun, 47, who has long history of mental problems and a lengthy criminal record, is charged with murder. His son, 19, is charged with complicity to murder and tampering with evidence.

Pierce’s body was found Sept. 20 inside the first floor apartment, said Det. Mike Thompson. The upstairs neighbors told police that they heard a loud fight the night before.

When police interviewed the father and son, Robert Haun told police that his father beat Pierce and then ordered him to throw the bat and table leg used in the beating down the sewer, Thompson said. Police were able to find the bat but could not find the leg, he said.

Pierce, 54, often took in people that needed help, said his sister Tammy Callen.
“He took in I don’t know how many people,” she said. “He was well loved and well respected.”

Another article about this murder from The Fix-

8 thoughts on “Alcoholics Anonymous Member Beat Sponsor To Death With a Baseball Bat

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  3. Toe amputated then beat to death. Sounds like someone had a bad day. A lot of these “sponsors” have it coming by stepping over personal boundaries like sleeping with sponsorees wives or looking to commandeer the new comers money in a “joint bank account” where Mr. Sponsor can have easy access to it to spend for whatever he/she wants.

    • There was another sponsor killed in Charlotte North Carolina earlier this year. He ran a gay meeting. I hate to see anyone killed, yet these killings make you wonder what is really going on in those rooms.

      Lots of controlling sponsors taking advantage of newcomers and wielding power over them


  5. The courts need to stop mandating AA violent felons,and AA/NA need to stop courting the courts to send to them there criminals! This Shain Pierce might still be alive today if was not for this practice.

    This sentenced was handed down in Calhoun County where a man guilty of assaulting a police officer is mandated to AA/NA/CA.

    Jason Michael Bryant, 34, 39 Sharon Ave., Battle Creek, pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer: 24 months probation, must successfully complete substance abuse assessment and treatment program, must attend AA, NA and/0r CA meetings as required by probation, $973 in fines, costs and fees, 10/27/2011.

    Another person sentenced to AA/NA/CA.

    Carrie Lee Leffew, AKA Carrie Lee Smith, 42, 360 Cliff St., Apt. 3, Battle Creek, pleaded guilty of possession of less than 25 grams of a controlled substance: driver’s license suspended 30 days, restricted 150 days, 24 months probation must successfully complete substance abuse assessment and treatment and mental health treatment programs, must attend AA, NA and/or CA meetings and must not leave Michigan without advance permission from probation, $965.50 in fines, costs and fees, 10/14/2011.

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