Woman Stabbed Man to Death That She Met at Alcoholics Anonymous


Another one bites the dust…….

Woman pleads no contest in fatal stabbing
February 19, 2014 

Robyn Kathleen Gevas, 38, pleaded no contest on Jan. 21 to voluntary manslaughter and admitted using a knife to kill Callie Joshua Evans Jr., 62.

A no-contest plea has the same effect as a guilty plea at sentencing. In exchange for her plea, the Napa County District Attorney’s Office dropped a murder charge. Continue reading

AA Member Sentenced for Punching 71 Year old Man During an AA Meeting

Doug Stekkinger

           Doug Stekkinger

Man to be Sentenced for Punching Elderly Victim

Thursday, February 13, 2014

A 48-year-old Santa Barbara man who punched a 71-year-old man during an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting will be sentenced to up to nine years in state prison on Friday.

Doug Stekkinger was found guilty of three felony charges including elder abuse, assault by means of force likely to cause great bodily injury, and battery with serious bodily injury. Stekkinger was also convicted of a special allegation that he inflicted great bodily injury on someone 70 years of age or older, which would significantly increase the sentence.

On April 12, 2012, Stekkinger attended an AA meeting at the Veteran’s Memorial Building with his dog, Blue. A confrontation between the older man and Stekkinger ensued about whether or not dogs were allowed inside during meetings. Stekkinger subsequently punched the victim in the face, shattering his cheekbone in three places.

According to a statement from the DA’s Office, the “victim put his hand on Stekkinger’s shoulder and attempted to counsel him that dogs were not permitted on the premise during meetings.” Stekkinger plead not guilty to all felony counts, claiming he acted in self-defense and that the man grabbed his neck before he punched him. The case went to trial, which lasted three days. AA Daytona Beach Meetings Holly Hill, Port Orange and Daytona.

“This is a travesty — one punch,” said Ted Stekkinger, Doug’s older brother in November. “AA is supposed to be a place for serenity.” He said his brother has lived in Santa Barbara for about 25 years and had been “straightening himself out.”

“If someone grabs you, what do you do?” Ted went on. “Stop and ask to see their ID? ‘Oh, you’re 69, I can punch you.’ Or, ‘Oh, you’re 70, I can’t punch you,” added Ted, who is a retired police officer. Deland Drug Court Michael Jewell and Judge Will AA Meetings.

According to the District Attorney’s Office, Stekkinger has an additional conviction on his record, but prosecutors wouldn’t go into detail on the previous case. Recent police reports indicate Stekkinger was also arrested for misdemeanor sexual battery on October 8 after detectives obtained an arrest warrant for him after he allegedly grabbed the buttocks of a 23-year-old woman at a beer festival in late September. He has been in custody since his November assault conviction. Holly Hill Commissioners problems.


AA Member Strangles His Wife Months After Being Mandated To AA Meetings For Felony Domestic Violence

Kenneth Booker

 AA member Kenneth Booker has been arrested in the murder of his estranged wife.

Police records say he had also been arrested March 22, 2013 after this AA member threatened to shoot her with a .22-caliber handgun.

On Nov. 22 Booker completed the county’s treatment program and he was mandated to attend Alcoholic Anonymous meetings three times per week! This man had a violent history going back to 1989 which eventually ended in murder. The judges will send anyone to AA meetings, no matter what their crimes are.

Prosecutors: East Cleveland woman, 59, strangled by estranged husband

on January 23, 2014

EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio— Authorities said on Thursday that a 59-year-old woman was strangled inside her apartment and prosecutors have charged her estranged husband in connection with her death.

Kenneth Booker, 54, was charged Thursday with aggravated murder in East Cleveland Municipal Court. Judge William L. Dawson set bond at $1 million and his case was bound over to a Cuyahoga County grand jury to decide how the case will proceed.

Prosecutors on Thursday said Booker is accused of strangling to death Carolyn Blair, 59, of East Cleveland  inside her apartment. The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner has not yet officially ruled on the death.

East Cleveland Prosecutor Willa Hemmons said in court and in an interview with the Northeast Ohio Media Group that she observed Booker and Blair walking out of the Cuyahoga County Justice Center about 12:30 p.m. Tuesday, some four hours before Blair was found dead.

Hemmons said Booker loudly cursed at Blair from the time they left the justice center to Tower City.

“They were right in front of me and I heard him yelling at her,” Hemmons said. “So I lagged behind to make sure nothing happened. I was kind of afraid something might.”

Hemmons said she overheard Booker telling a relative he was planning to visit the relative’s home later in the day, which is where police eventually arrested Booker on suspicion of murder.

Booker, according to detectives, Hemmons and a search of court records, has been convicted of domestic violence five times since 1989.

He was convicted of domestic violence against Blair twice, once in 2001 and once in 2013.

Booker pleaded guilty to fourth-degree felony domestic violence in the 2013 case was sentenced to two years probation.

Police records say Booker was arrested March 22, 2013 after Booker threatened to shoot her with a .22-caliber handgun, which reports say they confiscated after the arrest.

Booker on Nov. 22 completed the county’s treatment program and was ordered that he attend Alcoholic Anonymous meetings three times per week.


Man That Broke Wife’s Hip and Hit Daughter in Face Goes to AA Meetings Before Court Sentencing

Teesside Crown Court

Teesside Crown Court
This AA member got a very light sentence for the violent assault against his own wife and daughter. 
Recovering alcoholic banned from contacting estranged wife after assault left her with broken hip

David Adamson, 47, admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm, assault and drink-driving and was given a five-year restraining order

A recovering alcoholic has been banned from contacting his estranged wife after he assaulted her, causing her a broken hip.

David Adamson was challenged by his adult daughter about his behaviour after his wife said she couldn’t cope with him anymore.

He was foul-mouthed and abusive to his daughter for waking him up at about 2am, Teesside Crown Court heard. NA Daytona Meetings in Holly Hill and Port Orange.

His daughter went downstairs and picked up a breadknife to protect herself from what might happen, said prosecutor David Crook yesterday.

She said she had no intention of using it, just to scare him.

Adamson, 47, threw a chair at his daughter and tried to punch her, but did not hit her, the court was told. AA Daytona Sunrise Group Volusia County Intergroup.

He walked to the front door and when his wife followed him, he pushed her, it was said. She fell to the floor unconscious, fracturing her hip.

Then he walked upstairs where he punched another adult daughter in the face. Continue reading

AA Sponsor Convicted of 24 Counts Of Sex Abuse of Children he was Sponsoring in Alcoholics Anonymous California


In 2009, Poizner was a volunteer counselor at Pacific Health Systems, a substance abuse rehabilitation center. There, he introduced himself to and befriended adolescent boys who were attending Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and other group meetings, telling one of the boys he was there to help keep himself sober and assist other teenage boys. He then brought the boys to his apartment where he committed acts summarized below and for which he was convicted of the above-referenced offenses. At trial, each victim testified about Poizner’s conduct and touching, and the circumstances that otherwise led to the charges against him. Like Poizner’s opening brief, our factual summary focuses mainly on the evidence supporting the felony sexual assault offenses against Austin G., Brandon P., Evan W., and Andrew D.

Robert Poizner convicted on 24 counts of sex abuse towards children with at least two 13 year old boys he was taking to Alcoholics Anonymous as an AA Sponsor, while they were under the care of Pacific Health Systems in National City, California.

Lawsuit claims National City treatment facility did not protect young patients

Robert Poizner convicted of molesting patients

Posted: 10/17/2013 Vanessa Van Hyfte  | Email Me

NATIONAL CITY, Calif. – A lawsuit has been filed against a treatment facility in National City after one of its volunteer counselors was convicted of sexually abusing young patients.

Robert Poizner was convicted of 24 counts of sex abuse against children, and two of his victims were 13-year-old patients at Pacific Health Systems, a facility that treats a variety of mental health issues and additions.

According to court documents obtained by 10News, Poizner was a volunteer at PHS and was supposed to be taking teenage boys to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Instead, he took them back to his apartment and molested them, the documents stated.

“The program requires for them to get an AA sponsor … We do a lot of these cases; I’ve seen these predators, it’s unbelievable. They know where to go and which kids they can groom. These are vulnerable kids and they are at their most vulnerable state, and PHS had an obligation to keep these kids safe and they failed in this regard,” said attorney Stephen Estey, who is now representing one of Poizner’s teenage victims.

The suit alleges PHS did not do enough to protect its young patients.

Estey said by law, the facility is required to conduct criminal background screenings on anyone working or volunteering with children. Poizner had several felony convictions ranging from burglaries to three “peeping Tom” charges, where a judge had ordered him to a year in a sex offender program.

“If the facility uses volunteers, they are obligated to screen them and supervise them too, and they did neither,” said Estey.

According to court documents, Poizner offered the boys cigarettes and pornography. He lured the boys to his home, where he gained access to two of their friends, who he also sexually assaulted, the documents said. Continue reading

Homeless AA Member Bank Robber Commits Suicide

Gary Thomas Stewart, bank robbery suspect<br />



AA Member Gary Thomas Stewart committed suicide after police tracked hm down at a hotel after robbing a bank. It is reported he had a long history of drug and alcohol abuse. Most likely mandated to AA and NA meetings numerous times.

Bank robbery suspect dies of self-inflicted gunshot

Gary Thomas Stewart, bank robbery suspect

A homeless man suspected of robbing an East Naples bank at gunpoint Monday morning turned the gun on himself when Collier County sheriff’s deputies tracked him down at a Naples hotel later that day.

Gary Stewart, 55, died of the self-inflicted gunshot wound at Lee Memorial Hospital.

Less than an hour before the robbery, Stewart had attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting with others from the St. Matthew’s House homeless shelter, another resident said. After the meeting, he left on his bike.

Wearing a long-sleeve shirt and a black ski mask, authorities believe Stewart walked into the Wells Fargo 125 N. Airport-Pulling Road just before 10 a.m., and demanded money from a teller at gunpoint.

Stewart spotted deputies as they approached the hotel room where he was holed up later that day, reports said. Deputies reported hearing gunfire. When they eventually entered the room, they reported finding Stewart suffering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

“It’s a loss,” said James Henry, a St. Matthew’s House resident who knew Stewart and happened to be in the bank at the time it was robbed. “It’s sad that his life had to end like that.”


Another AA Member Driving Drunk From AA Meeting

A man who's accused of blowing twice the legal limit was stopped on the way home from Alcoholics Anonymous. Photo / File

Just a reminder just because people are in AA or NA does not mean they have stopped  drinking or doing drugs. 

Man admits driving drunk after AA meeting

10:58 AM Wednesday Jun 12, 2013

By Kurt Bayer @KurtBayerAPNZ , Cullen Smit

A repeat drink-driver who blew more than twice the legal limit after being stopped on the way home from an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting has pleaded guilty today.

Campbell Geoffrey Armstrong, 39, who has three drink-driving convictions, was stopped by police in Canterbury last week while riding a BMW motorbike. Continue reading


Wife of brutally tortured man sentenced to eight years in prison

“The victim met Siscoe during an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in a small B.C. town in 2008. The victim and his wife had been married for three years.”

The woman helped her lover confine her own husband in the closet of their Toronto apartment for two and a half months.
By:  News reporter, Published on Thu May 30 2013

The woman who helped her lover confine and brutally torture her own husband for 2½ months in a Toronto apartment was sentenced to eight years in prison Thursday.

“This is the worst case of abuse and torture seen in Canada,” said Justice John McMahon, adding the “almost unspeakable” acts performed showed “a human nature of such depravity it is beyond conscience.”

The 32-year-old woman, who cannot be named to due a publication ban that protects her husband, pleaded guilty in January 2012 to aggravated assault, sexual assault causing bodily harm and failing to provide the necessities of life.

She watched her lover and the father of her child, John Michael Siscoe, beat her husband with a broom handle until it broke, cut him with razor blades and pour lighter fluid — or sometimes hairspray or aftershave — over parts of his body and set it alight, according to the agreed statement of facts. Continue reading

Killer Goes to AA Meeting After Slitting the Throat and Strangling Mental Health Counselor

Lia Yera Tricomo who was known to have mental problems and had been treated at the Pro 12 Step Behavioral Health Resources in Olympia Washingon. This is where she met victim John Alkins as a patient. It appears she was an AA member, considering after the killing she went to an AA meeting to confess. 

May 3rd 2013

Accused killer had moved in with victim on the day of slaying at Sunset Beach Drive

Former Behavioral Health Resources counselor John Alkins, 58, was fired in December after he “violated BHR policies concerning professional boundaries.” Five months later, a 27-year-old Olympia woman who says she was a former patient of Alkins’ at BHR is accused of slitting Alkins’ throat with a folding razor knife at his Sunset Beach Drive home. She told police she later strangled him with an extension Continue reading

Bobby Brown Mandated To AA Meetings After 3rd DUI Conviction Plus 55 days in Jail

Bobby Brown was sentenced again to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings three times a week. This is his third DUI conviction. Whitney Houston’s x- husband Bobby Brown does not seemed to have helped being an AA member. He should tell the judge that he wants to try SMART Recovery www.smartrecovery.org  He might then have a fighting chance.

Bobby Brown sentenced to 55 days in jail on drunk-driving charge

Singer has until March 20 to report to LA jail


Singer Bobby Brown’s driver’s license was suspended following a DUI conviction last year.

 Bobby Brown is poised to be a new addition to the Los Angeles County Jail.

The troubled singer has been slapped with a 55-day jail sentence after pleading no contest Tuesday to a drunken-driving charge, the gossip website TMZ reported Tuesday.

Brown, 44, the former husband of the late Whitney Houston, has until March 20 to surrender to Los Angeles county jail.

He was also ordered to attend three Alcoholics Anonymous meeting a week until he goes to jail and to complete an 18-month alcohol program as part of his probation. Continue reading

Alcoholics Anonymous Member Accused of Kidnap and Assault of AA Member at Meeting

AA Member Brandon James Westphal is wanted in the kidnapping and beating of a fellow AA member that was his X-girlfiend. After attending an AA meeting, the victim was speaking with another member outside when Westphal walked up with a crowbar and a fight ensued. According to the AA member she was kidnapped and beaten by Westphal.

AA Member Brandon Wesphal has a criminal history, and most likely was a court mandate to these meetings. Thank goodness the young woman did not end up murdered like Karla Brada did by her Alcoholics Anonymous boyfriend. 

Continue reading

Woman Mandated to AA Meetings For Stabbing Boyfriend With a Kitchen Knife

Jessica Sampson charged with stabbing her boygriend twice is mandated to AA meetings. Another violent criminal sent to the rooms of AA.

Continue reading

Wilson Charged With Robbing and Raping 70 year Old Woman Is Attending Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

 Sex offender Wilson who raped and robbed a woman in her 70’s was on probation attending AA meetings, when he was found in violation of probation. Continue reading

Alcoholics Anonymous For Dad Who’s Children Begged Him Not To Shoot Mom

Mark Dickenson got the AA get out of jail card for felony menancing because he threatened his wife with gun. His children begged him not to shoot their Mom. Continue reading

Mandated California AA Member Charged In Attempted Murder In Mesa Stabbings

Sean Michael Crane 23, has been charged with attempted murder. He had been sentenced to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings for previous felonies. There are some very dangerous people being sent to the rooms everyday. Beware! Continue reading

Alcoholics Anonymous Member Arrested For Assaulting A Police Officer

Court mandated Tennessee AA Member Jennifer Lynn Boyance decided to get super drunk before her AA meeting, and never quite made it there. Instead she ended up being charged with assaulting a police officer! 

Continue reading


A 12 year Alcoholics Anonymous member, who attacked his X-Girlfriend, was determined by the court to have a dangerous mental illness that required confinement to a secure facility (mental institution). He had a violent history, including substance abuse problems, among previous hospitalizations for his mental illness. Continue reading

Swat Team Called To The AA Arid Club For Man With a Loaded .22-caliber Hangun

These Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings Are Getting more and more dangerous!

Armed Man Arrested at Las Cruces AA Club
By ABQnews Staff on Tue, Feb 28, 2012

A man wearing camouflage and body armor, armed with a loaded .22-caliber handgun, entered the Arid Club at 334 W. Griggs Ave. in Las Cruces around 2:30 p.m. Saturday, prompting a SWAT call-out that ended about an hour later with the man in custody, Las Cruces police said in a news release.

Noe Jimenez, 37, a convicted felon who admitted smoking methamphetamine before the incident and told hostage negotiators that he wanted to be killed by police, was struck by two beanbag rounds and sent to the ground, then struck a K-9 dog with a chair and punched the animal several times before a Taser was deployed and Jimenez was subdued, the release said.

Jimenez was being held at the Dona Ana County Detention Center on a $5,000 bond, facing one count each of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and injury to a police dog, police said. Additional charges are possible.

Police said another person was inside the building for a short time after Jimenez entered but was able to leave unharmed after attempting to engage Jimenez in conversation.

Jimenez, who has placed the loaded gun on a countertop before SWAT officers entered the building, was also found to be in possession of nunchucks, the release said.

A search of his vehicle that was parked outside the club turned up an ammunition pouch with 45 additional rounds, police said.

The Arid Club is described as a treatment center in downtown Las Cruces and hosts meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous.


Alcoholics Anonymous Member Arrested For Stealing From 78 Year Old AA Member

Timothy D. Gilbert ripped off a 78 year old elderly man he met at an Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. He told police he had fallen off the wagon and was doing heroin. Gilbert was already facing theft charges at the time. He was probably attending AA to receive a lighter sentence. Then this poor man gets ripped off.

Man indicted for stealing from senior he met at support group

JAN 20 2012
A Marblehead man already indicted for theft faces additional charges after he’s been accused of stealing from a 78-year-old man he met at an addiction support group.

Timothy D. Gilbert, 41, who’s behind bars at the Ottawa County jail on $50,000 bond, was indicted by a grand jury this week.

Bank employees called police in mid-December when they noticed the elderly victim making unusual withdrawals from his account, according to Port Clinton police reports.

The victim, a 78-year-old widower, told police he met Gilbert at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Gilbert said his father had recently died and left him a large inheritance, but he needed other money to pay legal fees to obtain the inheritance.

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the widower gave Gilbert $11,000 from two bank accounts, according to police reports.

Gilbert asked the man to make checks out to people with different names, which Gilbert then cashed and kept for himself or paid to others for debts, police said.

When confronted by Det. Sgt. Corbin Carpenter, Gilbert said he was only borrowing the money, but changed his story multiple times to try to explain why.

Later, on the way to the jail, Gilbert told another officer he “fell off the wagon” and was abusing heroin again.

While investigating the case, Carpenter learned from Danbury Township Police that they had handled several calls complaining about Gilbert trying to scam people out of money by telling them he needed help getting his father’s inheritance.

Carpenter also checked to see who Gilbert’s father was, learned he died in 2010 and there was no inheritance.

Gilbert faces a felony charge of theft from an elderly person, for which he could be sentenced up to three years in prison.


Montreal Killer Goes To Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

Patrick Belanger who killed Leonard Wells gets to leave prison early for being an Alcoholics Anonymous member before sentencing. I feel for the other members who attended the same meetings !

Day parole for man who killed convicted pedophile
Posted By: Shuyee Lee slee@astral.com · 11/28/2011 2:03:00 PM

A 28-year-old Montreal man is getting out on day parole, after serving a third of his sentence for killing his neighbour who was a convicted pedophile.

Patrick Bélanger heaved a sigh of relief as the parole board announced its decision after half an hour of deliberation, Bélanger later giving his dad a big hug outside the hearing room.

Bélanger had 25 months left to serve of his three year sentence for manslaughter, less time served in detention. He was drunk and severely beat Leonard Wells after finding kiddie porn on his computer in July 2009. Wells died later in hospital.


Bélanger told the board his first goal was to stay sober and to get his life back on track after a vicious circle of alcohol and drugs such as cocaine and heroin starting at age 11, calling it a sad and disgusting lifestyle. Bélanger said it helped fill a void left by an absent father and a mother who also dealt with drug and alcohol problems.

The parole board granted him day parole, citing Belanger’s low risk of being a repeat offender and his exemplary behaviour at the Ste-Anne-des-Plaines prison. The board said the most striking thing was that Bélanger initiated the process of change even before being incarcerated, such as starting therapy, going to AA meetings and going back to school to study welding.

Belanger will stay in a halfway house, can’t touch drugs or alcohol or be anywhere near a place or people that deal with the substances, and must continue psychological counselling.


Mentally ILL AA Member Charged With DWI After High Speed Chase

This Alcoholics Anonymous member went on a high speed chase that ended up sending 5 people to the hospital. He was on his way to an AA meeting, and was involved in road rage when another driver ticked him off. He is going back to a mental hospital. He also has a previous arrest for assault.

A good reason to promote online meetings like www.smartrecovery.org It keeps people who have NOT quit their alcohol or drug habits off the roads! It would also keep sexual predators at home, along with violent felons. Why force them on the roads to a zillion meetings, where they can mingle with teens and children that AA/NA encourages them to go to.

Drunk AA Member

Accused DWI driver: “They were in my lane”

Posted: Feb 24, 2012 6:29 AM EST

MORGANTON, NC (WBTV) – Police say the driver of a sedan was driving impaired when he led officers on a chase that ended in a crash that sent five people to the hospital. Public Safety officers in Morganton say Joshua Allen Adams told them he was on the way to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting when the chase ended on Highway 18 near Interstate 40 Thursday evening.

Officers say Adams drove through a checkpoint, ran a stop light and clipped a car. He then crashed into a squad car and a 3rd vehicle carrying two adults and their 2-year-old granddaughter. “It’s devastating, you just don’t know if you are going to survive it, it seemed like it went on forever,” said Fincher Bolton, a passenger in the car hit by Adams.

Everyone is expected to be okay. Police say the chase spanned about three miles, reaching speeds up to 80 miles per hour. They say Adam’s refused to stop and was a danger to other drivers. “We felt the risks created by this driver were quite significant and we needed to get him stopped,” said Chief Mark Tolbert of the Morganton Department of Public Safety.

Adams’ family says he has mental problems, and had just been released from the hospital last week. Outside the magistrate’s office, Adams told WBTV he apologized to the people he had hit but said, “They got off the interstate and they were in my lane.”

Check out the car chase and arrest of AA Member video-Click on link below-


AA Member Who Bilked Millions Is Sentenced In Ponzi Scheme

New Jersey Alcoholics Anonymous member Jenifer Devine ripped off millions from some of the people she met at her New Jersey AA meetings. She is described to be an alcoholic, bipolar and suicidal and is now hospitalized to get help. Jenifer still had the mental ability to  deviously lure AA members into her web of lies and gain their trust to bilk them.

Stories of AA members getting financially scammed by fellow members is nothing new. It is on the list of the many 12 step predatory behaviors that have been documented.

If you go to AA/NA/CA meetings, please be wary of people asking to borrow money or encourage you to invest in their financial schemes. Don’t do it! You are not an ATM machine. Addicts by nature are very manipulative and deceitful. Protect yourself financially and physically. No need to let your guard down for sponsors either!

Fair Lawn resident receives sentence in Ponzi scheme

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18, 2012, 1:54 AM
Fair Lawn – A borough resident who bilked investors out of $2 million in a Ponzi scheme was sentenced to more than three years last week.

Jenifer Devine, 39, of Fair Lawn – the owner and operator of Devine Wholesale in Carlstadt – admitted to wire fraud charges in U.S. District Court on Sept. 15 in connection to her $8 million Ponzi scheme. She was ordered by U.S. District Court Judge Claire C. Cecchi on Jan. 11 to pay more than $2 million in restitution to her 10 victims, some of whom she meet through Alcoholics Anonymous.

Cecchi rejected pleas that Devine be allowed to say goodbye to her two children and immediately remanded her into custody. Devine, who has a history of alcoholism and bipolar disorder, was hospitalized last week for suicidal thoughts, authorities said.

Cecchi said Devine would be sent to a facility where she can receive appropriate care.

Devine raised more than $8 million from investors between December 2008 and September 2010 by promising high returns – approximately 25 percent – to investors in New Jersey and throughout the United States within 30 to 60 days. Devine convinced investors that she was in the business of buying and selling wholesale clothing and electronics for profit, but actually did virtually no legitimate business, authorities said.


Colombo Mobster Wise Guy Attending Daily Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

 After Mobster Scott Fappiano left his in-patient drug treatment program after 6 months, he started attending almost daily New York Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. You really don’t know who you might meet at an AA meeting!

Colombo crime family associate Scott Fappiano facing jail time


January 20, 2012

A reputed Colombo crime family associate who served more than 20 years in prison on a wrongful conviction now faces more jail time for a new crime he admits committing.

But an attorney for Scott Fappiano argues that the trauma of his criminal justice ordeal has taken a toll on the man – and has asked a judge to keep this in mind when sentencing the wiseguy next week.

Since being exonerated through DNA evidence that cleared him of raping a NYPD officer’s wife, Fappiano has grappled with problems of substance abuse directly linked to his conviction for a crime he didn’t commit, his attorney says.

<br /><br />

Scott Fappiano.

“In the years following his release, Mr. Fappiano struggled with alcohol and drugs in a misguided attempt at self-medicating for the severe anxiety and post-traumatic stress from which he was suffering,” his lawyer, Harlan J. Protass, wrote to a federal judge.

Following a DUI arrest in New Jersey in 2010, Fappiano has tried to confront these substance abuse problems and is wrestling to conquer them, his attorney says.

Late last year, the 50-year-old wiseguy checked himself into a long-term residential drug and alcohol treatment facility in Queens and spent six months as an in-patient there. The program proved to be a “success,” Protass said.

Since leaving re-hab, Fappiano has started a new regimen – participating in weekly counseling sessions and attending Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous meetings “on an almost daily basis,” Protass said.

But Brooklyn federal prosecutors have written to Judge Kiyo Matsumoto to highlight another side of Fappiano’s life.

The feds say that after Fappiano left prison after being cleared, he was quick to resume his association with mobsters.

“He schemed with members and associates of the Colombo family to assault the ex-husband of his current wife, to commit a violent armed robbery, and to distribute marijuana,” Assistant US Attorney Liz Geddes wrote to the judge.

Read more:



The Sentence-


AA Sponsor Michael Skakel Wants Reduction In His Sentence For Martha Moxley Murder

michael Skakel is wanting the court to reduce his 20 year sentence, in part because he has helped a lot of people in Alcoholics Anonymous. Talk about AA being a ‘get out of jail card’, they were not kidding!

Michael Skakel joined AA when he was around 20 years old and had been an AA sponsor for along time. He even worked for AA as well. After killing Martha Moxley at the age of 15 with a golf club, he grew up to be An Alcoholics Anonymous Leader.

Here is an except from original trial- 2002

‘During two days of testimony last week, Dennis heard from two men who said Skakel in 1978 separately told them he murdered Moxley while attending the Elan School rehab center in Maine. The judge also heard evidence from Skakel’s childhood best friend, Andrew Pugh, who testified that years after the murder Skakel confided to being at the crime scene the night Moxley was slain with a golf club owned by the Skakel family.

Pugh testified that after a chance encounter at a 1991 Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Greenwich, Skakel told him he had climbed the tree under which Moxley’s body was found, and that he masturbated in the tree. One of the prosecution’s former Elan School residents, Gregory Coleman, testified Skakel confided he “drove in (Moxley’s) skull” with a golf club and later returned to the body to masturbate over it. Coleman also testified Skakel bragged he would get away with the crime because “he was related to the Kennedy family.” ‘

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel plans to seek a reduction in his sentence of 20 years to life in prison for the killing of his neighbor when they were teenagers in 1975.

Skakel, a nephew of Robert Kennedy’s widow, Ethel Kennedy, is scheduled to appear Tuesday before a three-judge panel in Middletown that reviews sentences.
Skakel was sentenced in 2002 after he was convicted of bludgeoning 15-year-old Martha Moxley to death with a golf club in wealthy Greenwich. Moxley’s brother and mother are expected to attend the hearing.Prosecutor Susann Gill said she would argue the sentence was appropriate.Skakel’s attorney, Hope Seeley, said she would focus on the fact he was only 15 at the time of the crime. She said he has helped a lot of people through Alcoholics Anonymous and the life he has lived shows the public doesn’t need to be protected from him.


Longtime AA Sponsor Sentenced To Death For Brutal Florida Murders

John Kalisz 57, who had over 20 years of sobriety in Alcoholics Anonymous, became a sponsor to many. Even after being in the program for so long he is sentenced to death for the brutal murders of his sister, her employee and a police officer. Also prior to this he was convicted of crimes involving his niece where he had to register as a sex offender.
His public defender actually asked the jurors their opinion of Alcoholics Anonymous and if they believed alcoholism was a disease.
‘During much of last week’s jury selection, public defender Alan Fanter focused his questions on alcoholism. He asked jurors for their opinions about Alcoholics Anonymous, if they knew any alcoholics and if they believed alcoholism was curable.’
Then they had a witness that said if his life was spared he would be an asset to the prison because of his AA experience.Are you serious?
‘Ron McAndrews, a former prison warden who advocates for an end to capital punishment, was the last witness called Thursday morning by the defense. He said Kalisz, if sentenced to life, would become an “asset” to a prison’s general population because of his experiences with AA.’
By TONY HOLT | Hernando Today
Published: January 26, 2012
Updated: January 26, 2012 – 6:04 PM
BROOKSVILLE –Death was the unanimous recommendation by jurors Thursday.John Kalisz, 57, convicted of slaying two women and seriously wounding two more during a Jan. 14, 2010 shooting spree, sat stone-faced when the advisory sentences were read.Jurors were sent shortly before 3 p.m. to the deliberation room to decide on a punishment recommendation for Kalisz. They reached it in less than an hour. The vote was 12-0.Prosecutor Pete Magrino said because of the “evilness” of the killings, the most appropriate punishment for Kalisz was death by lethal injection.Magrino called the slayings “cold, calculated and premeditated with no legal or moral justification.”Kalisz fatally shot his sister, Kathryn Donovan, 61, and her employee, Deborah Tillotson, 59, during a revenge-thirsty rampage. He also shot and wounded his niece, Manessa Donovan, 21, and another woman, Amy Green, 35.All four victims were at the elder Donovan’s home at 15303 Wilhelm Road near Brooksville. Kalisz, who used to live at the house, came in through a backdoor and shot the women 14 times.

Manessa Donovan was eight weeks pregnant when she was shot. Her fetus died during emergency surgery.

The defense tried for two days to paint Kalisz as a good-natured, selfless man who snapped under the weight of stress, desperation and emotional turmoil.

“He was always there when I needed him – any time with anything,” said a weeping Melissa Williams, a friend of Kalisz’s who testified Thursday morning via video feed.

She credited him with hiring her when she needed to earn money, comforting her when she needed a shoulder to cry on and counseling her as she toiled through a crumbling marriage.

Kalisz’s life since the early 1990s centered on Alcoholics Anonymous. He grew up in a household where abusive drinking was the norm, said defense attorney Devon Sharkey.

It wasn’t long before he was consumed by his own addictions. He spent much of his life homeless and estranged from his family.

He found sobriety and salvation through AA and he was committed to it, his friends and relatives said. He sponsored recovering alcoholics and guided them through the 12-step program.

“AA held him together pretty well for 20 years,” said Peter Bursten, a mental health expert hired by the defense. “He was viewed by others as a good person.”

Bursten said Kalisz’s life in AA boosted his self-esteem. It made him proud he could help people – even turn around their lives. He gleaned “almost a child-like” joy out of it.

“For many years, he didn’t feel what it was like to be a decent human being,” Bursten said, referring to Kalisz’s dark days of living under bridges and spending endless nights in jail for committing petty crimes.

In October 2009, Kalisz pleaded guilty in Hernando County Circuit Court to charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He was accused of exposing himself to Manessa Donovan while she was a juvenile and leaving a CD containing provocative photos under her mattress.

He also was accused of threatening Donovan’s boyfriend at the time with a knife. The confrontation was witnessed by family members.

Following his 2009 conviction, Kalisz was sentenced to probation and was required to register as a sex offender. It kept him away from Colorado, where he had hoped to return so he could resume his roofing career and be with those closest to him.

Two days before the fatal shootings in Brooksville and Cross City, Kalisz’s trailer in Spring Hill went up in flames following a propane explosion. What little he owned was lost.

“Not only did he lose his home in Colorado, he lost his home in Florida,” Bursten said. “He had lost his support system in Florida. At that point, he described to me he had nothing left … He was exceptionally (and) emotionally distraught.”

More than an hour after the Wilhelm Road shootings, Kalisz drove north through several counties along U.S. 19. He pulled into a gas station in Cross City, at which time several Dixie County Sheriff’s deputies surrounded him. Kalisz opened fire.

Capt. Chad Reed was shot and killed. Kalisz also was shot, but survived his injuries.

Last year, Kalisz pleaded guilty to murdering Reed and received a life sentence.

Jurors heard for the first time Wednesday evidence related to Reed’s death.

Magrino reminded jurors during his closing argument Thursday that Reed was gunned down in the line of duty.

He also reminded them the younger Donovan and Green survived their seven gunshot wounds during the Wilhelm Road shooting only after playing dead. Had they not, “we would have had a giant massacre here in Hernando County,” Magrino told jurors.

Both women gave emotional testimony last week. Both of them made a point to stare their attacker in the eyes.

Green’s testimony was especially trying for her. She lives in a neighboring county, but does her best to avoid driving into Hernando because the memories of the Wilhelm Road shootings still affect her, said Magrino.

“I had grave doubts whether she’d be able to testify,” he said.

Kalisz’s formal sentencing hearing is scheduled for March 6.

Relatives of Tillotson and Reed were ushered out of the courtroom moments after the sentencing recommendation was read Thursday. They didn’t speak to the media.

Kalisz’s relatives and friends also declined to comment.

Ron McAndrews, a former prison warden who advocates for an end to capital punishment, was the last witness called Thursday morning by the defense. He said Kalisz, if sentenced to life, would become an “asset” to a prison’s general population because of his experiences with AA.

Hours later, in an effort to poke holes into McAndrews’ testimony, Magrino told jurors during his closing arguments Kalisz was arrested in August 2011 for “bartering to get drugs” while in jail.


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