Man Mandated to Alcoholics Anonymous When a Minor- Murders His Grandfather

When Kenneth Wilkinson, 22 was a minor he was mandated to Alcoholics Anonymous for 60 days. With the court not allowing him to drive until he was 21 also put pressure on the youth. How do you get to 60 AA Meetings when you can’t drive?

For reasons unknown, this man dragged his 84 year old grandfather who had Alzheimer’s, behind his truck for 6 miles to his death. One can’t help but feel that maybe sending a minor to AA meetings was NOT what this boy needed. He did not go to all of the AA meetings. Most minors do not feel comfortable with the message of powerlessness, or the fact that most participants are much older. Yet some courts are sending minors to AA and NA meetings, even though they have no meetings specifically for them.

Willits man charged with murder appears in court
By TIFFANY REVELLE The Daily Journal
Updated: 03/21/2012 02:11:59 PM PDT

Kenneth Wilkinson, 22, was in Mendocino County Superior Court today to be arraigned on a murder charge and a special allegation that he tortured his grandfather, Richard Mel Wilkinson, 84. Reliable sources said Tuesday that the younger Wilkinson allegedly killed his grandfather by dragging him behind a truck for nearly six miles Saturday night while left to care for him for a few hours, possibly in a drug-induced psychosis. “He’s not a violent person,” Kenneth Wilkinson’s mother, Kris Pearce, said outside the courtroom Wednesday while waiting for the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department to transport her son from county jail for his court appearance. “This is completely out of character for him.” Public Defender Linda Thompson took the case and said she needed a week to prepare for the young man’s arraignment, which was rescheduled for 8:30 a.m. March 29 in courtroom A. He remains at the jail under a no-bail hold in the meantime.

Pearce said her son had never been diagnosed with a mental illness but had struggled emotionally throughout his life, having been picked on at school as the “skinny kid.” As an adult, he had a drug and alcohol problem, but said his drinking wasn’t heavy, according to Pearce.

Kenneth had been in court in 2008 for an allegation that he had possessed alcohol as a minor, and had been put on a deferred judgment plan. The arrangement meant the charge would be dropped on the condition that he attend 60 days of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings

in the year’s length of the plan, but according to the Mendocino County Superior Court, he didn’t comply. Pearce said that sent him into a “vicious cycle,” where he could not get a driver’s license until he was 21, making it hard for him to get a job and take care of his court obligations.

Alcoholics Anonymous Treasurer Arrested for Swinging Machete At Fiance

A drunk UK Alcoholics Anonymous Treasurer was swinging a machete at his fiancee and her son. He then attacked the police car after it arrived and then chased the police car with his fiancee and her son in the cruiser! His attorney defended him in court stating he had stopped attending AA meetings. Look out for your local AA treasurer going off the wagon!

Kevin Breedon

  Peterborough, UK – Kevin Breedon, 34, had a bad night. Just after 2AM on October 30, UK police reportedly found the drunken Breedon waving an 18-inch machete at his fiancée and her 17-year-old son outside his home. It was not reported why.

For their safety, one of the responding officers immediately got the woman and her son into the back of his patrol car. According to court documents, Breedon responded by striking the vehicle repeatedly with the machete in a ‘frenzy of blows’ as the officer tried to drive away. The officer was able to drive away in an effort to get the subjects of Breedon’s ire to a local police station.

Court documents described that, after the patrol car had left, Breedon got into the woman’s Ford Focus to pursue them. In the chaos, though, Breedon had lost track of which patrol car his fiancée and her son were in and began pursuing the wrong police car.

Pursuing a police car…  Hmmm…

In court, prosecutors described Breedon chasing the police car driven by Pc Barry Gray through the streets of the town of St. Neots. A local news account stated that “police were forced to drive at 70mph in a 30mph zone as [Breedon] chased them” in the Ford Focus. Breedon then got on the A428 where he reached speeds of up to 100mph, the court heard.

Breedon was eventually stopped and arrested. He was charged with affray (really spooky assault), possession of an offensive weapon, common assault, dangerous driving, drunk driving and criminal damage. He pleaded guilty to all charges. …but then he had to face sentencing.

“At one point he was driving alongside Pc Gray at 80mph looking directly at him. The officer said he was frightened, but managed to divert him out of the town centre.” Prosecutor Jonathan Seely told the court when regaling them with the account of the officer’s bravery.

Breedon’s defense attorney – acutely aware of the most clever methods to sway a court in her client’s favor – countered with the fact that her client’s drinking had intensified after he had stopped attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

“This year [Breedon] had not been engaging with Alcoholics Anonymous and thought he could begin drinking socially,” defense attorney Elaine Havord said while apparently characterizing a drunken machete attack as ‘social drinking.’  She added, “[Breedon] had been appointed as treasurer of [his chapter of AA].” Impressive.

Unfortunately for Breedon, the presiding judge was unmoved by either Havord’s explanation or Breedon’s accolades from his peers.